Prominent German Economist Calls For 20-Hour Work Week, Less Housing, Real Role Models To Rescue Climate!

The online, center right Junge Freiheit of Germany here reports on how German award-winning economist Niko Paech is calling for a profound scaling back of industry in Germany, and a 20-hour workweek, in order to protect the climate.

The DLF article on the interview here summed it up: “If working hours and hence income were to fall, there would also be less need for mobility, consumption and housing. Unemployment would be overcome and everyone would have a livelihood based on a lower level of work.”

In the interview Paech spoke of rolling back the workweek to 30 or even 20 hours.

Communal living

So how would people spend all the extra free time?

Paech says the extra time could be used “to provide their own services, in addition to a less high income, for example cultivating food, the repair of goods and, thirdly, for communal use.”

This is how cars, lawnmowers or tools could be shared in the community, he suggests, which means “the demand form industrial production and transport would be decreased.”

People need to be turned off about “holiday flights, meat consumption, housing”

In the DLF interview he also criticized the construction of new housing in Germany: “Here every child knows that every square meter of living space that we develop is an ecological disaster.”

He added that a CO2 tax would only be effective if it “turned us off about holiday flights, meat consumption, housing, driving and excessive consumption.”

He also told the DLF there’s a need to start disputes among fellow citizens, saying: “that I tell my neighbor, listen, why did you book a cruise, who gives you the right to drive an SUV, why do you have to make a flight to the ski vacation, too?”

2 tonnes of CO2 per year

He also tells the DLF that every child needs to understand that in order to rescue the planet, every person should have two to two and a half tons of CO2 at their disposal every year.

He sees no chance of policymaking and technology ushering in the needed course change.

So what is needed to get society to change? It won’t be easy telling people to profoundly go without, so Paech tells the DLF it will take “a minority of people in Germany who are willing and able to live like this” and thus demonstrate “that it is possible”.

There’s no indication from the interview that Paech himself is setting an example and emitting only 2 tonnes of CO2 annually. And when we see the lifestyles of other leading activists calling for the same, then it all looks awfully hopeless for the global warmists’ movement.


21 responses to “Prominent German Economist Calls For 20-Hour Work Week, Less Housing, Real Role Models To Rescue Climate!”

  1. Shoki Kaneda

    Hell, if twenty is good, ten or zero must be better.
    Why are these faculty lounge lizards given any credence?

    1. William Astley

      It is a paradigm problem. They are clueless.

      They need to work a couple of years for minimum wage and try living.

      They also need to work for an international company that must compete with other international companies.

  2. sasquatch

    I’ll take ‘Idiots’ for 2000, Alex. The Daily Double, what’s your wager? All of it, Alex. Here’s the answer: They always talk about employment but never work.

    What is an economist? Correct. lol

    Germans will travel to Holland to work the tulip fields, surely they will find something better to do other than listening to some stupid economist that wants to control their lives from cradle to grave.

    Some people like to work more than 20 measly hours each week. It’ll be tulip mania just like it is every year in the Netherlands, there will be plenty of work there.

    If the job is a 20 hour work week and the rest of the week is freed from the obligation, perhaps the leisure time could be used for hobbies and avocations that pay.

    A cottage industry of clock making or violin making would give Germans food for thought and maybe some good music to boot. You just never know. They’ll have to make metronomes.

    After they have done the work in the garden to have something to eat, they can be taught how to play violin.

    Brew beer, nothing better to do than that, give us this day our daily beer.

    All of the ingredients in beer contain all of the nutrients to keep you alive. Barley, yeast and hops, what else is there?

    The knothead didn’t even think of beer, did he? Proves he is clueless, needs a wake up call.

    Ship bicycles from China that have been discarded and distribute the bikes to Germans who have an extra 20 hours each week to bide their time. It’ll solve all kinds of problems including too much CO2 tonnage entering the atmosphere generated by the people who just want to get by in this world.

    Today is National Thermal Engineer Day, there are ways to make life much better.

    What if thermal engineers work more than 20 hours in a week and another energy conundrum is solved with their undaunting, indefatigable desire to keep busy? Problem solving and all of the that nonchalant jazz makes it all just a better world.

    Involves work and effort, and that takes time.

    James Watt improved the steam engine and the improvement reduced the coal used by 80 percent to provide the heat to make the steam engine function.

    Thus began the Industrial Revolution, gave it a kick start.

    Purdy sure he worked longer than 20 hours each week to get the job done.

    Give Mr. Paech the bum’s rush. Fire him so he has to find new employment at 20 hours per week and Niko can eek out a living any way he can by any means necessary. It will involve fossil fuels, you can bet on that.

    A tent and a sleeping bag will be enough for housing assistance, he can live on the street and heat can be provided from a 55 gallon barrel with all kinds of burnables discarded and are in dumpsters, should be sufficient. He will finally have something to worry about, his own worthless hide. lol

    Certainly doesn’t have to be so condescending and patronizing, but the ignorant and arrogant greenies are that way no matter what.

    Gong and gaff the idiot economist.

    J. Robert Oppenheimer wouldn’t have any time for the ‘economist’.


  3. Logic and Reason

    When this or any other doofus is willing to show us how it is done, living by example, then I might be willing to give his ideas some merit.
    Otherwise, all I am willing to give him my middle finger.

