Climate Hypocrisy: Berlin’s Top Socialist-Green Government Officials Travel To “Pedestrian Meeting” …In Government Vehicles!

Here’s one that almost got past my radar.

Last September the leftist Berliner Zeitung (BZ) here reportsed on climate hypocrisy coming from Berlin, Germany’s socialist-green city government and the city’s mayor, Michael Müller.

The administration of Germany’s capital is really serious about climate change, so much so that they earnestly participated in an EU-sponsored action on getting more people out of those sinful cars and instead onto their feet and thus so achieve a more climate friendly form of mobility – it was all part of the “European Mobility Week”.

But according to the BZ, the pedestrian lifestyle (and going without flying) is not something that Berlin’s ruling green socialists are really into themselves, but rather it’s something for the millions of little climate-misbehaving people, who pay taxes and honestly should be there to serve the ruling class.

Traveling over in 16 luxury government limousines

The BZ’s Benedikt Teichmann reported how Berlin’s Transportation Senator Regine Günther (46, Green Party) had twittered about the European Mobility Week just a day earlier: “Join us, and leave the car at home.” But then just a day later, she and other members of Berlin’s Socialist-Green government “hopped into their large government cars to get to their meeting”.

According to the BZ, Berlin’s “Socialist, Communist-Green government drove over with 16 limousines to their pedestrian conference”, which took place near Berlin in Hellersdorf.

The European Mobility Week website proudly states that the event this year saw participants in 50 countries across the globe.

And according to its summary report here, organizers boasted of a new participation record: “EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2019 had the highest participation rate ever witnessed since its launch in 2002 (3,135 participating towns and cities), surpassing the record set by the previous year’s campaign.”


Carpooling, going by foot “not an option”

When Berlin Mayor Michael Müller (SPD Socialist Party) was asked why he and other members of his administration did not go to their meeting concerning pedestrian mobility by foot, or at least carpool in the spirit of environmental protection, he answered:

We all come from different places. And today when we all have our heavy files with us, it’s just not an option.”

What follows is the European Commission’s video promoting pedestrian mobility:

Unfortunately, few of the climate-rescuing politicians are following their own advice. For them it’s just too inconvenient, and walking is not that cool.

5 responses to “Climate Hypocrisy: Berlin’s Top Socialist-Green Government Officials Travel To “Pedestrian Meeting” …In Government Vehicles!”

  1. Curious George

    Do as I say, not as I do. (A democratic elitist principle)

  2. RoHa

    Why is hypocrisy seen as such a bad thing? Yes, it is a form of lying, but isn’t it better to give lip service to an ideal than no service at all?

  3. richard

    “Apparently I struck a nerve,” Grau says on the phone. The response has been overwhelming. The closed Facebook group already boasts more than 540,000 members.

  4. Sean

    Heavy files?? You can carry a terabyte of information on a thumb drive in your pocket. With a phone you can access the world, without ever leaving home. In fact most business meeting I’ve had in the last year have been web conference calls. Politicians love adoring crowds and the political cache it brings…until the crowd becomes a mob and turns on them.

  5. drumphish

    If you walk to your workplace, two miles, you’ll need to drink water or a liquid refreshment. To be able to derive a liquid to re-hydrate, there has to be a vendor or a water supply, drinking fountain.

    Fossil fuels are being used at all times to have the infrastructure so you can easily find a place that has coffee and strudel.

    The chances of fossil fuels used to build your workplace are one hundred percent.

    By the time you arrive at work, you’ll need some rest.

    You can do the pedestrian path from time to time, but it won’t be a permanent activity. Ride your bike until it rains and you ruin clothes, end up with a raspberry. Those days end too.

    It is better to make use of the transportation systems. You’ll save time and energy.

    If you have a government job, you are allowed the indulgence of a limo.

    They’re from the government and are here to help.

    Hypocrisy is in the job description. Deceit and chicanery work.

    You can laugh out loud.

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