Thunbergs’ Climate Alarmism Deemed Fanaticism — “Strangely Courted by Western Elites” — German Psychiatrist Writes

A German psychiatrist has read the Thunbergs’ book, observed climate movement and finds it’s all about fanaticism: “utopian character of demands”…”inability to engage in dialogue and compromise”.

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Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Wolfgang Meins, neuropsychologist and professor of psychiatry, penned an article recently published at German libertarian site which looks at Greta Thunberg, her parents and the Green movement she has helped to propel. The title of the article: Greta and her parents – not hysterical, but fanatic.

Prof. Meins read Thunberg’s German language book: Szenen aus dem Herzen and believes Thunberg and her movement are all about climate fanaticism and not climate hysteria. He also warns that politicians need to sober up and face the fanaticism for what it is.

Rooted in obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism

Meins writes that one special characteristic of fanatics is their “inability to engage in dialogue and compromise,” which leads to the fact that people are declared “external enemies” who are “potentially also fought with aggressive and destructive means.”

Meins attributes Greta Thunberg’s climate fanaticism to an obsessive-compulsive disorder and her autism.

Her disability, Meins writes, is rooted in the fact “that as an Asperger autistic, she tends to focus very strongly on a special field of interest. People with Asperger syndrome show little compassion and interest in other people,” he writes.

This means “you are as good as immune to the suffering of your fellow human beings”. For example, “people who would become unemployed as a result of banning all flights”.

Strongly emotional convictions dominate, permanently determine thinking

Meins writes: “The climate fanatics are united by a superior idea, i.e. strongly emotional convictions that absolutely dominate and permanently determine their thinking, for example: The CO2-induced apocalypse is irrevocably imminent unless we take immediate, radical countermeasures at any cost. In Greta’s case, superior ideas of this kind developed through a small distraction, based on a related theme: During a school lesson in autumn 2014, she sees a film about the pollution of the oceans. She bursts into tears during the film. At noon she sits in the cafeteria in front of her burger, which she does not touch. From then on, if I correctly interpret the mother’s vague statements, she only eats vegan, if anything at all.”

“Elites almost unanimously paying homage to a fanatic”

“The very special thing about Greta and her fans is that they are courted by large parts of the Western elites, and above all German elites. One hardly hears anything critical from these circles at all,” says Meins. “It is probably the first time since the end of the Second World War that these elites almost unanimously pay homage to a fanatic, and often even encourage Greta and her followers.

With regard to the SPD and especially the CDU-related “elite actors”, Meins assumes that “the completely utopian character of demands for a radical change in climate policy, now and immediately, is clear to them. He accuses them of cowardly refusing to “open the door to the fabulous realm of the climate apocalypse”. Their fear of being driven into political suicide due to “argumentative awkwardness, overlooked pitfalls and media that act on this issue” is overwhelming.

“No need to worry about ecodictatory regulations and prohibitions”

Meins writes in his article that “you get to know quite exactly how climate fanatics tick.” He adds: “For example, that one does not have to worry about the political, economic and social consequences of certain drastic or perhaps better: ecodictatory regulations and prohibitions. Why should they? There is no alternative to such measures, because otherwise we will “burn” or otherwise perish.”

14 responses to “Thunbergs’ Climate Alarmism Deemed Fanaticism — “Strangely Courted by Western Elites” — German Psychiatrist Writes”

  1. xenomoly

    I think it is very unfortunate that this child is being manipulated the way she is and trotted out to the world as some kind of trinket. When her moment in the sun fades and she realizes she was just a passing media fad – that would do a lot more damage to her psychologically than is acceptable if her parents actually cared about her.

    I guess getting some big life changing checks might be enough to convince the parents to sell the kid into performative activism. But when the interests wane – what is this poor kid supposed to do? She was made crazy by people convincing her that the sky was falling.

  2. bonbon

    Danish journalist Mikael Jalving calls it “horrifying reading,” as it reveals how Greta and her sister have been victims of their mother’s psychological abuse.
    In comments to the Danish paper {BT}, reported by Sputnik, Jalving refers to Greta as a “poor thing,” trapped in a “disintegrating family.”

    The book is a cry for help,” he concluded.

    Not known if Greta’s adviser Kevin Anderson, who wants to reduce the world population to a half-billion — at least that’s what he said in 2000 — cares a whit.

  3. Ingvar Engelbrecht

    I am Swedish and live in Sweden. It is absolutely awful to see how the globalists are exploiting a young girl in order to get control over the planet. And her parents are in it too. The climate project is founded on two ideas. 1. Capitalism should be replaced by something else. 2.The number of humans on the planet has to be reduced. Communism and Malthuism are the two main pillars.
    Read the “The First Global Revolution” from Club of Rome. ANd if you can find it “The endangered atmosphere conference”
    The last one can be hard to find, it seems to have been filtered by Google. And by all means. Boycott Google!!! I do not know if Al Gore is still a member of the board at Google

    1. bonbon

      The endangered conference is easy to find – remember Google is a AI dog with 250,000 legs (servers). Yet as Alice remarked in Wonderland, a dog is a dog at any scale. Just toss the tastiest bone, and dodge the gravel flying as it accelerates.
      Try :
      endangered atmosphere conference margaret mead

      See, it’s a question of the tastiest bones.

  4. Ann Banisher

    I would hate to think what ‘that poor thing’ would do to me or you to get her way. I think Daniel Greenfield sums it up well.
    My brother has Asperger syndrome and is incredibly smart…in his field of knowledge, and even then it is severely preconceived. He is a renowned scientist who has testified before most every legislative body in the world. Yet he lives like a homeless man in the same 1 BR apt for the last 40 years.
    Like Greta, his view of the world was shaped in his early teens and has not changed a whit since.

    1. MGJ

      Thanks for the link to the blog. I wasn’t familiar with DG but it looks like interesting stuff.

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  6. bonbon

    Strange, and cowardly, how people go after the kid, yet ignore , just for example, Dr. Schellnhuber’s outspoken target of a population of less than 2 billion with decarbonization. Or Prince Philips outspoken wish to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to do something about population. Dr. Schellnhuber as not diagnosed (as far as is known), rather awarded a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) by the Queen personally.

    Would Greta or her mother be in line for similar Royal Titles, I wonder?

    1. Petit_Barde

      Indeed, Greta and all those fanatic activists are the useful idiots of Malthusian psychopaths who want to decimate the human population in order to solve a non existent problem.

      The main actual threat for the people is Malthusianism madness which proved to be deadly wrong decades (if not centuries) ago :
      – there is NO overpopulation : humanity thrives BECAUSE of favorable climate conditions (which bring better crops) and this development is not the cause but one of the results of, among other factors, (favorable) climate change.

  7. Yonason

    The loons have the best solution, eliminate the loons.

    Best part – it’s their own idea.

    Downside – it’s a loooong term solution. But that could be a good thing. Maybe when they see their gloom & doom isn’t happening it might make them rethink their crazy “solution,” and return to reality.

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  9. Uno Hansson

    Oj,oj,oj… så töntigt…

  10. Yonason
  11. Chris in Calgary

    > “People with Asperger syndrome show little compassion and interest in other people”

    This is a complete mischaracterization of people with Asperger syndrome. While some may display this characteristic, many/most do not. The population is very varied. I know some myself who don’t fit this stereotype.

    It’s unfortunate that you choose to quote poor science in this respect, on an otherwise excellent website.

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