EU Parliamentarian Celebrates Passing Climate Emergency, But Then Hops On Jet To Frankfurt, And Berlin!

Europe’s hypocrite of the week

After celebrating at Twitter the passage of the symbolic climate emergency in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday, parliamentarian Sven Giegold of the Green Party hops on a jet to Berlin!

We’ve all heard about the EU declaring a global climate emergency. Man has to profoundly alter its behavior if we are to have any hope of rescuing the planet.

Altering behaviour means not doing lots of convenient things like flying, eating meat, driving, heating with gas, coal or oil, consuming far less, taking vacations locally so as not to involve transportation by cruise ship, plane or automobile.

That’s what Europeans parliamentarians will be expecting of us.

Green hypocrites

It turns out that one of these parliamentarians is German Sven Giegold (50) of the Green Party. Last Thursday in Strasbourg Mr. Giegold voted in favor of the “climate emergency”, reports Germany’s Berliner Zeitung (BZ) here. Immediately he celebrated the Parliament’s decision on Twitter as an “important sign at the right time”.

Giegold’s tweet in English: “Yes! The European Parliament proclaims the #Climate crisis! An important sign at the right time. These are crucial years for future generations!

In his tweet, he also criticized the German CDU parliamentarians for not supporting the emergency declaration, adding: “Sadly, large sections of the Christian Democrats voted against. #Climate Emergency.”

238 kg of CO2 in a single afternoon

Giegold’s act alone of course comes as no surprise considering he’s from the Green Party. But the BZ then adds: “The problem: immediately after the meeting he got on the plane, flew to Frankfurt, from there to Berlin (CO2 footprint: 238 kilograms)”!

Obviously Giegold could not be bothered booking a train ride from Strasbourg to Berlin, which he demands of all other ordinary citizens.

Giegold’s glaring hypocrisy massively criticized

According to the BZ, the “EU Green was caught at Tegel Airport and promptly caught a massive firestorm of criticism on the net.”

Giegold’s grand act of hypocrisy was called “a certain double standard” by German CDU politician Sven Schulze, who hit back at Giegold’s criticism of CDU parliamentarians’ votes against the measure: “Very sad colleague @sven_giegold is rather your #hypocrisy. In the morning in the #Europaparlament you proclaim the #Climate emergency and in the afternoon you take the plane for the short distance from Frankfurt to Berlin. (Didn’t the #greens want to ban these short flights?)”.

“Had to be in Berlin at 6 pm”

Indeed the German Greens are pushing for a ban of short domestic flights. Giegold, though, seems to believe he’s above all that.

According to German tabloid Bild here, Giegold insisted that he had no choice but to fly. Bild writes: “At 6 pm he had an appointment in the Federal Council. Giegold said: ‘In the evening I had the obligation to be in Berlin – at 6 pm. The vote in Strasbourg was over at 12.45 pm. It was impossible with the train.'”

“International and European policymaking impossible without flying”

“The flight was purely work-related, and not for private purposes,” said the Green EU parliamentarian. He added: “International and European policymaking are impossible without air transport. It is important that European democracy works,” Giegold continued.


15 responses to “EU Parliamentarian Celebrates Passing Climate Emergency, But Then Hops On Jet To Frankfurt, And Berlin!”

  1. Tom Anderson

    Oh, yes. Some of us are more equal than others.

  2. John F. Hultquist

    I’m an important person, blah, blah, …, Giegold continued.

  3. Brian G Valentine

    “Why did the UK vote to leave the EU?” – pondered no one with more common sense than a platypus

    1. Adam Gallon

      You somehow think we’ll be immune to this once we leave?

  4. Petit_Barde

    Come on !

    This modern day hero deserves 10000 times to fly :
    – after all he is saving the Planet, isn’t he ?

    To compensate, I will restrict my diet to dig outside for roots in the ground to eat and I will make my next transatlantic trip by swimming with wicker fins, hanging on a piece of wood.

  5. Fred Streeter

    Give me a ticket for an aeroplane
    Ain’t got time to take a fast train …

    Jefferson Airplane

    1. drumphish

      Can’t be Jefferson Starship.

      The Letter by the Box Tops

  6. Dave Ward

    Do you mean 238 Kilogrammes, or 238 Tonnes of CO2?

  7. Yonason

    “Hypocrite of the week”

    You wouldn’t run out if you made that “hypocrite of the day.” Here are a few to start with.

    If it weren’t to time intensive, you might easily have enough to announce a new one every hour.

    1. Yonason
  8. bonbon

    You see, the Climate Emergency, in the EU and the UN, which looks like an anteroom, will open the floodgates and a financial tsunami of genuine greene finance, preferably digital as in Bank of England’s Mark Carney SHC, Synthetic Hegemonic Currency!

    Await sundry politio’s surfing this financial cascade, awash in cash to shower voters! A sight to behold!

    Hey it make gerymandeing look so passee…

    Now look at the CDU, fossil fuelers that they are, refusing to surf in the green flotsam, so uncool!

    What could possible go wrong!

  9. Henning Nielsen

    Ok, ok, what’s the problem here? When you take a vaccine, you actually get a tiny dose of the disease you want to be protected from. So this politician simply makes sure to spew out some co2, as a vaccine against getting climate disaster. See? Any hypocretin could figure that out. /sarc

  10. Adam Gallon

    All on expenses, of course.

  11. Gus

    The alleged “climate emergency” is a propaganda lie that EU politicians, especially the ones representing western Europe and Germany, promulgate in order to force the rest of the world, but the US in particular, into the straightjacket of “decarbonization.”

    The real reason for this is not “climate,” an ill-defined concept to begin with, since CO2 has only a minimal effect on it, mostly beneficial, but the simple fact that western Europe has no fossil fuels of their own.

    Thus, if the whole world was to join them in the said “decarbonization,” everybody would be similarly handicapped, and they wouldn’t have to fear that their industries, stressed by high energy cost and its unreliable delivery, would leave for greener pastures in America or elsewhere. Europe’s environmentalists, of course, jump on the bandwagon as do career minded government bureaucrats, leftists and other assorted totalitarians.

    Alas, as China has become the dominant economic attractor these days, and they have no qualms about using coal to power their industries (helped in this by Russia and Australia), this strategy seems to be stalled. Perhaps the last hope is that if the US sided with them on this, they could institute a boycott of the Chinese economy under the guise of “climate emergency.” Kudos to Trump for having turned his back on it.

    It is all such a blatant, transparent scam.

  12. raygun

    Do as I say, NOT as I do. (I’m special and require special treatment because of you peons. Besides trains are below my intelligence.) Is this guy one of Hitler’s missing offspring ???

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