Climate Hustler, Partner At ‘Beyond Meat’ Largest Investor, Al Gore Moves To Profit Big From Anti-Meat Drive

Well, wouldn’t you know it!  There he is again – behind another multi-million-dollar money-making scheme.

Al Gore is standing to rake in millions from a World Resources Institute meat consumption reduction report, one that will certainly help boost profits for the meat substitute manufacturers – in which Gore just happens to be a big stakeholder!

Al Gore has ties to meat consumption reduction report while holding huge stake in substitute meat company. Image: cropped here M4GW.

CNN recently reported here on the just published report from the global research nonprofit World Resources Institute. The 568-page report dubbed “Creating a Sustainable Food Future” recommends, among other actions, eating far less beef in order to rescue the planet.

Gore hack is WRI co-chair

But according to S___  at a thread at Twitter (see below), the WRI’s Co-Chair is David Blood. “David Blood is former Goldman Sachs’ Asset Management head who founded Generation Investment Management with Al Gore, yes that Al Gore,” S___writes under point no. 3.

So the report is now looking more and more like a junk-science-based instrument designed to boost the plant-based substitute meat industry, which include major companies such as Beyond Meat.

Kleiner Perkins: biggest Beyond Meat investor

Generation Investment Management is connected to Kleiner Perkins, where former Vice President Al Gore is one of its partners and advisors.

Who’s Kleiner Perkins? It turns out they are Beyond Meat’s biggest investor, according to here. Beyond Meat is a Los Angeles-based producer of plant-based meat substitutes founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown. The company went public in May and just weeks later the more than quadrupled in there value.

Yes, Al Gore, partner and advisor to Kleiner Perkins, Beyond Meat’s big investor, stands to haul in millions, should governments move to restrict real meat consumption and force citizens to swallow the dubious substitutes and fakes.

If taken seriously, the World Research Institute Report, backed by Gore hacks, will help move the transition over to substitute meats far more quickly.

According to S___:

All these “We need to cut beef consumption to save the planet” stories originate from the World Resources Institute whose co-chair is a partner in the firm that collaborates w/ the main investor in and his co-founder is a partner in the main investor.”

Another dubious money making scheme that reeks of ethics violations and that needs to be investigated.

62 responses to “Climate Hustler, Partner At ‘Beyond Meat’ Largest Investor, Al Gore Moves To Profit Big From Anti-Meat Drive”

  1. Dale Mullen

    Just a few days ago, my PhD step-daughter walked out, on my wife and I, while we were discussing the pressure from the UN and other big money groups to switch away from meat products. She (strongly) felt that the new anti-meat Canadian food guide was based solely on science and that political pressure had nothing to do with its contents.
    She is currently a University professor on the left coast in Canada and because of her academic involvement, is completely unable to accept anything which doesn’t come from within the “university authority on everything”.
    Oh, she was also a vegetarian and still leans heavily in that direction.
    In short, we were apparently completely wrong and in the usual leftist mentality, there was no need for further discussion.

  2. Wiliam Haas

    In the long run, the best way to decrease the consumption of meat by mankind and the use of other resources in to gradually decrease the numbers on mankind eating meat and using other resources.

    1. Yonason

      They want to eat bugs? Go right ahead.

      But the UN needs to keep its paws off of my food supply.

  3. richard

    “Carnegie Mellon Study Finds Eating Lettuce Is More Than Three Times Worse in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Eating Bacon”

    1. Yonason

      More cats are killed by lettuce than by wheat, windmills or birds.

  4. drumphish

    What kind of idiot falls for this kind of nonsense?

    Beyond Meat my foot. Al Gore is a hypocrite.

    Al Gore will more than likely dine on Beef Wellington and Chateaubriand. The next meal will include dungeness crab, giant tiger prawns, and Alaskan king crab. Al will be beyond meat, seafood will be it.

    Have to have a wholesome varied diet of different foodstuffs.

    Al will make sure dairy cows aren’t included, he probably keeps his freezer full of ice cream.

    The Chinese will have no part of the beyond meat whatever it is, they are not going to give up on ginger, soy, and chicken together. Kung Pao Chicken will remain on the menu. Great Wall Beef has been around for a long time and it won’t be eliminated any time soon.

