Rahmstorf Gets Hit For Alarmism…Leading Swiss Meteorologist: “Climate Ratzinger”…”Religious Exaggeration”

For those wondering how Greta Thunberg managed to get so off the rails  look no further than her climate advisors. They are among the most alarmist worldwide.

According to the online, German-language Merkur.de here, citing Swedish daily Expressen, 16-year old climate activist is advised by Professor Stefan Rahmstorf, among others, of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) in Germany.

Wild science claims

Professor Rahmstorf and the Potsdam Institute are well known among the climate science community for their highly alarmist projections and off-the-mark science. For example, the PIK’s former director, Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, once preposterously claimed the Himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2030 and the world would explode with 9 billion people on it.

Alarmism as a business model

According to the Merkur, the PIK has “created a business model with climate change”, adding: “It advises state institutions and municipalities on how they can protect themselves against the severe climate changes predicted by PIK.”

The Merkur reports how Greta and Professor Rahmstorf “have met on several occasions” and how the 16-year old “calls the professor for advice.” Rahmstorf praises the teenager, saying “she knows a lot about climate science” and argues that politicians too should adopt Greta’s doomsday visions.

Source: Twitter

“Holy anger” and “religious exaggeration”

But now some are speaking up against the excessive alarmism.

Not only are some media questioning Rahmstorf’s alarmist climate science, though it makes for good headlines, but so are other experts, such as renowned geologist Stefan Kröpelin, or Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, or veteran meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann.

Swiss meteorologist Kachelmann calls Rahmstorf a “climate-Ratzinger”, alluding to former Pope Benedict XVI, earlier known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Kachelmann, a warmist, has become turned off by the fiery Potsdam professor’s “religious exaggeration” and “holy anger” in the climate debate.

“Climate howler”

The two heavyweights recently even argued on Twitter about whether a piece of broken glass could trigger a forest fire, as Rahmstorf claims, or not. The sharp-witted, media-savvy Kachelmann recently characterized claims made by Rahmstorf as “potsdaft” – an allusion to his place of work –  and labelled him a Klimaheuler, a ‘climate howler’.

Surrounded by alarmists, rational voices not welcome

Greta Thunberg’s other advisors include Swedish Professor Johan Rockström (53) and British Professor Kevin Anderson (57), both devout alarmists. Non-alarmist climate experts and rational voices are not welcome by Thunberg and her advisors. Why ruin a good business model?

9 responses to “Rahmstorf Gets Hit For Alarmism…Leading Swiss Meteorologist: “Climate Ratzinger”…”Religious Exaggeration””

  1. Dr Roger Higgs

    CO2 truths …


    See Rahmstorf in Bullet Point 15.

    Thank you for your vital work Pierre. Truth always triumphs over money … eventually.

  2. CO2isLife

    There may finally be an answer to Greta. Some 14 year olds caught NASA concealing data, and are actually addressing the real science and data.

    Teenagers catch NASA Concealing Data from Public
    NASA Caught Withholding Data from the Public(Short)
    NASA caught withholding data! (not a conspiracy theory but a fact)(Long)
    Original Document of Experiment
    The Case of the Disappearing Data

  3. ColA

    Climate-Ratzinger & Scoldylocks!

  4. C. Paul Barreira

    The reference to Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger, is grotesque. Indeed, had Professor Rahmstorf read Ratzinger with care, whether his books or, perhaps more pertinently, the Cardinal’s address delivered at the University of Regensburg in 2006, he might find a means to be constructive rather than manipulative. ‘Faith, Reason and the University’ has lost none of its importance over the past decade or more and, in the week of the canonisation of John Henry Newman, may even have increased. The infirmity of truth in our age points to a largely unexpected urgency for rereading Newman’s own “Idea of a University”.

  5. bonbon

    Otherwise very keen, Kachelmann, who got into a lot of trouble himself, cites Pope Benedict?
    Razinger , as far as I know, is the first Pope to resign. He wrote recently the Church has taken on too much water. That must mean Pope Francis, who could actually sink it in deep water with Laudato Si and his Synod now.

    I cannot see the connection.

  6. Curious George

    My advice to these “climate advisors”: Advise teenagers only.

  7. BobW in NC

    wondered who or what group were indoctrinating this child. Thank you for providing us with that information. And, yes, they should be shamed by all for doing so!

  8. John Culhane

    Here is Greta advisor Kevin Anderson from 2017. This is worth watching because it adds further to the evidence that the roots of the Greta PR campaign go back to at least 2015.


  9. Brian James

    Oct 18, 2019 UNCUT: Greta Thunberg’s unedited encounter with Rebel News in Edmonton

    Here’s the uncut, subtitled version showing my entire interaction with Greta Thunberg and her handlers without the commentary.


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