Slow Hurricane Season No Surprise As Tropical Storm Trends Defy Climate Alarmist Warnings

Recently NTZ published a post on a study which examined Vietnam tropical cyclone activity.

The study found that for Vietnam “none of the meteorological trends such as frequency, central pressure, wind speed, or storm intensity show any significant increase or decrease over the last four decades.”

But such a trend is not only seen for Vietnam, but virtually the entire Pacific. For example Japanese climate blogger Kirye compiled the stats on Japan typhoon landfalls and here we see they have not risen significantly, and the number of typhoons formed has even fallen:

Number of typhoons formed: . Number of typhoons landings in Japan:

At his latest Saturday Summary, meteorologist Joe Bastardi shows that this year’s hurricane season is off to a slow start as conditions in the main development zone will remain unfavorable for at least another week.

All of this tells us that global warming alarmists’ warnings of more frequent and intense storms have been completely WRONG so far.

Hurricane frequency falling

Now we look further at the statistics for global tropical storm activity from expert Dr. Ryan Maue here:

Also no trend in major hurricanes since 1992. Image: Dr. Ryan Maue

Looking at total global tropical storms, Dr. Maue’s data show no trend in close to 50 years:

The next time someone claims tropical cyclones have gotten worse and more frequent, you might want to tell them to look at the data and to stop parroting alarmist nonsense spread by the media.

5 responses to “Slow Hurricane Season No Surprise As Tropical Storm Trends Defy Climate Alarmist Warnings”

  1. Georg Thomas

    Related to this, may I draw your attention to this initiative:

    SEC petitioned to stop climate lying by corporations –

    Something like this is urgently needed in Germany, too, where people are trapped in magical thinking and religious fervour which robs them of their ability and their desire to think critically. People have lost any responsible regard for nature (which is nothing but the reflection of the way humans conceive of her, rather than being an autonomous subject, a god superior to humans, as childish green thinking assumes) and the demanding task of studying the often complex relationships and difficult trade-offs that challenge serious students of ecological phenomena.

    Instead, most people – political consumers, thoroughly conditioned by the media, politicians and the green deep state – are eager to see their preconceptions confirmed by yet another fictitious scare.

    People have lost their ability for rational self-control; they are no longer able to call into question the crudest fairy tales by which the political activists justify the destruction of the country.

    The green sorcerers have managed to arouse a long-standing German passion: the passion for obedience, the passion to follow a leader in an apocalyptic battle, a passion for simple stories providing cover for fanaticism.

    Again the only hope for a return to sobriety rests on foreign impulses, like in the 1940s when the winners of World War II imposed reason and decency on the Germans.

    1. tom0mason

      Thank-you Georg Thomas,

      Excellent comment and link.

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    […] Slow Hurricane Season No Surprise As Tropical Storm Trends Defy Climate Alarmist Warnings […]

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