Retired Climate Alarmist John Schellnhuber: “Not Much Time Left”…Earth “Slipping Into A Hot Age”!

According to the German online Tagesspiegel here, retired alarmist climate researcher Prof. John Schellnhuber is open to accepting a minister position in the state government in Brandenburg.

Panic in Germany

The former director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research thinks the planet “is in a sort of emergency” and so he is prepared “to advise the democratic parties concerning overcoming the climate crisis,” he said an interview with the “Potsdamer Neuesten Nachrichten”.

Schellnhuber says we are living in “unusual times”. Germany has pledged to shut down its coal power plants by 2038, which environmentalists and climate alarmists say is too long and that it has to happen much sooner.

As the coal industry is a key energy supplier to the state of Brandenburg, and the current Brandenburg government coalition made up of the socialists and leftists has been reluctant in scaling back coal power, fearing a fierce backlash from coal-related workers.

Earth slipping into a “Hot Age”

Schellnhuber warns, however, that action needs to be taken more aggressively and that “we really don’t have much time left to prevent the earth from slipping into a Hot Age”.

Potsdam recently declared a climate emergency and a citizens’ initiative is demanding that it be declared state-wide, the Tagesspiegel reports.

Schellnhuber also attacked the hard right, climate skeptic AfD Party, which the Tagesspiegel reports “denies climate change”. Schellnhuber says their “climate lies sound seductive because you don’t need to change behavior over the short term.”

Skepticism “endangers our entire civilization”

Schellnhuber calls this type of science skepticism “dangerous because it endangers our entire civilization” and says that in parties like the AfD there are “many bitter old gentlemen” who would lose their importance.

13 responses to “Retired Climate Alarmist John Schellnhuber: “Not Much Time Left”…Earth “Slipping Into A Hot Age”!”

  1. Shoki Kaneda

    He wants to transition from opportunistic rent-seeker to full time parasite.

  2. MGJ

    Same old, same old…

    Disagreeing with him is no threat to civilization. On the contrary, withdrawing from rational argument and dismissing everyone who disagrees with you as mentally ill or a Nazi is what threatens civilisation.

  3. Patrick healy

    It is frightening to realise that ScHELLinhuber is the one who wrote my Marxist Popes global warming encyclical Laudato Sei and continues to help Pope Francis write his latest extreemist diatribes.

  4. Streetcred

    “2degC” Schellnhuber … the man who imagined the 2C warming limit ! Oncoming senility is insuring his wild dreaming.

  5. Yonason

    The only thing “endangering” modern civilization are the demented fantasies of “bitter old” leftist climate alarmists like Shellenhuber.

    A number of us have exposed them before.

    They do NOT have our best interests in mind.

    As prices rapidly rise around the world for necessities, because of the green energy scam, they still have the nerve to tell us it’s for our own good. It is NOT. They are not our saviors. They are knaves.

  6. Freddie Stoller

    they don’t call him “Schelmhuber” for no reason?

  7. drumphish

    Every once in a while, when walking a lake shore, I pick up a sedimentary rock that will cleave a layer between the sedimentary layers. Lo and behold, you’ll maybe discover a fossil, a leaf, you hit pay dirt. Maybe even a small fossilized mollusk to boot. You know things changed at one time, something happened. The lithosphere and its lithofacies yield important clues as to what could have happened. Layers of coal exposed from erosion will be another discovery worth some investigation. It’s all there if you look.

    In northern Canada there are mountains in the Rocky Mountain chain that are entirely sedimentary rock folded in layers and peak at 2500 plus meters. An incredible sight to see, actually. Glacial moraines up and down the Rockies up there in the Big Village, Canada. At Jasper, entire mountainsides of sheer rock, no trees, no vegetation, just rock face.

    Further north into British Columbia in the taiga, all wilderness, beyond frontier, really, one look into the woods and you know nobody is out there, just the bears and eagles. There are no landowners, no fences, no agriculture, no ranching whatsoever. You keep driving. You’re going to need gas. Outposts for mining minerals and metals, recreational businesses, hunting, and ski resorts in more desirable places, the only human existence that can sustain.

    An absolutely beautiful area, northern British Columbia. The sentiment and appreciation is there, “Our British Columbia Is Not For Sale” was one sign read along the way. Incredible sights to see and not soon to be forgotten.

    Muncho Lake, Liard Hot Springs, Lake Kluane in The Yukon Territory are gems up there.

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    Translation: the climate change emergency-ers will inexorably and quickly use the word ‘denier’ all because you are purportedly clueless, uninformed, ignorant, a deplorable, a bona fide member of the Great Unwashed. The male adults of advanced age are ‘bitter old gentlemen’.

    Speak for yourself, sailor.

    The good professor, Prof. Schellnhuber, has a lot to learn, a thing or two about a thing or two. Can be done after retirement.

    And stop picking on bitter old gentlemen, they’re good people too, ya know. lol

    There is an excuse for ignorance, but not for stupidity.

  8. bonbon

    Now, now, a little respect please.
    It’s Dr. “John” Schellnhuber, CBE, to all and sundry.

    That “CBE”, Commander of the British Empire, was awarded in 2004 by the Queen personally at the Berlin Embassy, for services to the Crown.

    Normally, as in the USA, that CBE disqualifies the good Dr. from any public office (foreign titles, favors, etc).

    This Dr. is well known for his target of at most 2 billion persons, way down from 7 billion, by de-carbonizing. The good Pope seems to have missed that with his Laudato Si, the paean to Gaia, Mother Earth.

  9. dennisambler

    “the man who imagined the 2C warming limit!”

    But he didn’t, he pinched it from economist Bill Nordhaus, who floated it in 1975:

    CAN WE CONTROL CARBON DIOXIDE? William D. Nordhaus June 1975

    “As a first approximation, it seems reasonable to argue that the climatic effects of carbon dioxide should be kept well within the normal range of long-term climatic variation. According to most sources the range of variation between climatic (sic) is in the order of ± 5 °C., and at the present time the global climate is at the high end of this range.

    If there were global temperatures more than 2 or 3°C. above the current average temperature, this would take the climate outside of the range of observations which have been made over the last several hundred thousand years.

    Within a stable climatic regime, the range of variation of ± l °C is the normal variation: thus in the last 100 years a range of mean temperature has been 0.7°C.”

    In 1977, Nordhaus expanded on his theme in Discussion paper 443 for the Cowles Foundation at Yale:

    “Strategies for the Control of Carbon Dioxide”

    In this paper he repeated a lot of his IIASA paper, including the seminal paragraph: “If there were global temperatures more than 2 or 3°C. above the current average temperature, this would take the climate outside of the range of observations which have been made over the last several hundred thousand years.”

    However, he changed his figure for the range of variation within a stable climatic regime “such as the current interglacial”, from l°C, to 2°C and said that in the last 100 years a range of mean temperature had been 0.6°C, rather than his earlier 0.7.

    In 1990, the UN AGGG (United Nations Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases), was asking for no more than a 1 degree rise in global temperature. After Paris, 1.5 degrees is the new mantra for the activists.

    In 1995, Schellnhuber promoted 2 degrees via WBGU. He has claimed 2°C as “his” ever since. It was essentially based on the simplistic logic of Nordhaus and in 1996, it was adopted by the EU.

  10. Petit_Barde

    A retired clown remains a clown.

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