Wind Energy Woes: German Expansion “Collapses To Near Zero” …”2019 Threatens To Be A Disaster”

Despite all the talk about the need to transition over to green energies, Germany’s progress — in especially wind energy — has ground to a complete halt.

German news site here reports that the expansion of wind energy in Germany has “come the a stop” as the government has scaled back subsidies and enacted stricter permitting laws.

“As in April 2019, only nine new wind turbines went into operation nationwide in May,” IWR reported. “The year 2019 threatens to be a disaster for the wind industry in Germany.”

The IWR reported further: “In the first five months of 2019, only around 60 new onshore wind turbines went into operation nationwide. This is the result of an IWR evaluation of data from the market master data register of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).”

“A catastrophe” for wind power

At Twitter green energy activist Prof. Volker Quaschning called the collapse a “catastrophe”, tweeting that the expansion of wind power “collapsed completely”. He added that “it will be impossible to meet the CO2 reduction targets” and that 40,000 jobs in the wind industry are “on the brink”.

Wind power in Germany has been met with increasingly fierce protest from citizens, especially from traditional environmentalists, who reject the industrialization of the landscape. Others point to wind energy’s volatile power supply, cost, noise pollution, general ineffciency and danger to birds and ecosystems.

23 responses to “Wind Energy Woes: German Expansion “Collapses To Near Zero” …”2019 Threatens To Be A Disaster””

  1. John

    Finally, now dismantle them all!

  2. edmh
    1. Sommer

      And this, from the Max Planck Institute on infrasound from wind turbines and the impact on the neo cortex:

  3. Yonason

    To paraphrase Neil Armstrong…

    One giant disaster for the German wind scam, one small step toward sanity for the German people.

    And I’m sure he would agree with that, given his opinion of the current climate faux-science hysteria.

    1. Yonason

      Oops, sorry. That video is of another astronaut who has been to the moon (piloted lunar module), Walter Cunningham.

      But he’s not alone. Most of the NASA old breed share those sentiments.

      See also here

  4. Stephen Richards

    Big protests in france against windturbines this holiday. Pentecôte

  5. Derek Colman

    It is a disaster for German consumers anyway. A study found that if Germany had spent the same amount of money that it has done on renewables, on nuclear power instead, it would now have nuclear capacity equal to more than its current peak demand. Yet it still gets about 50% of power from coal. Because much of that capacity would have been built when construction costs were lower, electricity would be cheaper than it is today. German electricity costs around twice as much as the French, which comes 80% from nuclear power. Germany, and other countries around the world, have been sold a pup by snake oil salesmen. Wind power has never lived up to the hype, and never will.

  6. RickWill

    Germany has led the world into this mess and may help others avoid the worst of it. Australia still has a lot of wind projects in the pipeline but the subsidies are automatically declining as the 2020 anytime anywhere energy target is reached.

    The reduction in subsidy due to oversupply of intermittent energy from $90/MWh at the peak to $24/MWh 2020 forward price is sinking the spirit of the subsidy farmers.

    The prospect of increasing the RET evaporated as the prospect of a Labor victory dimmed.

    1. Dave Ward

      “Germany has led the world into this mess and may help others avoid the worst of it

      It doesn’t seem to have registered in the UK, where Theresa May is trying to cement her reputation as the worst Prime Minister we have had for decades:

      1. Henning Nielsen

        I’m surprised there should be any need to cement that reputation.

        1. MGJ

          Now she is going, there are the usual people hoping to look virtuous by saying nice things about her, but it is proving quite challenging:

          “She’s…er…a woman…worked tirelessly…difficult conditions…tried hard…”.

  7. John F. Hultquist

    A young friend is a tour guide and outreach sort at this place:

    We took a You-Bake pizza, cooked it in their visitors center, and from inside, watched as the blades stopped in the variable weather, then others would start, then others, stop-start, and so on.

    It is 40 minutes from home. We did not get info on this one today, but region-wide the output appears to be about 25% of the best days.

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  9. bonbon

    I hope y’all noticed the current political upheaval in Germany – it is very possible the next Chancellor will be the Green party chief, and they will very likely be in any possible coalition.

    That windy report is but a step in the New Morgenthau Plan which will totally deindustrialize Germany if allowed to go ahead.

    Meanwhile under the gales of Brexit smoke, the European Defense Union goes full steam ahead.

    What are we witnessing here, again?
    What does Russia notice at its western borders, again?

    Shudder the thought.

    But the world has changed – China’s Belt and Road Initiative beckons, win-win, instead of zero-sum wind. China, Russia, India, and most importantly USA working together is the only and best way to turn this around.

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  11. MGJ

    ‘40,000 jobs in the wind industry are “on the brink”.’

    As anybody with even the faintest grasp of economics could have told him, that’s 40,000 people wasting their lives on unproductive activities who are now available to do something that provides value instead.

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  18. Richard Mann

    News from Ontario, Canada. Wind and solar are not effective for reducing C02 emissions.

    Reference: “Ontario’s Electricity Dilemma – Achieving Low Emissions at Reasonable Electricity Rates”. Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE). April 2015.

    Page 15 of 23. “Why Will Emissions Double as We Add Wind and Solar Plants ?”

    – Wind and Solar require flexible backup generation.

    – Nuclear is too inflexible to backup renewables without expensive engineering changes to the reactors.

    – Flexible electric storage is too expensive at the moment.

    – Consequently natural gas provides the backup for wind and solar in North America.

    – When you add wind and solar you are actually forced to reduce nuclear generation to make room for more natural gas generation to provide flexible backup.

    – Ontario currently produces electricity at less than 40 grams of CO2 emissions/kWh.

    – Wind and solar with natural gas backup produces electricity at about 200 grams of CO2 emissions/kWh. Therefore adding wind and solar to Ontario’s grid drives CO2 emissions higher. From 2016 to 2032 as Ontario phases out nuclear capacity to make room for wind and solar, CO2 emissions will double (2013 LTEP data).

    – In Ontario, with limited economic hydro and expensive storage, it is mathematically impossible to achieve low CO2 emissions at reasonable electricity prices without nuclear generation.

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