Shock: Trump-Bashing ARD German Television Already Forecasting 2020 “Landslide Victory For Donald Trump”

The Trump-bashing German mainstream media are already going into deep depression over the 2020 US election. An ARD public television commentary by Washington correspondent Sebastian Hesse admits things are looking really dire for the US Democrats, and is now even seeing “a landslide victory for Trump”.

German ARD news media somber over Trump’s 2020 election chances. Image ARD tagesthemen

Forget the media in US . They lack the bird’s eye view and are deep in denial with the situation being so bleak for the Democrats.

Seeing a “landslide victory”

But in Europe the news media are beginning to see it. A commentary by Washington ARD correspondent Sebastian Hesse at ARD public television – Germany’s version of the BBC – openly comments: “Trump’s re-election is likely,” adding: “If next week were elected, who would win the race? Forecast: a landslide victory for Donald Trump.”

Will take a miracle

While the Democrats and Republicans begin to rumble in the political kick boxing ring in the lead-up to next year’s 2020 Presidential election, the vastly Trump-hating European media are watching with a view from their seats in the bleachers. And they’re in disbelief at what they are seeing.

They see a Democrat party that’s already battered, bleeding – with eyes puffed shut  – tired and about to go down for the count. Their only hope is a Hail Mary, a miraculously lucky punch landing.

It wasn’t supposed to be that way. Two and half years ago the snotty German media were all predicting enfant terrible Donald Trump would be a one-term president, if even that. What happened?

“Trump has delivered”

According to the ARD’s Hesse: “Trump has delivered.” He “has mobilized the conservatives by appointing conservative judges and “especially on issues that are close to America’s traditionalists’ hearts: Abortion, immigration, possession of weapons. […] Only George Washington had brought more new judges.”

“Unprecedented consistency”

Trump has also fought for building the wall on the border, doing away with paralyzing environmental legislation and patriotism at every opportunity “with unprecedented consistency”, Hesse sniffs.

The ARD correspondent adds: “The non-partisan floating voters who have made their mark on Trump may find him alienating or even repulsive as a person. But they make their choice soberly according to the simple formula: Am I feeling better today than four years ago?”

“Jobs, jobs, jobs”

Hesse also concedes “the economy has been buzzing since Trump took office” and the US has seen “growth rates like nowhere else in Europe, the stock market boom and above all jobs, jobs, jobs.”… “For the time being, many Americans feel that they are doing well under Trump.”

Opponents “are all in trouble”

Hesse currently sees Trump’s most promising opponents “are all in trouble”:” Joe Biden, because the Ukraine affair is also going home with him. Elizabeth Warren, because her agenda is also too left for many democrats. And Bernie Sanders, who already suffered a heart attack in the pre-election campaign.”

Forget impeachment

But what about the impeachment? German leaders and media are hoping that perhaps the impeachment process will stzop Trump. Here Hesse notes soberly: “Well, there is not even an impeachment procedure yet. And if there is one, it will most likely fail because of the Republican majority in the Senate”.

Hesse summarizes: “The bottom line is that only three developments could bring down Trump: outrageous revelations in the wake of the impeachment investigation. A noticeable economic downturn. And the most improbable: a convincing challenger, to whom the hearts and votes will fly to. All three are not in sight. The man in the White House doesn’t need to think about packing his suitcase!”

31 responses to “Shock: Trump-Bashing ARD German Television Already Forecasting 2020 “Landslide Victory For Donald Trump””

  1. richard

    There is a sea change across the world including the Eu. Nationalist parties are on the rise,. If they haven’t seen this they are really, really dim and should not be journalists.

    Nigel Farage warned Brussels back in 2010 that if they didn’t change their ways they would see a rise.

    1. Yonason

      “Nigel Farage warned Brussels back in 2010…” – richard

      For those who aren’t awae, Farage IS a Nationalist.

      Perhaps you have him confused with the nincompope?

      Although anyone in their right mind wouldn’t to so.

  2. Shock: Trump-Bashing ARD German Television Already Forecasting 2020 “Landslide Victory For Donald Trump” – Truth is difficult but essential…
  3. Steve

    Trump is an expert on Bankruptcy.
    He is in office for one thing and one thing only…. to preside over the coming bankruptcy of the USA

    1. John Brown

      Then he is doing the democrats job.

      Why trying to impeach him?

    2. Zoe Phin

      A country with a central bank can’t go bankrupt in any formal sense. It can depreciate its currency though.

    3. bonbon

      He campaigned before on Glass-Steagall, FDR’s law which seperated speculation from normal deposit and credit bank activities. Clinton repealed that in 1999 – since then the crash, Lehmann, and now.
      Time to bring it back, before the financial mudslide engulfs us all.

      Now see why the insane impeachment lurch – WallStreet/London is hysterical.

