2004 “Expert” Climate Predictions Of “Siberian Climate” For Britain, “Anarchy”, “Famine” Turn Out Preposterous

German site Alles Schall und Rauch (Everything is smoke and mirrors) here reminds us how back in 2004, “leading experts” warned the planet would likely be going down in flames by 2020!

Forecast 2004 – Global doomsday by 2020

By Freeman

(German text translated/edited by P Gosselin)

Only three more days and the first decade of the 21st century will be over. And there are also only three days left until the climate catastrophes predicted in 2004 will have to occur. Back then a report by “climate experts” was released and was widely reported in the media. It stated that the consequences of man-made climate change would cause sea-level rise, food and water shortages by 2020, leading to “environmentally driven conflict constellations” and “which can lead to violence or even war”.

Der Spiegel reported on the study, which George W. Bush presented, on February 22, 2004:

The scenario is as threatening as it is realistic: the Gulf Stream, which like a gigantic hot water heating system that pumps billions of liters of tropical water to the north, loses power, changes direction and suddenly collapses completely. Icy winds roar across northern Europe, devastating storms and floods devastate the coasts. The forests die off, the plains around the North and Baltic Seas freeze into tundra. The dramatic climate changes are putting people and governments in dire straits. Oil is running out, peacekeeping alliances erode. Bloody conflicts break out, wars for raw materials and food devastate the continents. Within a few years, the world is brought to the brink of total anarchy.”

On the same day as Der Spiegel, February 22, 2004, the British Guardian added:

Climate change could lead to a global catastrophe in the next 20 years, costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.”

A secret report suppressed by US defense chiefs and obtained by The Observer warns that major European cities will sink below rising sea levels if Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread violence will erupt worldwide.”

Dead wrong

But in three days’ time, the year 2020 will be nothing like the catastrophic predictions of doomsday made by the so-called climate experts and disseminated by the serious media. After 16 years of NOTHING!

Right at the forefront of the panic-mongering back in 2004 was and still is the German upper climatic liar, Professor Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director of the Institute for Climate Impact Research in Potsdam, founded in 1992, who for many years was Merkel’s advisor on the climate crisis and who calls himself the “father of the 2-degree target”.

In 2004, he was part of a group of climate scientists invited to visit the White House to inform the Bush administration about the current results of climate research.

Horror scenarios meant to sway Bush politically

With their horror scenarios about the future, the climatologists wanted their “expert opinion” to force Bush to accept man-made climate change as a real phenomenon. They also hoped  their panic-mongering about environmental degradation and the resulting climate refugees would convince the United States to sign global treaties to reduce CO2 emissions.

In a speech at the Federal Delegates’ Conference of the Greens in Berlin at the end of November 2017, Schellnhuber presented his idea of a climate pass, which had been strongly applauded by the party conference delegates, for the first time in public:

Anyone who has to leave their home country because of climate change should be allowed to emigrate to the countries that are mainly responsible for climate change is his position.”

This is the ideological background to the debate in the Bundestag, which on Friday 13 December discussed the consequences of “climate-induced migration, flight and expulsion” at the request of the Greens. The motion stated:

Whole archipelagoes and wide coastal areas threaten to disappear from the world map in the future. Already today, more people are being displaced domestically by climate- and environmental disasters such as floods and storms than by violence and conflict.

The Bundestag should therefore call on the Merkel regime to press ahead with the introduction of a climate passport, which, according to estimates of a flood of 140 million refugees, would make a German, or EU and US passport possible.”

The Greens have gone completely nuts and are the real cause of a catastrophe and destruction, namely through the mass migration and deindustrialization they are demanding.

Dire  predictions turn out to be phony

They justify their destructive policies with claims that are not true and disasters that do not happen. Nothing of what was announced to us decades ago has come true.

All the predictions of an end of the world go back much further than 2004, because I remember the beginning of the apocalyptic predictions of the 1970s.

Rest of post (in German) here


8 responses to “2004 “Expert” Climate Predictions Of “Siberian Climate” For Britain, “Anarchy”, “Famine” Turn Out Preposterous”

  1. Val Valerian

    However, this WILL be the case by 2050, as we’re going into a solar minimum around 2030 for a number of years.

    See this:


    Also, if you are prone to visit SuspiciousObservers, the proof is there.

    1. Sommer

      Does the information at Suspicious Observers withstand scrutiny?

      1. AusJolt

        Not really. The main guy loves to comment against climate research… with only a degree in Economics to his name. He also tends to assert some serious nonsense about cosmology and how changes in the strength of the poles causes earthquakes.

        Basically nothing he says has any kind of support in the fields he discusses.

  2. drumphish

    Had the prediction been snow in the Grand Canyon in November and again in December, they would have been correct.

    1. AusJolt

      They did.

      30 years ago.

  3. JSMill

    Hear hear! and agree on all but one minor thing – the decade doesn’t end until midnight December 31, 2020. Cheers!

  4. John F. Hultquist

    the consequences of “climate-induced migration, flight and expulsion” at the request of the Greens

    Give these Greens one-way tickets to the threatened place of their choice. They can help build sea walls, stronger housing, and better governments.

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