Opposition Emerges: German Conservatives Reject EU’s “Green New Deal”…”Threatens Freedom, Prosperity, Economy”

Press release by the WERTEUNION IN BAVARIA: “The Sun Drives Climate, Not Co2”.  The Werte Union  (Values Union) in Bavaria decisively rejects “The Green Deal“ and C02-pricing.

Hat-tip: EIKE

Sun drives climate

Munich, December 30, 2019 – The grassroots initiative WerteUnion in Bavaria – Conservative Start – considers it proven that the sun controls the climate, and not carbon dioxide (C02). The new climate laws are therefore insignificant for the climate, yet “threaten the foundations of freedom, prosperity and market economy”, the state level executive said.

In particular, the conservative grassroots movement within the CSU (Christian Socialist Union) criticizes the “Green Deal” presented by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the C02 price set by the German government’s climate package, which has now been toughened by raising the C02 price to more than 25 euros per tonne.

Deindustrialization: industries will simply move

The WerteUnion in Bavaria sees this as the first step towards the deindustrialization of Germany. Dr. Thomas Jahn, deputy chairman of the WerteUnion, explained: “The closure of our plants will indeed lead to a reduction in C02 emissions in Germany, but this would not have any positive effect on the environment. The deindustrialization of Germany is rather shifting production to countries with low environmental standards, above all the People’s Republic of China. The WerteUnion in Bavaria sees this as a threat to the fundamental values of the free world, especially the market economy.”

Chemist Dr. Christian Steidl, member of the Federal Executive Board of the WerteUnion e.V. and of the State Executive Board of the WerteUnion in Bavaria, criticized the C02-pricing for the following reasons: “The energy price increase acts as an industrial migration acceleration law. Even if the measure were to result not only in a relocation of industry, but also in C02 savings, this would be insignificant for our climate, because this is controlled by the sun. Over the last 600 million years, C02 has demonstrably not controlled the climate and there is no scientific evidence as to why it should be any different at the moment.”

Education campaign on the topic: “Climate, solar cycles and carbon dioxide”

The Werte Union in Bavaria therefore has announced an educational offensive under the leadership of Bohdan Kalwarowskyj, Dr. Christian Steidl and Dr. Ellen Walther-Klaus about the scientific fundamentals of climate change, as these are neglected especially in schools.

The fact that ice ages were not triggered by a reduction of the C02 content in the atmosphere was already proven in 1913 by the Marburg mineralogy professor Emanuel Kayser (Zentralblatt für Mineralogie etc., 1913, p. 769.). This long disproved CO2- greenhouse gas theory was revived in the 1980s for political reasons and supported by targeted allocation of research funds.

Growing dissent

On the basis of quantum physical, atmospheric and astronomical studies, however, more and more scientists contradict the thesis of a climate change “man-made” by CO2 emissions:

  • rer.nat. Siegfried Dittrich, one of the most knowledgeable on the effects of C02, has presented this in an article in the scientific journal FUSION Vol. 39. 2018. No. 2 pages 6ff in an easily comprehensible manner.
  • The refutation by English climate scientists of the C02 theory was discussed by Martin Durkin in 2007 in the film “The Great Global Warming Swindle
  • The strong correlation of the climate over the last 100 years with the intensity of sunspots is proven in detail. Prof. Dr. Henrik Svensmark studies the influence of solar cycles on climate and cosmic rays on cloud formation. The WELT already reported on this in 2009 under the heading “Ein Physiker erschüttert die Klimatheorie” (A phsicist shakes up the climate theory).
  • Very informative is also a video of the conversation between Dipl. Ing. Michael Limburg from the EIKE Institute for Climate & Energy with Karl-Herrmann Steinberg. the last Minster for Environment of the GDR.

