Merry Christmas! Thanks Everyone, For Another Successful Climate Blogging Year!

Enjoy one of my very favorites! Brings back a lot of wonderful memories.

Wishing devoted readers a

Merry Christmas!

7 responses to “Merry Christmas! Thanks Everyone, For Another Successful Climate Blogging Year!”

  1. Billy

    Ray Charles!! Such a great talent. The planet misses him.

  2. Newminster

    Également, Pierre!

    And to all the other contributors. May 2020 be the year the climastrologists appropriately develop some “vision”. 👀

  3. Philip Verslues

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  4. David Appell

    Pierre, when are you going to admit you lost “The Bet?”

  5. drumphish

    I confess, I bought a Christmas tree, a Douglas fir, great choice for a Christmas tree, finally found one.

    I didn’t ask Greta, sorry. Didn’t dare, would have never heard the end of it. Besides, you can buy a Christmas tree without asking anyone, celebrate Christmas, while you still can.

    There would be plenty of disappointed family members if Christmas didn’t happen.

    At the end of the movie, even Scrooge was merry and bright, filled with joy. It was all bah, humbug, then, it was all ‘Merry Christmas’.

    Makes sense, it was illegal to celebrate Christmas from 1644 to 1659 in Great Britain, in Boston the ban lasted until 1870.

    Banned in Boston, how dare they.

    Merry Christmas

  6. M E

    Merry Christmas if you Dare!

    12 Days,remember. until Jan 6 2020

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