Greta’s Generational Supremacists: Indoctrinated German Girls Sing: “My Grandma Is An Old Environmental Scumbag!”

Child abuse by German WDR 2 public broadcasting? Young schoolgirls taught to hate, made to sing “My grandma is an old environmental scumbag” because she drives an SUV, eats meat and takes cruises

WDR 2 broadcasting children’s song: “My grandma is an environmental scumbag!” Image: WDR 2

We all recall how at the UN, green wunderkind Greta Thunberg lambasted the older generations for allegedly ruining the planet, climate and even her future. She also threateningly warned that her generation “will be watching” us.

Greta’s generation would like to have everyone believe that all of today’s social ills have been caused by the an irresponsible generation which now needs to step aside.

Today’s young generational hostility in Europe has hit unprecedented levels, thanks to environmental radicalism and zealots in and out of the media.

Taught to hate

Note that these kids did not just become naturally hostile to its older generations on their own. They got plenty of help being taught to be so by hateful by extreme activists who have an environmental and tyrannical agenda.

The latest example of indoctrinated intolerance and hatred is brought to us by WDR 2 German public broadcasting, which on December 27th choreographed and proudly broadcast a children’s song with lyrics dehumanizing senior citizens – grandmothers in particular – as “old environmental scumbags”!

WDR 2 video. The new German generation of supremacists? Indoctrinated German schoolgirls singing about how their grandmothers are scumbags.

Featured is a chorus of smiling, young German schoolgirls singing: “Meine Oma ist ne alte Umweltsau” (My grandma is an old environmental scumbag) lambasting grandmas and the older generation supposedly because they use SUVs and fly to go on their holidays, and so are creating a global mess.

Loud backlash

The song, meant to environmentally indoctrinate kids, didn’t go down well with the usually patient German public, especially with the older generations, which demographically have become the country’s largest voting sector.

The song triggered harsh and controversial reactions, as among others recipients felt (and others) hurt and even looked down on,” reports

“Gee, it was just a little humor”

Needless to say, after some hesitation and weak attempts to defend or to play it all down, the song was taken offline in the night of December 28. Now the WDR 2 and green activists are falling all over themselves insisting it was just an innocent parody and they didn’t mean anything bad with it, and implied how it’s unfortunate some people can’t take a little joke.

Well, teaching kids to hate is no laughing matter – especially in a country with a very problem history.

What follows are the song’s text in English, so you can judge for yourself.

Meine Oma ist ne alte Umweltsau

My grandma rides a motorbike, a motorbike, a motorbike in the chicken coop.
That’s a thousand liters of super every month. My grandma is an old environmental scumbag.

My grandma says riding a motorcycle is cool…
She uses it as a wheelchair at the retirement home. My grandma is an old environmental scumbag.

My grandma drives to the doctor in an SUV.
She runs over two old ladies with a rollator, my grandma is an old environmental scumbag.

My grandma makes a cutlet, a cutlet, a cutlet every day.
Because discount meat costs next to nothing, my grandma is an old environmental scumbag.

My grandma doesn’t fly anymore, she’s purified, purified, purified. Instead, she now goes on a cruise ten times a year, my grandma is not an environmental scumbag. My grandma’s not an environmental scumbag.”

The song ends with the audio quote by Greta Thunberg: “We will not let you get away with this!”

The WDR 2, of course, was funded to produce this political rubbish and to commit this child abuse – through mandatory fees levied on every citizen in Germany.

33 responses to “Greta’s Generational Supremacists: Indoctrinated German Girls Sing: “My Grandma Is An Old Environmental Scumbag!””

  1. Robert

    Same indoctrination/propaganda methods as used in creating the Hitlerjugend/BDM or Komsomol among many others, get them while they are young.

  2. Kurt in Switzerland

    Thanks for the article, Pierre.

    This will backfire, of course – just like the video of the British schoolteacher blowing up her students who dared doubt the consensus nearly a decade ago.

    Although I wouldn’t personally translate “eine alte Umweltsau” * as “an old environmental scumbag*, the message is clear: these people are dangerous & manipulative. The fact that they all think this is just humorous shows just how reality-challenged they are (and how they reckon their beliefs & their moral superiority justify their actions, however disgusting). Where have we seen that behavior before?

    * maybe an old environmental slob…

    Luckily they went after their Grandmothers and not their Grandfathers (otherwise, the backlash might not have been so powerful).

    This has also hit the main daily papers in Switzerland (Tages-Anzeiger and NZZ, Left and Center-Right, respectively).

    1. Senex

      Literally, it’s “an old environmental sow”, which is just as much an insult in English as in German.

      1. posa

        I agree with the translation… So Why is Gosselin lying? I mean the song is disgusting as it is, so why embellish with an even more reprehensible twist?

