Continental Cooling: Earliest Snow In 20 Years In Greta’s Sweden…Data Suggest Autumn Arriving EARLIER In Europe!

By Kirye in Tokyo

Cooling August trends and stunningly early snows in Europe contradict global catastrophist warming claims.

Recently we heard reports of the earliest snowfall in Greta Thunberg’s Sweden in 20 years, and “stunning” snowfall in Norway. So it’s been strange to hear during these hysterical days of Fridays for Future (FFF) how snowfall is supposed to disappear even in the dead of winter.

Yet, Sweden’s and Norway’s early snowfall really should not come as a surprise when we look at the temperature trends for late summer in Sweden and elsewhere. The data are telling us that the opposite is happening: In reality autumn seems to be arriving earlier in Scandinavia.

Fall arriving sooner in Scandinavia

Using the untampered data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) from the 6 Swedish stations that offer close to complete datasets, we see that August has been seeing a late summer cooling trend across the Nordic country:

Six stations in Sweden show a cooling trend for August since 1995. Data: JMA

And when we look at the untampered data at stations in Europe, we find that there has not been any warming over the past recent decades.

Some people are just not being honest.

No warming Norway in August

Looking at August mean temperatures in other countries in Europe, we see the same similar trends. Let’s look at Norway. Plotted are 11 stations where the JMA data are near complete, since 1996:

Data source: JMA.

In Norway we find that a majority of the stations show cooling or steady temps for August. These results defy the spectacularly hyped statements we often hear from the Fridays for Future Fanatics (FFFF).

No real August trend in Portugal

Next we look at the Atlantic coastal country of Portugal. Here I’ve plotted the 5 stations that have near complete data, going back to 1997:

Data source: JMA.

In Portugal, some stations have warmed while others have cooled. In total, there’s been no statistically significant trend.

30 years of August cooling in Belgium

In Uccle in Belgium, the mean monthly temperature for August 2019 was 19.2℃. Here we observe that there’s been no warming trend for August since 1989.

The hottest August in Uccle, Belgium was back in 1997 with 21.2℃. The trend there is clearly one of cooling. Data source: JMA.

Luxembourg cooling

Finally we look at a station Belgium’s tiny neighbor of Luxembourg: Here the mean monthly temperature for August 2019 was 19.5℃, and so there has been no warming since 1990 for August


Data source: JMA.

Though the globe has warmed over the 20th century, and it may be warming a bit this century, the data show us none of it resembles the scary, panic-fanning tales we’ve been hearing from the hysterical FFF crowd.

Even the Australians will agree.

7 responses to “Continental Cooling: Earliest Snow In 20 Years In Greta’s Sweden…Data Suggest Autumn Arriving EARLIER In Europe!”

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  3. Fer

    Don’t be “silly” Kirye, snow is global warming effect only, it’s the confirm that climate change exist.
    If more hot, it’ll is global warming confirmation, if more cold, than it’ll is climate change generate by global warming. (Sarcasm mode: ON, of course!!)

  4. John F. Hultquist

    Visby is on the coast of an island in the Baltic Sea.
    Trend line (red color) is nearly horizontal in the chart.
    The water-mass surrounding Gotland will be a stabilizing force for local temperature.
    The steepest trend is for a small airport (flygplats) about 13 km from the town of Karlstad with the large Lake Vanern a bit farther to the south. The airport has an elevation of about 340 feet (103 m.).

  5. Phil Salmon

    The last glacial maximum 25,000 years ago on the Eurasian continent was initiated in the Fennoscandian mountains. Therefore any signs of increasing snow and winter cold in Sweden and Finland should be a matter of some interest.

  6. Thomas Waeghe

    Fun to look at all the states by month of the year.

  7. Spurwing Plover

    Hey Greta is snowing in Sweden your mindless little rant about your stlen dreams are just that Mindless ranting now go home and play in the snow

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