Medieval Warmth Was GLOBAL…Confirmed By Over 1200 Publications At Google Maps

More than 1200 publications show the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was global – an embarrassment to global warming alarmists who claimed it was regional

Global warming alarmist scientists like claiming that the well documented Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was mostly a regional, North Atlantic phenomenon, and was not global, and so we just move along and stop questioning man-made global warming.

For example, the online Britanica entry on the Medieval Warm Period written by John P. Rafferty writes that it occurred “predominantly in the Northern Hemisphere from Greenland eastward through Europe and parts of Asia.”

Britanica does state that the claim of a global extent is highly controversial, though it really isn’t as we are about to see.

More than 1200 papers evidence it was global

Indeed the claim that it was global is now backed up by a huge body of scientific studies meticulously compiled by Dr. Sebastian Lüning of Die kalte Sonne and presented at Google Maps here.

Click here to access the MWP Google Map.

The outstanding site presents more than 1200! publications which evidence that the MWP was global.

125,000 visits

So far the site is proving to be a valuable resource as it has been accessed over 125,000 times. Not bad for a project that was financed entirely on a shoestring by small, private donations.

Natural forces at work

When asked about the reaction to this resource, Dr. Lüning replied:

We run this study fully open-minded and without any result that we try to prove. We screen through all available data and then simply let the data talk. We begin to see a connection of the Medieval Climate Anomaly to the long-term changes of the ocean cycles, such as AMO and NAO. The same patterns that are known from the last 100 years (multidecadal) seem to operate on a multicentennial time frame. Most ocean cycles were really just discovered in the 1990s and it is only now that we integrate them into the longterm pre-industrial climate changes as well. By better understanding natural pre-industrial climate change, we may help answer a key question for modern climate change, related to attribution: How much of the warming of the last 150 years is anthropogenic, and how much is natural? This attribution question is certainly not trivial:”

Taken as a whole, for the alarmists the 1200+ papers are an extremely inconvenient body of facts and knowledge, so don’t be surprised if efforts are made to make them disappear from the Google platform in the future.

8 responses to “Medieval Warmth Was GLOBAL…Confirmed By Over 1200 Publications At Google Maps”

  1. Paul Aubrin

    Philippe de Larminat applied the dynamical systems identification technique he successfully used professionally to a few climate time series. The results he found are worth mentioning : the solar signal is much more prevalent in climate data than previously thought.

    His results are detailed in his book “ClimateChange, identification and projections”(deLarminat,P.,ISTE/Wiley,2014)and in an academic publication

  2. Paul Litely

    Just one more demonstration of Global Warming Model failures. See why it works at

  3. Chris Hanley

    Under ‘Possible Causes’ the author of the Britannica article treats the MWP as if the ‘multiyear stretches of relatively pleasant conditions and reliable weather’ were anomalous, while in fact most of the current interglacial period has been at least as warm and ‘pleasant’.
    It was the following LIA, possibly the coldest period since the Younger Dryas, that has been atypical during the Holocene — so far.
    Despite contrary evidence, the: ‘there is little evidence that such conditions prevailed on a global scale’ argument employs the appeal to ignorance fallacy: ‘absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’; besides even during the current period of overall modest global warming since 1979 it is mostly due to warming in the NH because that is where the large land masses are.
    That fact also limits places where any proxy evidence of past SH climate conditions can be gained.

  4. Ewing Caldwell

    Further evidence of its global reach is presented by Dr Brian Fagan of the University of California Santa Barbara in his book on the Medieval warming. In it he traces the effects from Europe across Asia and through China, then Central and South America, and through Africa. That’s not Regional but global.

    FAGAN Brian, “The Great Warming: Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations.” 2008 Bloomsbury Press. ISBN 078-1-59691-392-9

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