UK Mean Temps For November Have Been Cooling Moderately Since 1998, And US Christmas Day Sees No Trend

By Kirye
and Pierre Gosselin

With Britain getting set to leave the climate-hysterical European Union, it probably may not have to participate in the nutty EU idea to go carbon free by 2050.

Not only would going carbon-free threaten the economy and security in a profound way, but CO2 just doesn’t seem to be having the impact on Britain’s climate that the alarmists say it is.

Looking at the November data available for close to 20 stations across the UK (except for Ireland), many stations show a cooling trend.

Data source: JMA

All the plots were made using data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).Overall 12 of the 20 stations plotted show a cooling trend. Taken as a whole, the UK shows no statistically significant warming since 1998 in November, meaning winters aren’t getting shorter and not much is happening climate-wise in November.

Following Europe on climate policy would bring no result and end up costing a fortune.

No Christmas Day warming trend in US

On another note, the US East coast is set to warm up just in time for the Christmas holidays this year. And already the media are getting set scream bloody climate murder.

But meteorologist Chris Martz shows that warm Christmas days on the US East Coast are nothing new, New York City, for example has seen a number of warm Christmas days since temperature recording began.

Check out some of New York City’s balmiest Christmases:

Also what follows are the warmest recorded Christmas Day temperatures in Washington DC, according to Chris Martz:

Chris Martz also plotted the Washington DC Christmas Day high temperatures, see below. Well what do you know? Is there a warming trend?

8 responses to “UK Mean Temps For November Have Been Cooling Moderately Since 1998, And US Christmas Day Sees No Trend”

  1. AlexS

    Boris is an extremist “ambientalist” but he is also self serving…

    1. dennisambler

      I am hoping for Boris to be Boris and backtrack on the foolish commitments so far. However he has made Zac Goldsmith into a lord so he can remain as an enviroment minister in the government. Goldsmith is a rabid believer in the climate crisis.
      Uk policy is determined by WWF, FoE and Greenpeace, both inside and outside the government

  2. Kevin Lohse

    A lot of those stations are on RAF bases, and over the period there has been a pretty drastic cut-back in flying activity. Some stations have ceased air operations entirely. Are you sure that changes of use have been taken into acount?

    1. Adam Gallon

      The amount of flying, will make a negligible difference.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    Such analyses are complicated for Washington, D. C. because all the Congress Critters, staffs, lobbyists, news folks, and protesters leave the area for better weather. With all these hot air makers gone the entire region becomes a vacuum-like zone with other air masses competing to rush in.
    The day of seating of a new congress might show a different trend.

    – – winking smiley face – – Poe’s Law

    1. Graeme No.3

      Are you postulating the Urban Politician Heat Effect?

      Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

      And for Pierre and his loved ones, the same wishes.

  4. Peter Charles

    Unfortunately as the law stands the UK already does have to be ‘carbon neutral’ by 2050. It was enshrined in law as one of Theresa May’s last acts as PM.

  5. Patrick Healy

    Yes Peter Charles,
    You are correct, the inmates may have changed somewhat, but the imbeciles still have the keys to the asylum at number 10.
    We are committed by law to grupen fuher merkels crazed global warming commitments.
    Up here in Mickey mouse Scotland we have an even more deranged SNP hell bent on ‘transishioning’ (great new speak word) us back to the stone age.
    Luckily we have an unending supply of stones up here so we should be fine.

    A happy and holy Christmas to you Pierre and family and all realists on here – even the to that nuisance Wotsisname?

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