“Sled Dogs In Water” Climate Alarmism Photo Gets Exposed As Bogus By Danish Experts

Again and again photos are being taken out of context and wild climate alarm stories are being fabricated from them. And once the pictures have made it around the world, those involved end up having to backpedal a few later. In June 2019 it happened again. This time it was a dog sled photo from Greenland. Now German public television

Hat-tip Die kalte Sonne.

“Underscores how thick the ice is”

Now NTV German public television reported on 25th June 2019 that a Danish researcher at the Danish Meteorological Institute has since commented on the meltwater photo.

A picture with sled dogs in Greenland arouses emotions worldwide – because it supposedly illustrates climate change. And it does. But only symbolically, as the author of the picture emphasizes. The melt depicted is quite normal.

The picture shows several sled dogs ankle-deep by meltwater off the city of Qaanaaq in northwestern Greenland. A Twitter post with the picture goes viral, has been shared more than 7500 times to date. […] In the meantime, however, Olsen from the Danish Meteorological Institute in Copenhagen has deflated the supposedly explosive message of his photo. He agrees that the picture has “more of a symbolic than a scientific value”, twittered the researcher.


According to him, the photo in fact underscores how thick the ice is. ‘Because the ice is so thick, there are no holes through which the water can run out of the melted snow,’ said Mathiassen, adding that the water pictured, through which the sled dogs at Qaanaaq are scrambling, is not ice melt water, but apparently from melted snow.”

Water on ice in Greenland “entirely normal” in June

Also sharply criticizing the photo trickery was Björn Lomborg, a Danish statistics professor. A Twitter he posted:

Greenland ice thickening?

Also recent reports now show that Greenland glacier melt has slowed down markedly. For example, since 2013 the ice at the terminus of the Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier “has stopped decreasing in height and started to thicken”. Read here.

Moreover we reported here yesterday how Arctic sea ice volume has remained steady over the past 15 years.

9 responses to ““Sled Dogs In Water” Climate Alarmism Photo Gets Exposed As Bogus By Danish Experts”

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  2. John F. Hultquist

    Thanks for the update.
    It provides information we need.

  3. tom0mason

    Here’s an old paper on global warming cooling that I’m not sure you have reported before. Yes it’s all modeled, so it’s not that real but it is interesting about what they believe will happen even when using the ‘official’ climate models (UK’s Met Office’s HadGEM2. The Met Office Unified Model (MetUM)).

    Called ‘Regional climate impacts of a possible future grand solar minimum’
    authored by Sarah Ineson, Amanda C. Maycock, Lesley J. Gray, Adam A. Scaife, Nick J. Dunstone, Jerald W. Harder, Jeff R. Knight, Mike Lockwood, James C. Manners & Richard A. Wood.

    The latest data1 (updated October 2013) on sunspot number, near-Earth interplanetary conditions, cosmic ray fluxes and geomagnetic activity are all consistent with the most rapid fall scenario used here2. All these data are in the upper 5 percentile of the distributions (lower 5 percentile in the case of cosmic rays which anti-correlate with solar activity) of predictions extended to these parameters53. Note also that these statistical predictions51 are very similar to the predictions made using spectral techniques54. Thus all the current indicators are consistent with the most extreme decline discussed by Lockwood2.

  4. Patrick healy

    But how many alarmist people and media will print a retraction?
    I would guess zero, so the propaganda has served its purpose.

  5. sasquatch

    How it happened, just so you know.

    Thorvald Thorvaldson was farming in Norway. A neighboring farmer borrowed a shovel from Thorvald and didn’t return it. Thorvald went to retrieve his shovel from his farmer neighbor, but the stubborn farmer wouldn’t return the shovel. Thorvald argued, the exchange became heated, Thorvald killed his neighbor.

    Iceland, the penal colony, was a new home for Thorvald.

    During the course of time, Thorvald fathered a son, Eric. After Eric’s childhood, he became a farmer in Iceland. Another farmer in Iceland borrowed Eric’s shovel, wouldn’t return it, consequently, Eric wrestled the shovel from the farmer and the result was a dead farmer who refused to return the shovel to Eric.

    Eric was banned from Iceland and set out on journey to some other place. It’s ok to be at sea, but you have to eventually find dry land.

    Warmer climes, warmer waters, west, not north. Just too much ice, you won’t make it through.

    Eric wasn’t in a hurry, just find a place other than Iceland and not Norway, you can’t do that.

    A place not yet on the map, a quest, something new and different.

    Greenland it is, several hundred farms later, Greenland was the place to be.

    Until the cold became unbearable, then it was escape or die. Abandoned, gone. Buried for hundreds of years now, snow and ice took its toll. The Little Ice Age in Greenland translated to every farmer finding new digs.

    You can’t raise sheep and cattle in snowbound pastures and fields, won’t work out too good.

    Find another place to go. Where? I dunno. America?

    In any event, Eric the Red skedaddled out of Greenland.

    The rest of the story.

  6. Dr. Dweeb

    The PR damage has already been done. The lie becomes the truth and persists because it supports the narrative.

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