    You have lost one billion four hundred million customers right there. They’re not going to fall for it, no way, no how, not ever.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    I think the anti-meat thing began with a few folks (PITA ?), anti-fur, anti-ownership of dogs, cats, and the like.
    Now, one of the alt-protein companies is attempting to produce meat-like protein (has, I think @$18 per pound) that has meat nutrients.
    This is starting to get complex.
    I live in cattle country — hilly with rocks and grass — some land now irrigated; otherwise it would be sagebrush.

    1. Jackson Wittwer

      If agriculture wasn’t subsidized by the government *your tax dollars*, the sticker price of meat would be appalling, given its already the priciest department in grocery.
      You should look into the resources and labor that goes into meat production, even after all the inhumane and tourcherous corner cuts we make

      1. Don from OZ


      2. Yonason

        “You should look into the resources and labor that goes into meat production”

        You should look into what it means to back your arguments up with factual references, Jack!

        Now, if you want to protest this crap…
        …I’m with you 100%.

      3. Doug Nelson

        Agriculture is subsidized by the government? Cattle ranching? That’s the first I’ve heard of this Jackson. Not sure where you are getting your information but that and ‘the inhumane and ‘tourcherous’ corner cuts’ are not factually correct, at least not from where I’m sitting – in the heart of ranch country in southern Alberta.

    2. Yonason

      I am a “card carrying member” of P.E.T.A.


      (Well, I would be, if there was a card for that.) //:o]

  6. Angelica Marquez

    Do it for the animals these animals dont want to die. These substitute meat company’s are making it easier accessable than ever to stop hurting animals now you can find it at burger king subway carls jr its an option. Nobody’s forcing anything.
    Do actual research an animals life before it goes on your plate Joaquin Phoenix has some very interesting documentaries you should watch.

    1. Yonason

      EM>”Do actual research an animals life before it goes on your plate “

      You should do actual research about how nutritionally deficient you’ll be if you DON’T eat meat, Angelica.

      “Those who avoid animal food products often do not get enough B-12, the much-needed vitamin found in animal products that helps build red blood cells, repair DNA, and protect the brain.”

      So, why does being vegan make one more violent, anyway?

      Poor nutrition, and foolish ideology is not a recipe for making the world a better place.

    2. Vuil

      Angelica, have you spoken to the lions and leopards and cheetahs and even the wild dogs about this ‘not eating meat’ thing?

      I ask because I have a problem. I keep offering my husky lettuce, but he refuses to even try it.

      Please advise.

  7. Nina Perino

    If you’ve been paying attention for the last few years reducing our consumption of animal products did not come out of nowhere. This has been proven scientifically in study after study that eating a Whole Foods plant-based diet not only improves human health but reduces the damaging impact on our environment, our Wild Life, and climate change and of course no animal suffering. In 2019 there was absolutely no reason to continue to consume animal products. We can survive and thrive on a plant-based Whole Foods diet. Instead of focusing on the connections and who is making money focus on the outcome and the positive aspects of cutting down meat consumption overall for the planet and everyone on it. We are facing the sixth mass extinction of animals and thanks to the newest gutting of The Endangered Species Act it will be surprising if our species survives. Consuming animal products is the number one cause of climate change, ocean destruction and acidification and dead zones, environmental and Wildlife destruction, leading cause of heart disease cancer has diabetes Etc. It makes no sense and is not sustainable to feed the world. Plant-based is the future. Get on board or get out of the way. Industries me to adapt and change.

    1. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks

      Except a developing toddler requires animal fats for their brain to properly develop, starting with mother’s milk and continuing to meat once they’re weaned.

      The same hold true for adults… to maintain a healthy brain requires that we follow the dictates of our evolution… we have canine teeth for a reason… we’re omnivorous, we eat plants *and* meat.

      You liberal idiots would cram us into an evolutionary dead-end akin to the pandas… eating only plants. They used to eat meat, but when they ‘went vegetarian’, their energy levels dropped, they have a cub only every couple years, the parents aren’t capable of raising more than one cub at a time… and no surprise, they’re struggling to maintain population.

