Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: Climate Scientists’ “Apocalyptic Predictions Depend On Unrealistic Climate Model Simulations”

Dutch investigative journalist Marijn Poels recently interviewed leading climatologist Dr. Judith Curry, see following video:

In the interview, Curry told that climate scientists have been acting “overconfident” and have been ignoring too many unknowns and all the uncertainty which the science is fraught with.

“There”s a lot of scope for people to be wrong” concerning the future of what the climate might be like, she said.

Climate scientists ignoring wide scope of natural factors

She tells viewers that the scientists were contracted to be “narrowly focused” on man’s impact and thus ended up ignoring “what may be the most important factors”, such as solar and oceanic cycles.

Unrealistic climate models

She also called the climate models “very ambiguous” and characterized the IPCC business-as-usual scenario as being based on “flawed projections” and “unrealistic assumptions” and that the other climate models “seem to be running too hot”.

She said, “The apocalyptic predictions depend on unrealistic emissions scenarios and unrealistic climate model simulations.”

She adds that in the end “we are left with a modest amount of warming that may be counteracted by natural variability.”

Greatest risks stem more from natural factors

She calls the West Antarctic Ice Sheet the factor that poses the greatest risk, but that CO2 has little impact on it. Rather, it’s the geological instability below it that is the biggest factor. A collapse could potentially lead to a meter of sea level rise this century, she said.

Bullying a consensus

On why her climate colleagues turned against her, Curry said: “What really got to them was my criticism of the behavior of scientists. I saw them lacking in transparency. I saw them trying to sabotage people who disagreed with them. […] I spoke up and called them on it. That’s what the unforgiveable behavior was on my part.”

She said that what we have in climate science is “consensus enforcement” and that alternative views are simply shut out, and thus run contradictory to how science is supposed to work. Earlier she told a Congressional committee that scientists were “being bullied” into consensus.

6 responses to “Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: Climate Scientists’ “Apocalyptic Predictions Depend On Unrealistic Climate Model Simulations””

  1. Gus

    “…Scientists bullied into consensus…”

    Indeed. But this is the case only in the US and EU. There is no such pressure and no consensus in China, Japan, India, Russia, and their climate scientists’ findings often contradict those of their US and EU colleagues. For starters, there is a lot more field work and paleoclimate research in China, and they invariably discover that there is nothing catastrophic or even unusual about the present day climate when compared to climates of the past. Also, they find glaring errors and inaccuracies in US and EU climate models. They actually have their own codes that return quite different results. The Russian contribution to CMIP5, INM-CM4, is the only code out of the 32 CMIP5 codes that returns results that agree with observations and that has reproduced the hiatus.

    By and large, the US and EU climate models are tools of deception. Everybody in the industry knows they’re garbage. They are physically, chemically, biologically incomplete. They are under-resolved, unable to reproduce convection, turbulence, cloud dynamics. They ignore deliberately the most powerful and the most important climate drivers. The very reason why people behind these models bully their colleagues into silence is because they are politically engaged academic charlatans, every single one of them an environmentalist and a leftist. Their activities have nothing to do with real science and everything to do with power grab.

    1. Albert Stienstra

      Agreed. I think this was caused by UN activism. It is changing, however. Since Trump, climate scientists in the U.S. are bolder. Climate science in the EU is on a downward trend; the once activist CRU has no influence anymore. The only European climate scientist of repute is Nic Lewis and he is certainly not repeating UN climate mantra’s.

  2. Robert Christopher

    The reason why the US and EU are in this state is because they haven’t yet been totally subsumed into the NWO: the fight is not yet lost.
    Their activities also have everything to do with keeping their position in their communities.

  3. Ingvar Engelbrecht

    2 documents of interest. They really reveal what it is all about. Power!

    – Club of Rome “The First Global Revolution”
    – The Endangered Atmosphere conference

    And of course Christina Figueres statement to the press:
    – It is not about the climate. It is how to replace capitalism with a system that ensure a fair distribution of the planets resources

    I am swedish and I am absolutely disgusted by how a young girl is exploited by her parents in the name of climate change.

    1. Jan Lindström


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