Experts: Europe’s “Climate-Neutrality” Attempt Risks Catastrophe…Warn: “Social And Economic Disaster”

A recent video published by the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation features experts warning that Europe’s current path to a renewable energy powered society is hurting the poor and that green energy proponents are suffering from delusion.

President-elect of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, a career bureaucrat has committed to making Europe “the world’s first climate-neutral continent”.

Delusion in Brussels

However, the lofty plans, supported by most of Europe’s ruling parties, show unmistakable signs of reality-detachment as worker unrest, discontent and tensions spread across France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Yet, rather than taking all the strife seriously, Brussels prefers to deny it and blindly charge ahead with its virtuous green energy obsessions.

The GWPF video wonders if the experiment and unrealistic ideas about renewable energies will end up being “unsustainable policymaking”.

Experts warn that the odds that it will are high, but the pompous eurocrats are too obstinate to acknowledge it.

Expanding energy poverty

Already energy poverty has grown to potentially explosive social dimensions, warns Dr. Mikko Paunio of Finland. In some places heat has become so expensive that people are cutting trees down to keep warm.

Energy expert Professor Fritz Vahrenholt warns how Germany is “nearing the poverty front in a social and economic disaster”.

Brussels convinced green means prosperity

But Europe remains in denial, insisting that green energies are the economic solution for Europe’s future, and refuses to admit that the high energy costs are severely burdening the economy. “Europe is showing the way towards a safe and prosperous low carbon future for our planet and economy,” a green energy propaganda video insists.

Citizens rejecting, protesting

But reality tells a different story. Many countries in Europe aren’t going to meet their 2020 targets, and green parties in a number of countries have slipped as citizens have begun standing up to the hardships brought on by carbon reductions. There’s growing rejection of green policies especially among the poor. But Europe refuses to believe it, and pledges to keep pressing ahead, even as protests on the streets intensify.

Doomed to crash

What is it going to take before Europe’s leaders leave lala-land and get back to reality? What wake-up call is it going to take to get the slef deluded eurocrats to see the economic hardship and energy insecurity their policies are inflicting?

Prof. Vahrenholt fears it’ll take a real shock: “I’m quite sure this will change. First we will see the negative consequences of the Energiewende [German transition to green energies]. Let there be one day or two days of blackout, and they will see what they have done.” He adds that deindustrialization also will not work: “It’s a matter of two or three years when this will crash.”

14 responses to “Experts: Europe’s “Climate-Neutrality” Attempt Risks Catastrophe…Warn: “Social And Economic Disaster””

  1. tom0mason

    Yet more EU career bureaucrats pontificating in order to justify their massively overpaid jobs. More EU career bureaucrats and crony kleptocrats attempting to ensure that the future will be dark and squalid through burdensome bureaucrat controls and onerous taxation.

    Wake-up Europe!
    Atmospheric CO2 level is not a problem, humans do not control it, nature does!
    EU career bureaucrats and their crony kleptocrats are the problem that will make your lives worse!

  2. Curious George

    “the world’s first climate-neutral continent”.
    It is the Neanderthal way.

  3. Tom Anderson

    Somehow, without anyone knowing it, all those people have been lobotomized. Is it the new eugenics?

  4. Chris Hanley

    What’s developed is an example of the ‘sunk cost’ or ‘concord’ fallacy: “a greater tendency to continue an endeavour once an investment in money, effort, or time has been made” (Wiki) — in this case on a huge scale.
    The investment in terms of wealth, careers and reputations etc. has been so great it’s hard to predict how it will all end, but it cannot end well.

  5. Shoki Kaneda

    The best scenario for Earth’s ecology is if atmospheric CO2 increases to at least 800 ppm and global average temperatures increase another ~2°C. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that they are connected. We’ll just have to hope for the best.

  6. Petit_Barde

    Those nuts’ goal is to destroy European civilization (or what remains of it) to solve a fake problem.

    What these arrogant clowns don’t even understand is that should things go really bad, they will be the first to be hanged.

  7. Experts: Europe’s “Climate-Neutrality” Attempt Risks Catastrophe…Warn: “Social And Economic Disaster” – Truth is difficult but essential…
  8. pochas94

    I calculate that if CO2 doubles I will have to cut my grass twice as often. 😟

  9. bonbon

    Strangely omitted in the report is Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s GFI, Green Finance Initiative, which Ursula fully intends to emulate with the EIB, the European Inv. Bank, the largest in the world.

    These openly declare an end to any kind of fossil fuel investment.
    Both have gone even to far as proposing a Blockchain currency to enforce this outside any elected control.

    In other words this is not of the politicians, from the politicians, for the politicians, but
    but Of the Bankers, from the Bankers, for the Bankers.

    Of course savvy politicos will smell the green finance tsunami and surf it, not a winning sport.

    1. Brian G Valentine

      “In other words this is not of the politicians, from the politicians, for the politicians, but Of the Bankers …”

      Correction: Not “bankers,” rather a similar term used somewhat in the US and the UK

  10. Dodgy Geezer

    “…… has committed to making Europe “the world’s first climate-neutral continent”….”

    That would be apart from Antarctica?

  11. Brian G Valentine

    Quote from former US President Dwight D Eisenhower:

    “Farming is easy when your plow is a pencil and you are 500 miles from a cornfield”

    1. Yonason

      That’s just what you’d expect a farmer to say.

      Funny how people who live in the real world are much less likely to have cartoon misimpressions of it.

  12. Brian G Valentine

    Ursula reminds me very much of many Government bureaucrats I am familiar with.

    They know nothing, they have no interest in the consequences of their policies, and they are drunk with authority they had no business being handed.

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