      No thanks… I’ll keep my brain healthy and my family growing by eating what I’m designed to eat… plants and meat.

      You’d just better hope that you liberal idiots don’t take power and crash the world economy, causing widespread starvation… I hear long-pig is succulent. Especially snowflake long-pig… their muscles have never seen a day’s hard work, so they’re especially tender. LOL

    2. Don from OZ

      Do tell Nina. If we are to stop killing and eating beef,mutton,pigs or poultry what do you propose to do with the billions of animals that are left to breed up incessantly?

    3. Yonason


      Then explain, “Nina,” why study after study has been done to find out what to do to and/or add to soy based animal feeds to keep the animals from dying.

    4. tom0mason

      Nina Perino,
      Utter advocacy rot!
      We are omnivores, our gut size dictates that we eat meat. To properly process just vegetable matter to gain all the nutrition from it we’d need a MUCH larger digestive system, or if we keep with the gut we have, we’d have eat almost continually as gorillas and other great apes do. If you wish to be as shapely as a gorilla then by all means eat like one.

      Here are a few videos, TED talks and educational lectures explaining why your advice is so wrong if you wish to be healthy … — Dr Michael Eades – 30 years of flawed nutritional science — Dr. Michael Eades – ‘A New Hypothesis of Obesity’ — Can we eat to starve cancer? by William Li — Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines by Sarah Hallberg

      With special thanks to E.M. Smith at for these enlightening video links.

      1. Yonason


        As you correctly write…
        “Large guts are needed to process 50 pounds per day of low quality food (leaves, bamboo) in the wild.” (caption under the following photo)

        The same kind of low quality garbage vegans want us to think is healthier for us than the high quality protein in meat.

    5. Vuil

      “Proven scientifically”.

      Reference please. How reliable and accepted is the paper you quote.

  8. Gem

    You couldn’t find a better or a real picture?

    1. tom0mason
  9. John Nicholson

    If Al Gore believes in promoting non-meat products then he is entitled to put his money into the production of alternatives to meat and to take profit if there is a profit. His success will hang upon the response of the public. If we buy his non meat products then he will make money. It is very noticeable that supermarkets are now offering a much wider range of vegan and non-meat products and I have been very impressed by most of those I have tried in the last 12 months so far. What I would like to see is some way to display the eco-value of food products, and also a way by which people who want to support eco-foods can help by investing in their development and production.

    1. Yonason

      “if the public is fool enough to believe Al Gore, that’s good enough for me.” – “John Nicholson”

      LOL – You wouldn’t want to lower that bar any more, would you?

  10. Green Sand

    ‘Want to protect the planet? Eat more beef, not less’

    “If students and staff at Goldsmiths University really want to help the environment, they should end their ban on selling beef on campus. Far from being the bogeymen portrayed by environmental campaigners, sustainably farmed beef and dairy cattle are integral to maintaining our green and pleasant land, keeping our waterways free of chemicals and feeding our population in the most efficient manner possible.

    Two thirds of UK farmland is under grass and in most cases cannot be used for other crops. The only responsible way to convert this into food is to feed it to cattle, which are capable of deriving 100 per cent of their nutrition from grass and therefore are more efficient on such land than chickens or pigs. Even on grassland where crops could be grown, ploughing it up to create arable farms would release huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and require the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertiliser, all of which can devastate biodiversity.

    Cattle farming does not just help to maintain grassland – it also works to improve the sustainability of existing cropland……

    ……Mindlessly jumping on the “all beef is bad” bandwagon, as campaigners at Goldsmiths have done, is hugely counterproductive. Many of the pasture-fed cattle farmers I talk to are already struggling as a direct consequence of eco-vegetarianism – their businesses threatened by the very people who should be supporting them most.”

    Patrick Holden is CEO of the Sustainable Food Trust

    1. Yonason

      FYI – I posted a link to your comment at Not A Lot Of People Know That. The topic was banning beef at a high end London Artsy University by their fashion faddist Führer.

      I hope you don’t mind. What you posted seemed a perfect fit for that.

  11. Yonason

    CATCH 22

    Gee, I wonder where anyone could have gotten the idea that unhealthy alternatives to real food could make them rich?

