8000 Years Of Zero Correlation Between CO2 And Temperature, GISP 2 Ice Core Shows – Opposite Is True!

A plot of ice core data from Greenland reveals that CO2 does not drive temperatures.

At Facebook, Gregory Wrightstone posted a chart plotting atmospheric CO2 concentration reconstructed from  Dome C Ice Core versus temperature that was reconstructed from the GISP 2 Ice Core.

According to global warming scientists, there’s supposed to be tandem movement between the two magnitudes.

CO2, they say, drives global temperature.

But over the past 8000 years, the data show that temperature in reality has moved in the opposite direction of CO2 and thus of what climate alarmist scientists have told us.

If anything can be drawn from the plotted data, it is that there’s an inverse correlation: As CO2 rises, temperature drops. But of course there’s a lot more to it. CO2 is not that huge major climate driver that alarmists like having us believe it is.

21 responses to “8000 Years Of Zero Correlation Between CO2 And Temperature, GISP 2 Ice Core Shows – Opposite Is True!”

  1. TedM

    Where is the chart? It doesn’t display.

  2. TedM

    Oops it just showed up.

  3. John Andrews

    Missing data.

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  5. Chris Emblen

    The worrying thing on the original facebook post are the people arguing that “The Bible says …..”. One religious cult arguing with another doesn’t help the science lead the conversation.

    1. M E

      Could you kindly let me know if these were Jehovahs Witnesses as I think they have their own Bible. I don,t do Facebook. I didn,t like it when it started and haven,t bothered since.

      Merry Christmas to all!

      1. John Howard

        “I don’t do Facebook. I didn’t like it when it started and haven’t bothered since.”

        Agreed. I didn’t like the name, which sounded childish, and the thought of adults trying to accumulate “likes” struck me as befitting 4-year-olds. There is something undignified about it all that makes me think those involved failed to grow up due to watching Sesame Street, which has that same obnoxiously childish tone designed to keep minds small.

  6. Dr Roger Higgs

    Thank you Gregory and Pierre. Likewise, the same obvious ANTI-correlation since 5000BC is seen by comparing (A) temperature proxy data from Greenland ice cores & and from various OTHER PROXIES WORLDWIDE, versus (B) CO2 from ANTARCTIC ice cores, as shown in this single slide, entitled “Global-warming events & sea-level peaks of the last 3,000 years correlate with solar maxima, i.e. Modern Warming’s near-coincidence with man’s industrial CO2 was accidental” …


  7. garyH845

    What is the actual date of 0 BP on the chart, Pls.

    Great data . . as expected.

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  13. Peter Sinclair


    This is climate denial 101.
    You’ll have to do better, if you’re trying to reach beyond paranoid old
    white guys.

    The giveaway is that this writers’s bogus graph
    claims legitimacy by referring to Richard Alley’s GISP temp series.

    the video above makes it clear what Dr Alley actually tells us
    his data is saying.

    Who should we believe? The non-expert with an agenda who
    claims to understand something he knows nothing about and has
    never studied or published?
    or the actual PhD expert who spent 5 years in the arctic
    gathering the data?

    1. Kenneth Richard

      Here’s another 8000-year correlation between CO2 and temperature for the Pacific Ocean, which covers 35% of the Earth’s surface. Except it shows temperatures plummet as CO2 rises.

    2. John Cserep

      I just spent 11 minutes watching this YouTube video in your link. The first half simply explains what ice cores are and that they trap air bubbles, then the scientist in question (Alley) says that scientists infer air temps from the ratio of “heavy water” (deuterated?) to normal water. (No explanation of this alleged correlation is offered, but let’s take it as correct for now.) He notes that the changes in this ratio they observe in the ice records happen (sometimes) much faster than expected, where expected rates are apparently based on prior estimates from other, unstated sources. *Eventually*, in the last minute of this tedious video, he is seen testifying before Congress that he and his colleagues are unable to attribute this faster-than-expected temp change to anything but CO2 releases. Incredibly, the video (quite heavy-handed and unscientific in its characterizations and ideological labels) rushes to declare that skeptics are wrong to claim global significance for results from anything like a single ice core, since these represent local measurements and don’t necessarily have wider implications! This is hilarious and hypocritical coming from Warmist alarmists, who have been claiming just the opposite from the beginning! Warmists constantly attribute every weather anomaly to alleged worldwide climate change.
      Contrary to what you’ve implied, NOTHING in this video refutes one bit of the article above. In you didn’t read carefully, this article and others like it are pointing out the lack of correlation between CO2 levels and temperature changes, particularly the timing, in which temps change first and CO2 levels follow. The video you wasted my time with refutes nothing, but sure claims that it does!

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  15. Zoe Phin

    Jaworowski had a lot to say about the problems with ice cores. I doubt we can learn much from them. All the spikes have been removed from the data anyway. In fact, 20-40% is missing … on purpose.

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