Climate researcher Rex Fleming recently summarized in his published book: ,,[D]ie vorherrschende Definition des Klimawandels – wie sie von den Vereinten Nationen vertreten und durch einen C02-Ausstoß verursacht verstanden wird – ist ein Mythos“ (T]he prevailing definition of climate change – as advocated by the United Nations and understood to be caused by C02 emissions – is a myth) – Rex J. Fleming: The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change, Springer Nature Switzerland, Cham (CH), 2019.

Call to reopen the debate

On this scientific basis, the WerteUnion Bayern – Konservativer Aufbruch has adopted a climate manifesto calling for a withdrawal of the C02 pricing plans and an open debate on the real causes of climate fluctuations. The document is available on the website of the WerteUnion in Bayern (https://konservativeraufbruch.de/).

10 responses to “Opposition Emerges: German Conservatives Reject EU’s “Green New Deal”…”Threatens Freedom, Prosperity, Economy””

  1. Mike

    This is encouraging, especially the part about education.
    Do they think they can get into schools and present facts?
    I didn’t think it would be possible in Germany.

  2. Sean

    28% of German brand vehicles sold in the US were built in the US and that number continues to rise. https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2017/05/cars-german-auto-brands-sell-build-united-states-america/ It’s no wonder the EU is so anxious to get the US back int the Paris accord.

  3. Georg Thomas

    It’s a negative miracle that we had to wait 30 years for a reaction like this that should have been a matter of course for Germany’s main parties at a time when they were not yet branches of the green movement, when social democrats were still social democrats and conservatives still conservatives, rather than being part and parcel of today’s (socially cold, anti-working-class, green-magical-thinking) regressive left (which has nothing to do with the progressive left of the social democratic age).

    My generation (born after the II. World War) used to ask their parents and grand-parents how could you let it happen – the Third Reich.

    It is time we ask in all seriousness millions of Germans who have a solid educational background, good knowledge of the natural sciences and engineering, unlimited access to pertinent information – how could you let it happen?

    How could you let green magical thinking become Germany’s cultural standard?

    Germans were never good at Vergangenheitsbewältigung (literally: coping with the past, i.e. drawing useful lessons from the past, a term coined after the II. World War during the period of de-nazification)

    The Vergangenheitsbewältigung of my generation was confined to a self-righteous incredulity concerning the putative moral depravation of earlier generations living through the Nazi period; Vergangenheitsbewältigung amounted to our wondering “oh, no, why could they not be as upright as we are.” In short: no useful attempt at understanding the conditions and causes of Germany’s evil empire.

    The greens have been lying to the nation since their inception in a big way – yet people in this country have never bothered to subject the mendacious green agenda to some serious Vergangenheitsbewältigung.

    Had they done so, it would have turned out an easy exercise to unmask the green arsenal of deceptions that has become the dominant anti-democratic, socially cold, totalitarian-inclined paradigm, the Gold Standard of political correctness in Germany.

    Germany, it is time that you should embark on some serious Vergangenheitbewältigung.

    1. Matthew K

      I don’t normally comment here, but seeing this article gives me hope that sanity will prevail in this madness! And to think Germany is spearheading the opposition! Go Germany! I have your back all the way! Greetings from South Africa, where are experiencing one of the coolest summers on record despite all the “getting hotter” trash!

    2. Henning Nielsen

      Bravo, Georg Thomas.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    C02 has demonstrably not controlled the climate

    There are several ideas about what does have a strong influence on “climate” but regarding the slight warming since the Little Ice Age I do not have a serious contender to support.
    However, the quoted line is enough to toss out the hypothesis of global warming from CO2. A lot of money and time has been squandered because scientists, researchers, and politicians have failed basic reasoning.

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  6. Gus

    About time. I could never fully understand why Merkel, the leader of German conservatives and a physicist herself, would ever go along with such a monumental fraud. Of course, there were always political and economic reasons, which I can understand, but is covering the whole of Germany with ugly windmills, destroying German industry, and corrupting science the right way to go about it?

  7. Opposition Emerges: German Conservatives Reject EU’s “Green New Deal”…”Threatens Freedom, Prosperity, Economy” – Truth is difficult but essential…
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