        It’s A typical stunt that often discredits this website… he can’t help himself, can he?

  3. Brenda Donovan

    How very frightening.

  4. Eben

    If I was their grandma , I would just say – “here goes your inheritance smart kid”

  5. Shoki Kaneda

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

    — Vladimir Lenin

  6. Tom Anderson

    The close relationship between the National Socialists and environmentalists has been studied in detail in at least three serious studies. It is nothing less than tragic that knowledge of it has been consigned to obscurity. Nazism (or its socialist successors) and environmentalism are chillingly cozy bedfellows and their shared totalitarianism should not in any event be dismissed lightly. Both philosophies work only with absolute control over every corner of society. Environmentalism is worse, covering its hateful nature with a false morality. The three books are:

    Nazi Oaks: The Green Sacrifice of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust, by R. Mark Musser (Dispensational Publishing 2017)

    How Green Were the Nazis? Nature, Environment, and Nation in the Third Reich, Bruggemeier, Cioc and Zeller, editors (Paperback Ohio University Press, United States, 2006)

    The Green and the Brown a Study of Conservation in Nazi Germany (Studies in Environment and History), by Frank Uekoetter (Cambridge University Press, 2006)

    1. Mike


      Thanks for these references. I didn’t know about this connection and am very interested to find out more about it. I have just ordered this book and perhaps I will order the others once I have finished reading it.


      1. Mike

        Nazi Oaks is the one I ordered.

      2. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

        Tom and Mike,

        Another excellent and chilling (and wider in scope) read on that general topic is Alan Beyerchen’s “Scientists Under Hitler” (Yale University Press). It was published sometime back in the 1980s and is out of print now, but there are used copies available as well as a Kindle edition that was issued last year.

        The Nazis tried to develop an “Aryan Physics” to counter the “Jewish Physics” of things like quantum mechanics (Schrodinger) and relativity (Einstein). Never mind that those things explained reality very well – they were from ideologically-unsound sources and therefore could not be right! (Sound familiar?)

        I happened to read this back when I was an undergrad and I’ve never forgotten it. It’s a chilling reminder of what happens when politics drives “science.”

  7. RickWill

    History repeating – very sad and threatening for an enlightened future.

    On a positive note, an economy needs low cost energy to be powerful so Germany’s pursuit of ambient sourced energy will erode its economic power.

  8. drumphish

    Who you calling scumbags, scumbag?

    What kind of idiot would promote such foolishness, even think of it, and is actually criminal and an abuse of people, no matter what age.

    More or less caging people’s hearts, souls, and minds.

    What could be worse?

    Their spirit is broke, the propaganda does just that. The flesh does what it is told.

    The poor excuses for propagandists are greater fools who have no shame and should be ashamed of themselves for being such useful idiots who refuse to even think.

    Scumbags would be a descriptive noun to use to make the appropriate call.

    They’re in the dark, blinded by the light.

  9. M E

    The Green movement has it’s roots in the Nineteenth .Century Romantic movement when they wished to return to an imagined Medieval state with knights,peasants,castles ,dark forests ,water nymphs etc. Wagner was very popular with his Ring cycle. Sir Walter Scott in Britain had the same effect. Pseudo Gothic building sprang up in all the new towns and people went to Fingals Cave and so on in the Isles.of Scotland. The beginning of tourism by railway to see medieval castles .
    The happy peasants in a land of plenty with benevolent feudal overlords. Just what the Greens want .And YOU are spoiling it.How dare you !!!

    1. posa

      Good insights ME.

  10. rah

    I’m afraid that the Germany I and my family knew and loved in the mid to late 80’s is no more.

    1. bonbon

      How could anybody be nostalgic for the 1980’s is beyond me. Around 108 Pershing II’s cruising the autobahn, in Soviet SS-20 nuclear cross hairs is not my idea of comfort.

      Thank God Reagan proposed the SDI, to obsolete that deadly stuff. Andropov refused the offer and the Soviet imploded 5 years later within months of forecast.

      Fast-forward. NATO (now obsolete) is stationing launchers right up to Russia’s border – for good ol’ nostalgia?

      Now thank God we have Trump determined to get along greatly with Russia and China, and Kim.

      Germany is right in the middle of that yet again. Only Trump stands in the way or a nostalgic repeat. It would be extremely idiotic to end up again in the cross-hairs, for anyone’s nostalgic yearnings.

      1. rah

        Have you always had a problem with reading comprehension? I am comparing the attitude of the German people then to what it is now! A plurality of Germans fear Trump more than any other world leader! Little girls indoctrinated to disparage their grandmas? Merkel wanting to give the state the power to determine what is or is not hate speech?