    “Let’s see, if we replace the real food with a cheap unhealthy alternative ingredients, and charge more for it, we could make a ton of money.”

    Sadly, the longer some poeple live, the stupider they get.

    1. Jackson Wittwer

      If agriculture wasn’t subsidized by the government *your tax dollars*, the sticker price of meat would be appalling, given its already the priciest department in grocery.
      You should look into the resources and labor that goes into meat production, even after all the inhumane and tourcherous corner cuts we make.
      Of course high end meat substitutes are expensive. Its not the ingredients that make it that way, its the huge investments they put into the research and technology to make an accurate substitute. With time the price will reduce dramatically, especially since beyond inparticular is currently expanding production.

      1. Yonason

        Fascinating. Do tell us more about your paranoid delusions.

        On second thought, perhaps a trained mental health professional might be a better choice of someone to confide in.

  12. djaymick

    What do you expect when the media hyped this shyster as “the first carbon billionaire”. At that point, everyone should have figured out “global warming” is a get-rich-quick scheme.
    We look down on people who take advantage of tragedy. Al Gore is no better than the guy selling water for $100/case. All this money should go help the “end of the world” propaganda they sell. And Trump should expose this and demand he turn the money over.

    1. Yonason

      “Al Gore is no better than the guy selling water for $100/case.”

      Yeah, but what he’s selling for $100/case is instant water, just add water. And he’ll let you have that for just $200/case. $295.00 for the package if you bundle.

      1. Vuil

        Al Gore did not get fat eating cabbage, cucumbers and carrots.

        That waistline is the result of steaks and hamburgers. And plenty of rich seafood.

        1. Yonason

          Nope. As I wrote below, bread and pasta will do that. Fatty meat and “rich” seafood by themselves will not.

  13. M E

    I f we can’t raise cattle for beef we can’t raise them for milk either. The milk herd of cows produces calves and the male bobbie calves are slaughtered because only heifers are needed . Bulls can service a number of cows and there is widespread artificial insemmination of the milking heard. So no beef no milk.
    The cattle are supposed to be producing merhane but I don’t see how they can possibly produce as much methane as bogs, wetlands and rotting vegetation in forests. Rotting vegetation is the way vegetation is renewed .
    Get rid of swamps and forests over the dead bodies of climate activists who are also environmentlist .

    Meanwhile a vegan diet sounds noble and virtuous. However it is not suitable for most human beings… see all the research into FODMAps . Grains and beans cause much sickness

  14. Bob

    Beyond Meat Burger is not healthy. Look at the Saturated Fat. Cardiologist will love it. Job Security.

    1. Yonason

      Actually, Bob…

      The saturated fat (coconut oil) is not unhealthy. In fact, it’s probably the healthiest thing in that garbage.

    2. M

      When will the fat is bad for you myth finally die? Bob if you are at all interested in the real story search YouTube for Nina Teicholz talks.

  15. Jim

    War on coal is so 2010s.

    2020s is a few months away, war on farming, the next group of people in the world who do an honest day’s work.

  16. Yonason


    Water, Pea Protein Isolate, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Refined Coconut Oil, Contains 2% or less of the following: Cellulose from Bamboo, Methylcellulose, Potato Starch, Natural Flavor, Maltodextrin, Yeast Extract, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Dried Yeast, Gum Arabic, Citrus Extract (to protect quality), Ascorbic Acid (to maintain color), Beet Juice Extract (for color), Acetic Acid, Succinic Acid, Modified Food Starch, Annatto (for color)

    Main ingredients are…

    Pea paste extract
    Canola and Coconut oil

    Just goes to prove, some people will believe anything.

    The bun that’s served on is probably more nutritious.

    1. Yonason

      That was supposed to read…

      “Just as good for you as meat.” Just goes to prove, some people will believe anything.

  17. Eat Soy, Save The Planet: Al Gore Update – William M. Briggs

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  18. tom0mason

    All this beef and pork is just a by-product of the tanneries (leather and pigskin industry).