  4. Fer

    How many CO2 this fellow has emanated for this dichiarations? He ignores the CO2 emission by internet, press and other informations system that permit him to say this rubbish? Oh, I understand, he want educate we, and old proverb say: do what I tell you and don’t do what I do. After all, his emissions are “green” 🙂

  5. Petit_Barde

    Sure, Niko didn’t ever actually worked more than a few hours to spout out such an embarrassingly poor article.

    The best he can do then, is to keep on working as less as possible, towards 0.0 hour :
    – indeed, there is no worse than a clueless idiot who wants to help others.

    Keep calm Niko, it’s dumb time !

  6. Christopher Hanley

    Indoctrination of children, turning them against their parents, turning citizens into petty tyrants and snitches, it’s just a replay.
    It is a character trait, these people exist in every society but given the opportunity they thrive under totalitarianism.

  7. BoyfromTottenham

    Looks like the same BS promises that the ‘proletariate’ were fed by Karl Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, etc. Socialism and communism can never work because their creed denies that voters have any common sense. The average voter knows that there is no class struggle, capitalism is the best economic system, and everyone is not equal and never will be, but only capitalism can provide enough economic surplus to look after the poorest. That is why there are no (real) elections under socialist and communist regimes.

  8. BoyfromTottenham

    Oh, and of course Paech has Agenda21 in his CV!

  9. pochas94

    “People need to be turned off about “holiday flights, meat consumption, housing”

    People need to be turned off about telling others what to do.

  10. tom0mason

    Oh what a good idea!

    Firstly let me apologize, I’ve nothing against Germany or wish harm to Germany’s fine citizens. BUT with this plan the rapid deindustrialization of Germany would proceed at an unimagined pace.
    Now that would be truly excellent for the EU, as it would pull the financial teeth of the Brussels bureaucrats (whilst upping their working week to huge 20 hours ☺️ ) and nicely impact the EU politburo elitists centralist plans.
    Why not implemented all across the EU? 😁 😀

    Cracking idea economist Niko Paech 😍, maybe the EU could name it after you when it is implemented Europe-wide.
    😀 😃 😄

    1. Yonason

      Bright shiny socialist garbage dump on a hill.

      Surrender your freedom to megalomaniacal fools who have no interest in your welfare at all. Do what they tell you and stop working, have no money, live in a commune and share all broken tools that you can’t afford to repair or replace, and wouldn’t know how to use if they worked anyway. Huddle together around your camp fire during winter (if you can find firewood) in your cave (if you are fortunate enough to have one), as you die early of disease, cancer, malnutrition and being murdered by those of your cannibalistic fellows who want to eat.

      Peachy Keeno plan!

      I don’t know why people aren’t stampeding to sign up for this.

  11. bonbon

    This is a push for Sustainability Dictatorship with full support of numerous big private banks, investment funds, insurance companies, NGOs, thinks tanks and the EU’s own banks like ECB (Eurozone), EIB, EBRD. Also Germany’s state-run Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (a willfull repudiation of the Reconstruction Bank’s mandate) is involved.

    It comes from the European Commission: “Expert Groups on Sustainable Finance” that have prepared two pieces of legislation (Proposal for a Green Bond Standard; Proposal for a Sustainable Taxonomy) that would oblige banks, industries and households to a strict emissions reduction
    regime, including strict ecology standards for banking loans and
    investments. Individual bank and industry managers are even to be
    held personally liable for their institutions’ observing the planned rules, and they are obliged to report to the Commission regularly on their conduct, on progress or obstacles.

    Legislation delayed until 2020 …

    So spying on neighbors for the benefit of a veritable fistfull of big banks (fasces anyone?), in full gleichschaltung, top down, with EU Commissioner van der Leyen openly targeting China’s CO2.

    Interesting how greens like greenbacks (even with EU color holograms)!

    Meanwhile Prince Charles is getting the entire Commonwealth in line for an 18 months sentence. Will he “do the books” like the last time?

    1. bonbon

      Odd that sustainalble economy became sustainable taxonomy.
      Taxonomy has 8 levels : Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species Identifier.

      Actually it fits with their bestial view of Man : to be an animal, to be culled at a whim, but not those of the Kingdom, of course.

  12. MGJ

    So the proposed solution is to live short, horrible lives characterised by suicidal levels of despair and poverty and eating terrible food all policed by a brutal dictatorship. For those who don’t like it, compliance to be ensured (presumably) with firing squads and gulags.

    All for the Greater Good.

    Sounds rather familiar. Communism.

    1. bonbon

      See above – it is exactly the opposite.

      Which is why the French coined the word Synarchist – noted in the US Army WWII OSS reports, for A fistfull of powerfull bankers.

      The nazi-commie phenomenon is well known from Rosa Luxemburg’s time – monday a rioting nazi, wednesday a rioting commie. That is how they destroyed the Weimar Republic, and are well on the way to destroying civilization now.

      Or to put it more poetically :

      Jack Sprat could eat no Fat,
      the Wife could eat no Lean,
      So between them Both
      they killed the Goat
      and licked the plate clean.

      Invited to dinner by a Synarchist means you are the menu.

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