US Now Wettest In 2 Decades! Meteorologist Bastardi: 2012 “Permanent Drought” Predictions “As Big A Fiasco” As Ice-Free Arctic Prediction

Again today we are seeing earlier sensational, hysterical alarmist predictions made by “climate scientists” falling to pieces before our eyes.

Recall how back in 2012 parts of the USA were seeing drought conditions and so the climate alarmists declared the US climate was entering a “permanent drought” – due to man’s use of fossil fuels. The only hope, they claimed, was that we radically transform our free-market based system into an (experimental) authoritarian, eco-socialist society with diminished property rights and severely rationed energy. Major policy decisions would then be done by “science experts” sitting on a “Future Committee” and not by masses of ignorant voters.

Thankfully that nutty transformation yet to be implemented (so far). And guess what? The US hasn’t turned into a permanent barren desert with everyone being sorry for not having listened.

2012 drought predictions flop: today US wettest this century!

At Twitter, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. just tweeted how currently the US is in fact the wettest it’s been so far this century, with 91% of the country not being in a drought!

What an embarrassment this has got to be for the alarmist climate scientists.

Permanent drought prediction “a fiasco”, says veteran meteorologist

And on yesterday’s Weatherbell Daily Update, 40-year veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi also commented on the 2012 “permanent drought” predictions and the claims the US was at the dawn of a new Dust Bowl, saying that he considered “this as big a fiasco as saying the Arctic was gonna be ice-free or we weren’t gonna see snow any more.”

Opposite of the dire predictions

The climate scientists warned that oncoming permanent drought would severely impact food production, lead to shortages and as a result there would by an increased risk of social unrest, misery and falling skies.

But here, too, Joe Bastardi shows these warnings have turned out to be high-grade crackpot predictions. Here’s what has really happened in terms of food production in the USA since 2012 and beyond:

Image: Weatherbell Daily Update, May 24, 2019.

Worse in the 1930s and 1950s

In his Daily Update, Joe also showed how drought conditions in fact were worse in the 1950s and 1930s than they were in 2012. As the chart above shows, US food production has climbed more than 10% since the false and dire warnings made 7 years ago.

8 responses to “US Now Wettest In 2 Decades! Meteorologist Bastardi: 2012 “Permanent Drought” Predictions “As Big A Fiasco” As Ice-Free Arctic Prediction”

  1. Sidian

    Oh I’m pretty sure what’s comming is that USA is not the world and surely there’s a draught somewhere. A record one in fact. Preferably some place nobody lives to actually check if it’s true.

  2. PhD Guy

    You all are just a bunch of penguin and Polar Bear hating Climate Deniers! YOU JUST WAIT! and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait… sarc

  3. AlexS

    Links don’t work.

  4. Don from OZ

    Sidian Draughts are every where and usually there is a drought somewhere Parts of Australia are drought now Nothing unusual. Aust is a …land of droughts and flooding rains… as immortalised by poet Dorothea McKellar.

  5. I_am_not_a_robot

    An authoritarian eco-socialist world government is the model espoused for instance by Christiana Figueres and Naomi Oreskes while others cling to the delusion that what currently exists in ostensibly ‘democratic’ countries is limited democracy viz. if only the demos were truly free from the overpowering influence of large corporate interests, aka ‘big oil’, it would freely vote overwhelmingly for the rapid elimination fossil fuel use.
    The latest example is the federal opposition party in Australia that went to an election with such a policy and subsequently remains the opposition party.

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    […] No Tricks Zone notes the end of the Permanent Drought for the U.S. […]

  7. sasquatch

    whaddayah mean ‘German policymakers make up a new fact’?

    ‘Just ain’t enough new facts, we gotta make them up.’

    You can’t make this stuff up. Good Lord.

    Is not that just another prevarication disguised as a fact from something derived from some knowledge base somewhere, anywhere, who knows, Mad Magazine? Probably. Maybe

    It could be something more sinister that exists in the dark, just the way it is. Never will see the light of day.

    Maybe from the Josef Goebbels’ School of Propaganda and Lies, nowhere else, I’m sure.

    Cognitive dissonance, duplicitousness, and hypocrisy don’t count, escapes them.

    You know how they lie all of the time.

    Freaking any apeman on the planet wants to know. lol

    Plenty of water in the creek and river five miles downstream. What was once dry creek ten years ago is filled with water, the aquifer is full to the brim, plenty of ground water to grow root crops.

    In dry years, droughts, there is no water, no creek,nothing but dry creek bed. Nowhere near that at this time and there is no need for worry. Trees that were alive eight years ago or so are now dead, the water table rose and drowned them all by the thousands.

    Water is not a problem to acquire, eight feet down and you have a well.

    Crop failure is not an option, you can go hungry.

    It takes plenty of work to make it happen, once you plant, it all needs work, human inputs, what it takes. If you ignore it all, you’ll be hatin’ it when there is nothing there except for weeds and more work. Any of it doesn’t get there all by itself.

    Everything you do is work, make sure it is the work that counts.

    You can’t be too careful.

  8. Yonason

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