      1. Zoe Phin

        Non-sequitor. Glass-Steagall act had nothing to do with the recession. The recession had everything to do with the bubble propped up by Fannie and Fresdie Mac – both FDR institutions.

        1. bonbon

          Silly comment, of course Glass-Steagall had nothing to do with the 1929 crash, nor the later crashing or mudsliding bubbles.

          Glass-Steagall is a solution to a problem, not part of the problem.

          Without Glass-Steagall, Bush and Obama stole $21 trillion guaranteeing the now onrushing mudslide – a solution?

          Applying the bank splitting solution before being overwhelmed by a mid election disaster is better. That possibility is what is driving the Dems to extinction, a rebellion against reason in finance.

          1. Zoe Phin

            Hard to steal $21 trillion dollars, when there is only $5 trillion in existence. Any such “theft” would involve printing money and would have entered general circulation and created 4x inflation.

            The $21 trillion figure is a stupid conspiracy theory based on awful accounting. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

            The Glass-Steagall act is meaningless, and not a solution to anything.

            Ofcourse Fannie and Freddie are at fault for proping up those Community Reinvestment Act loans.

          2. Yonason


            Ofcourse Fannie and Freddie are at fault for proping up those Community Reinvestment Act loans.

            They, and the banks were LEGALLY COMPELLED to do what they did. They did NOT initiate those policies on their own. They had no choice.

            Just like murder by gunshot, where the fault is with the person who pulled the trigger, not with the gun. Here the fault lies not with the instruments (banks and Frannie and Freddie) of lending policy, but of those (financially incompetent Democrats) who compelled those instruments to malfunction as they did.

            Please read the supporting material I provided, and if you think it’s wrong, explain clearly why it’s wrong. Also, if you have material to support your contentions, please provide it. But do NOT just expect me to take your bald faced assertions as facts, especially when there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

          3. Yonason


            Here’s the complete video of Thomas Sowell on the boom&bust.

            Bottom line, despite the nuanced nature of all that happened, govt interference was the main cause, the first domino that fell (was pushed by Democrats), after which the others couldn’t help but fall. Same with most, if not all, govt interference in the private affairs of citizens. They virtually always harm rather than help.

          4. Zoe Phin

            No problem. We agree.

          5. Yonason

            @Zoe Phin 6. November 2019 at 11:51 PM |

            No problem. We agree.”

            Um, …thank you?

            Just one addition, that full interview with Thomas Sowell surprised me, because he said that the triggers of the collapse were only a few local highly restrictive (Democrat controlled of course) areas. I thought it was more widespread.

            What that suggests to me is that the system was far more unstable than anyone else I’d read was able to communicate. Like with the Venus Fly Trap, nothing happens until a fly bumps into a couple of those little hairs. Today, tomorrow, next week… eventually it’s inevitable.

            Anyway, thanks for getting me to dig deeper into that than I had up until now.

      2. Yonason


        The Glass Steagall repeal was allegedly a bit player; not setting the trap but maybe making it bigger and more dangerous.

        It was the Community Reinvestment Act, and especially the Democrat inspired amendments to it, that forced banks to take on more risky mortgages.

        “CRA regulations are at the core of Fannie’s and Freddie’s so-called affordable housing mission. In the early 1990s, a Democrat Congress gave HUD the authority to set and enforce (through fines) CRA-grade loan quotas at Fannie and Freddie. ///

        It passed a law requiring the government-backed agencies to ‘assist insured depository institutions to meet their obligations under the (CRA).’ The goal was to help banks meet lending quotas by buying their CRA loans. ///

        But they had to loosen underwriting standards to do it. And that’s what they did.”

        So, it wasn’t the repeal of Glass Steagall, and it wouldn’t have been Fannie and Freddie, which hadn’t been a problem until safeguards were removed, and it wouldn’t have even been the banks until they were required to handle so many risky products. It was the laws requiring them to behave in a financially irresponsible manner. And it was primarily Democrats who passed and enforced those laws.

        Republicans were trying to “fix” the problem, but in hindsight it sounds more like a big government band-aid than a solution.

        Comment by Thomas Sowell
        (Barney Frank was the Democrat chairman of the House Finance Committee.)

        1. bonbon

          Sure Greenspan campaigned for 2 decades, as he himself said, to repeal Glass-Steagall. It was really a thorn in the side of speculators. Only Clinton under threat of impeachment caved in. Notice the impeachment today. Clinton got attacked after mentioning “a new financial architecture”. Trump campaigned for Glass-Steagall, and not coincidently Corbyn too in Britain, under fierce attack now.

          1. Martin

            this is a very good podcast/video about Glass-Steagall
            T’ts not fresh on my mind, but a very good work.
            For those interested

          2. Yonason


            LOL – I like that guy!


            aside – I had never heard of G-S prior to today this exchange, but it’s been very enlightening. What I’ve dug up from Sowell and Corbett is completely consistent with what I learned when this problem hit the fan. What was new to me was the role of HUD in all this. The one common theme in all this, from back when I was first learning about it until now, is the primary role of Barney Frank.