        1. bonbon

          Odd selective memory there. Here is when the anti-nuclear rampage really took off, May 1986 Wackersdorf:

          The anti-nuclear antifa, has become anti-science today. It is a ’68er follow-on.
          And anti-cultural too – a Darmstadt performance of Beethoven’s Fidelio just this week :

          shows the utter cultural degeneration, a step beyond 1986 alright, but part of a process going on since 1968.
          Trump goes right up against this degeneration, and against that Cold War mania, Hilary’s hatred is evident here, transatlantic, of course too.

  11. rah

    I suspect that Merkel’s declaration of limiting free speech in order to try and prevent what the state believes is “hate speech” does not apply to this kind of thing,

    1. bonbon

      There is a real Shitstorm over this – I am very curious how the “talk-shows” handle this. Talk about blow-back!
      The attempt to defend with “parody” backfired completely. The perps actually believed the CCF, Congress for Cultural Freedom, marketing brochure (paid for by the CIA over decades).

  12. Zoe Phin

    All this noise and there’s still no evidence of global warming.

  13. rah

    What was wrong with my comments? Neither apparently made it through moderation.

  14. bonbon

    Well, Umweltsau literally means Enviro Sow.
    Of course some youngsters have major problems with parents and grandparents (Greta especially), and psychological hijacking is standard Tavistock technique using military studies of susceptibility. In other words witness the use of military psyops on kids, not enemy combatants.
    Tavistock is a leading British institute, and this WDR prank reeks of Deep-state.
    Why is Germany so suddenly a blatant target? Could it be that Germany does not want under any circumstance any kind of conflict with Russia? That is exactly why President Trump is being targeted too.
    The insane gambit to remove Trump is backfiring on the perps, and look how fast it backfired on WDR.

    Interestingly enough the ramble reference to ultra cheap meat is exactly why thousands of farmers rolled tractors around Berlin, Paris, Dublin, Holland recently – they are being bankrupted by discounters. Just look at US farming – crises across all sectors by below parity pricing. So the “parody” targets the old, and farming as well.

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  16. posa

    BTW… German boy choirs have much higher standards than this rag-tag ensemble of girls.


    30. Arie A
    Es ist vollbracht!
    O Trost vor die gekränkten Seelen!
    Die Trauernacht
    Läßt nun die letzte Stunde zählen.
    Der Held aus Juda siegt mit Macht
    Und schließt den Kampf.
    Es ist vollbracht!

    English Translation

    It is finished!
    O comfort for the ailing soul!
    The night of sorrow
    now measures out its last hour.
    The hero out of Judah conquers with might
    and concludes the battle.
    It is finished!

    1. bonbon

      Right at the same time Darmstadt did a Fidelio, Beethoven’s Opera, utterly disgusting :
      We are going into Beethoven Year and this is their effort?

      Time to bring the classics back!

  17. Gus

    Soon, soon, they’ll break into your house and administer a beating if they catch you brushing your teeth under shower.

  18. Froggels

    Most people outside of Germany probably do not realize that the German public broadcasters are not financed by taxes, donations, and grants as in the US or a TV licence as in the UK.* Instead every household, regardless of income, size or even non-possession of a receiving device, is required to pay a €17.50 month bill for the “possibility” of consuming public broadcasting content. Those who refuse to pay what is known as the “Rundfunkbeitrag” typically end up having the funds seized from their bank accounts without even a court order. People have even been incarcerated without court orders for refusing to pay. Sieglinde Baumert is the most famous victim of this regime. She had no TV or radio but was nevertheless incarcerated for 61 days for he refusal to pay €215.76 and was only released after the public found out via social media. This fee is effectively a regressive tax applied to all living quarters throughout Germany and for obvious reasons is hugely unpopular with the public. The public broadcasters ARD ZDF and Deutschland Radio receive over 9 billion euros annually via this system in order to finance their directors’ €400,000 salaries and enhanced pensions. To then have one of those same public broadcasters exploit children in the way described in this article has justifiably resulted in widespread outrage throughout Germany.

    *Prior to January 1, 2013 public broadcasting was financed similar to the UK: If you owned a TV or radio you had to pay. If you did not possess such a device then you did not have to pay.

    1. Senex

      Same in Sweden. They recently replaced the TV license with a universal tax to fund their increasingly irrelevant public service television and radio. That resolved their dilemma as to whether or not smart phones and tablets counted as “televisions” because of their ability to receive streamed content.

  19. Brian G Valentine

    “It was just a little joke. All in fun. Ha ha ha. Have you no sense of humor? This is just a gentle reminder to take the environment seriously. Everybody here thought it was cute.”

    Deutschland has some regrettable memories, doesn’t she, related to “singling out specific groups to be held in mockery and contempt.” Indeed, this was also related to a “crisis” that “no one could seriously deny.” People needed continual “reminders” about the “seriousness of the situation”

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