Come To Beautiful Paderborn-Germany And Marvel Region’s Spectacular Scenery, Environmental Stewardship!

The central German city of Paderborn has made its region green, climate friendly and an example to the world when it comes to sustainable development and responsible natural preservation that benefit our global climate.

You’ll certainly want to watch this video full screen!

Landschaftverschandelung bei Paderborn: The Hills are alive! Video of majestic Paderborn, Germany. The country’s green movement is now basking in its success and hopes to be a model for a greener planet! Video: By Hermann Dirr

Paderborn is Proud!

People from all around the world certainly won’t want to miss visiting and taking in the region’s breath-takingly majestic natural beauty, wildlife diversity and inspiring landscape.

Paderborn is also especially proud of its contribution to protecting the climate and assuring better weather for the globe’s inhabitants. Paderborn’s leaders take the duty of being good stewards of the environment really seriously. They are proud of Paderborn’s environmental stewardship.

Visitors to the region will not only enjoy taking in the area’s rich cultural heritage, but will also savor its mouth-watering cuisine consisting of fresh avian kill with a relaxing symphony of infrasound in the background!

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11 responses to “Come To Beautiful Paderborn-Germany And Marvel Region’s Spectacular Scenery, Environmental Stewardship!”

  1. jps

    Total green madness…
    We must stop this!

  2. Yonason

    How Green Is Their Cemetery?

    “According to the Caithness Windfarm Information Forum, there were 35 fatalities associated with wind turbines in the United States from 1970 through 2010. Nuclear energy, by contrast, did not kill a single American in that time.”

    “Green” jobs list…
    …giving obituary writers subject material.
    …providing life insurance benefits to surviving loved ones.
    …supplying essential nutrients for plant nutrition.
    …exposing greenie fairy tales for the lies they are.

  3. Bob's in NC

    So – how close is the nearest house to those wind turbines? Who goes around to clean up all the dead birds every day? Do citizens have 24/7/365 power? What happens to ice accumulation on the blades when it starts melting? And, what does all this wonderful “green” power cost per kWh? The world wants to know…

  4. Sommer
  5. John F. Hultquist

    We drove past some towers today.
    None of the things were turning.
    Central Washington State, USA.
    Why? Because at dawn on Thursday
    the wind stopped.

    Green line at the bottom of the chart is wind.
    This is not going to change until Monday.
    That’s 4+ days while they just sit.
    I can’t decide whether that’s good or bad from a visual point of view. Although I do not like them either way.

  6. Richard

    I checked the view around Paderborn on Google Earth Pro and the windmills are concentrated only in a roughly 9 sq km farm region east of the city. But then I noticed the image was dated 2015. I assume the number of windmills has greatly multiplied since then. The Day of the Triffids has arrived!

  7. drumphish

    I don’t have to travel to Germany to see wind turbines at a wind park.

    The things are everywhere you go.

    Eventually, the madness will stop itself, there won’t be any room anywhere to stand one more beautiful, wonderful, fabulous, marvelous wind turbine.

    Everybody in the world should have at least one wind turbine in their view shed. Your backyard is where all wind turbines should be, mine too, everybody’s.

    Just a better world.

  8. Petit_Barde

    And they do not have to hunt birds anymore : Fine and so greeny.

    In the same vein, there are far too many pigeons in Paris which could handicap tourism :
    – so, in a win-win strategy, Paris agreement’s zealots should install 10000 of those beauties in Paris itself.

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  11. Brian G Valentine


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