    Just consider how much expensive leather Al Gore’s expansive behind covers as he squats within the opulently appointed interiors of one of his many vehicles. Or all of his sumptuous bespoke leather shoes, jackets and gloves, whips and other (more intimate personal) attire he uses and abuses, wears and wears away. Plus the acres of sumptuous leather clad extravagance adorning his many homes, apartments, and ‘special’ places.
    All that leather he uses once covered many prime beef animals, beef enough that would easily feed a family of four (with 2 cats and a dog) for many months.

    Al Gore — Hypocrisy unbound.

    1. Yonason

      What I want to know is, where’s all that leather going? I can’t find a decent belt or affordable pair of leather shoes. Just plastic junk that falls apart in no time at all.

  19. Per Strandberg

    At the center of the UN, IPCC promoting and marketing strategies of the “sustainable” and “global warming” hysteria we find two organizations. One is the World Resource Institute (WRI) who concentrates on managing marketing and branding strategies. In other word they concentrate on brainwashing strategies how to convince the global populous on accepting global warming, sustainability and UN’s Agenda 2030. The other is “The Climate Group” who tasks it seems to be to build a cohesive political momentum for “the cause”. The fact that Al Gore is involved in this is not surprising.

  20. War On Meat – Small Dead Animals

    […] This is my shocked face. […]

  21. Proslulý klimatický šejdíř Al Gore je největším investorem do výrobce imitovaného pseudo-masa a těší se, jak si nahrabe na „ekologické“ kampani proti masu -
  22. Syd B.

    Have you seen the size of Al Gore’s ass lately? Does he look like a vegetarian to you?

    1. Yonason

      Too much bread and pasta will do that.

    2. BB

      All of the vegetarians I know are fat. One even has diabetes.

  23. Bruce

    “Too much bread and pasta will do that.”

    Not exactly. Been to Italy lately? National diet of pasta AND meat AND dairy products and a fair bit of booze and not ending up looking like land-whales.

    “TOO MUCH” is about the only content of value in your comment.

    1. Yonason

      MAMA MIA!!!

      “Almost half of Italian men and about 1 out of 3 Italian women are overweight or obese.”

      And then there’s this additional “benefit” to consuming lots of pasta.

      1. Yonason

        P.S. – Isn’t it amazing how much stuff people like Bruce “know,” that just ain’t so! //:0]

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  25. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup # 372 - Scienceexist
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  27. CK

    I am not sure how I am classified but I only occasionally eat fish and occasionally dairy (ice cream or pizza with the kids or whatever) but aside from that I’m vegan. I do eat this way because I believe it is healthier for me. I also supplement with B12 and creatine. I’m anti beef and pork for myself; I think, based on reading studies, that these types of meat can be detrimental to ones health. I’ve done a lot of research on the topic and I feel this makes the most sense for me. I could give a rats ass what someone else does.

    I really find it odd that vegetarians or vegans would look for a pretend anything, burger, turkey, bacon, hot dog, etc. I have seen advertisements from Burger King for their veggie burger – perhaps that’s from the same company that Gore is invested in. I’d never try one of those and I don’t get the fascination with them. If you want a hamburger or some chicken wings, stop being a vegetarian. If you’re going to be vegetarian then just be happy with your lentils and quinoa or whatever and get on with it.

    1. Yonason

      “I really find it odd that vegetarians or vegans would look for a pretend anything, burger, turkey, bacon, hot dog, etc. “ – CK

      Yes. I’ve posted on that in the past.

      But, like you, I believe in letting people eat what works for them, as long as they show me the same respect.

  28. Frank Fields

    Gore starts to look more and more like a James Bond Villan. Incredible that he gets away with it. All thanks to a left wing Mainstream Media.

  29. Yonason

    OK, just how good is “Beyond meat” for you?

    Bottom line, While better than soy, it’s still not as good as the real thing.

    But if you are determined to avoid meat, and want to save a little Geld while cutting Al Gore out of the loop, buy a bag of pure pea protein and make smoothies.

  30. Kdo vydělává na šíření nesmyslů o tom, že konzumace masa prý ničí naši planetu? Al Gore je největším investorem do výrobce imitovaného pseudo-masa. - Na - Svět pro lidi, kteří myslí

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