            The Boston Globe tells us he’s “haunted” by what happened. Heh! Haunting is WAY too good for him, IMO.

          3. Yonason

            OH, great. I just got an AV notice after posting that about the trojan, so I probably won’t be able to access it here before long.

            I’ve emailed Pierre about it. I expect he’ll be aggressive in fixing it. Hope he has swift success with that.

          4. Martin

            Happy that you have learned something,

      3. Yonason


        PS – Here’s a short overview of the problem, and it’s cause (Democrats, go figure).

        Well, actually Democrats actively screwing things up, and Republicans not knowing what to do to stop them so they only try to minimize the damage.

  4. bonbon

    It sure looks like that, but the big elephant in the room the MSM (ARD) will say nothing about is the financial mudslide taking place – just look at the Repo market.
    The FED and Bank of England Mark Carney solution, and Lagarde’s problem, of printing $170 billion per day, has Bundesbank chief Jens Weidman up in arms. Carney et al., want “regime change” in global banking outside any elected government decision process (FED speech Aug). Pres. Trump said the future belongs not to globalists (Carney’s gambit) but to nationalists.
    So we have a showdown, which is why the Dems are committing political suicide. Speaker Pelosi met someone in NY and suddenly reversed her opposition to impeachment.
    Will Pres. Trump follow up on breaking the banks, Glass-Steagall, as promised, in a collapse? Looks like the City of London and WallStreet are taking now chances. Their desperation is palpable!

  5. Martin

    The democrats look so bad they act as if they WANT Trump to win next election.

    ‘One constant connects the Brexit referendum and Trump — both are supported by conservative movements with anti-globalist leanings.

    I submit that there is in fact a wider economic crisis on the way, and that the elites plan to use the Brexit and Trump as scapegoats for this crisis.’

    Ever since I read this article (or some similar by Brandon Smith)
    I have the next crisis in the back of my head, lurking; I fear the next crisis will make 2008 look tame. And the employment are to take with a grain of salt according to Brandon Smith and Paul Craig Roberts.

    But Trump as deliver on some aspect… So I have little hope- but nit much. Maybe the U.S. will become Japan 2.0.

    1. Martin
  6. drumphish

    If you like your idiot president, you can have your idiot president. lol

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and a complete narcissistic moron.” – H.L. Mencken

    Enter Donald Trump. Another complete idiot, a lunatic, the asylum welcomes the prospective new lunatic, the member you’ve all been waiting for.

    Yeah, right. har

    You will never be able to make up stuff like whatever it is that goes on, it all does happen, fun just to watch it all happen like never before.

    Hilarious. Or, should it be Hillary-ous? lol. Too much. How about Barackucaneer Obama? They’re all the same, you don’t count, so it does matter. It never will.

    Hey, here’s this.

    Human behavior does not change, it is a part of nature and life.

    What are you going to do? Another fool’s paradise, it is not going to change.

    Just be thankful there are fossil fuels so you can experience it all and live longer. You don’t know how good you’ve got it.

    1. drumphish

      ‘it does matter’ needs to read ‘it doesn’t matter’.

  7. John F. Hultquist

    Define “landslide?”

    Likely the popular vote will be similar to last time, and the popular vote went to that other person.
    However, some close votes went to Trump giving him the Electoral College vote. If one doesn’t understand these sorts of things, look up the Pirates versus the Yankees in the 1960 World Series of Baseball.
    Even ex-candidate versus Trump is advising Dems to choose 2020 nominee who can win the Electoral College vote.

    I’ll say just that it is too soon for such speculation.

  8. Windy

    I doubt that Donald Trump will survive to the next election. The globalists want him stopped at any cost, and that includes, if necessary, murdering him.

  9. Martin

    Some positive i saw recently:
    -Obama call out “woke” culture.

    -I don’t know how to asses this UN speech (Trump is a politician after all) But if this is not showing the middle finger at hart of globalist land, I don’t know what is :

  10. M E

    The newsmedia in New Zealand are also anti Trump. They are or were owned by overeseas conglomerates ,mostly Australian. The National radio takes all it’s views from the BBC and newspapers like The Guardian. So people in NZ are very badly served . TV 3 and its newspapers were reportedly for sale,though, because of lack of customers a few weeks ago.
    I don’t know what happened next!
    I find it is more useful to visit Skynews Australia on Youtube for general information about President Trump, Climate and Brexit. I don’t bother with the newsprint and only skim headlines on line.

    I have been a follower of this site for a few years. as one interested in Past Climate’s data!

  11. Trumpa nenávidící pokroková německá televize šokuje lepšolidi přiznáním, že v roce 2020 čeká „lavinovité vítězství Donalda Trumpa“ -

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