Arctic Ice Gain Embarrasses Global Warming Scientists. 40-Year Meteorologist: “Don’t Be Surprised Over What Happens Next 10 -15 Years!

Yesterday I wrote here how some scientists misrepresent the observed data concerning Greenland ice melt in order to get the alarming results they want. There we see that Greenland has been melting, but recently much more slowly than what we are often led to believe.

Looking at the latest Greenland ice volume data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), we see that currently the ice volume is below normal, but well within the range of the past 17 years:

Data source: Danish Meteorological Institute. Chart by Kirye.

Also Tony Heller at Real Science here plotted Arctic ice volume for the past 12 years in succession. Here’s how all the media-claimed rapid Arctic melting really looks like:

Chart source: Real Science.

Surprise! Arctic sea ice hasn’t been melting at all. Instead it has been gaining in mass 12 years now. This is quite embarrassing to the global warming alarmists. And, believe it or not, things might even get a whole lot more embarrassing when we look at natural cycles.

Natural oceanic cycles behind the trend?

Likely natural oceanic cycles, possibly with a link to solar activity, have inconveniently reversed the trend.

At a recent Weatherbell Saturday Summary, 40-year veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi brought up the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) factor. Bastardi shows how in 2005 the North Atlantic sea surface temperatures (SSTs) were above normal, and they led to melting ice.

Image cropped from Weatherbell Saturday Summary, April 13, 2019.

North Atlantic cooling

But today the picture has flipped to colder than normal North Atlantic SSTs, which naturally put the brakes on melting, or even reverse the trend and cause ice mass to increase just as it has done over the past 12 years.

“Don’t be surprised over what happens in 10 – 15 years”

Joe noted in the video:

It’s funny. The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, this whole missive about Arctic ice and hurricanes – don’t be surprised over what happens over the next 10 to 15 years. […] We are now cooling in the Northwest Atlantic.”

Happy Easter everybody!

8 responses to “Arctic Ice Gain Embarrasses Global Warming Scientists. 40-Year Meteorologist: “Don’t Be Surprised Over What Happens Next 10 -15 Years!”

  1. Ron Clutz
    1. rah

      While the AMO appears to be starting to head for negative territory the air temps at the Arctic during the winter months continue to run above average. It is upon that the alarmists hang their hat now days. Never mind that those temps are still well below freezing.

      Those relatively warm temps at the arctic have also been the dominate factor in driving up the satellite global temperature record that give the alarmists more meaningless fodder to make their claims of global warming.

      Sooner or later the bottom is going to drop out of this scam and no amount of adjustments and upping the classification of land falling hurricanes is going to save it.

  2. BobW in NC

    Thank you, Pierre, and Happy Easter!

  3. CO2isLife

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  4. Escorpion

    From dmi chart 2003 shows more ice and 2019 shows LESS ice.
    So all i see on dmi chart is less ice in 2019 .

  5. Newminster

    I disagree with the statement the ice is below “normal”. Anyone looking at that graph should be asking “what the hell is all the fuss about?” Unless you expect levels to follow exactly the same pattern every year — ie one identical black line, no variation — then what you have there is exactly what you would expect: minor variations from year to year according to weather patterns!

    The scaremongers are talking rubbish and need to be called out on it every chance we get!

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  7. Steve

    Where is SebH ? Anyone seen SebH?

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