Former “Fridays For Future” Teen Activist Reveals “Cult-Like Control”, “Hostility”, “Leftist Infiltration

Sina, aged 14, used to be active as a spokesperson for Fridays for Future in a city in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia.

But she quickly became disenchanted by the movement’s “cult-like” structures which did not tolerate questions. Recently she revealed her story.

Hat-tip: EIKE

Sina began her environmental activism by joining a demonstration against coal power plants, organized by Greenpeace and WWF, before getting involved as a press spokesperson in the FFF movement in March; 2019.

In the interview, she reports on cult-like control, censorship, hostility and left-wing infiltration.

By November, 2019, she began questioning the movement. As press spokesperson, she says she recalls having an older organizer constantly standing at her side at the demonstrations to make sure she said “the right things” when interviewed by radio or television.

“No matter what was asked, it had to be answered like this or like that” and we had to “sound dramatic and to not express any doubts about it,” Sina tells GROSSE FREIHEIT TV (Great Freedom TV) in the interview.

Constantly watched

“We have to act immediately, otherwise things will go like so, and the world will fall apart if you don’t take to the streets, and those who don’t are to blame for the world collapsing and all such things that put pressure on people,” said Sina, explaining what the organizers expected the press spokeschildren to say to the media.

According to Sina:

One question from the press has always been very popular, and that is what you do yourself for climate protection. A very clear guideline was the answer that one should live vegan, plastic-free, seasonal and regional, as well as avoid car journeys and flights as far as possible. I believe, that is also the first thing I learned there.”

Began to have doubts

In the interview, the sharp-witted teen explains how she began to have doubts about the movement when the question of a CO2 tax came up and her father had doubts about it. This made Sina think about the implications of shutting down the coal power plants and the financial implications.

“The demands were so dogmatic and radical” that “they they could not really be implemented,” she says in the interview. She then explains how she researched the subject and found out that the 97% claimed consensus was bogus.

Insults and attacks…”Nazi” …”climate denier”

When her doubts and skepticism became known, she recounts how immediately she was accused of acting like a Nazi, and getting labelled a “climate denier” and “future destroyer”.  At that point she had had enough and ditched the movement.

“Cult character”

At the 20:35-mark, having been asked to describe how she sees the FFF movement, shes says: “In my view, it has a sort of cult character because you have to have that opinion. Otherwise you’ll be insulted out, if you will.”

She then adds: “They make demands without even thinking about solutions and thinking about the consequences of immediately exiting coal power.”

She adds: “High taxes isn’t going to buy the CO2 out of the air.”

Her advice: “Do a little research”

Later she describes how dissent is absolutely not tolerated by the movement in any way. At school some of the more extreme teachers “couldn’t understand” why she exited the movement and how she was confronted by other radical classmates: “If you don’t take part, then it will be your fault that none of us will have a future and we’ll all die.” She responded to them: “Just do a little research!”

14 responses to “Former “Fridays For Future” Teen Activist Reveals “Cult-Like Control”, “Hostility”, “Leftist Infiltration”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    Well Pierre, I wonder – – Sina explains how she researched the subject and found out . . . and so on.
    Was some of her research via No Trick Zone?

    Assuming this is a legitimate story and she uses her real name, Sina should get a standing ovation.

    1. Carl Friis-Hansen

      @John if you listen to the interview, you can hear she is a normal, mature, 14 year old, and that all she says comes from her heart.

      The most fascinating I found, was that she told about the “order” people. It was mainly young grown-ups correcting her immediately during interviews if she said something out of the cult’s order. King of like KGB style political officers.

  2. drumphish

    Fool me once… Sina ain’t buying it no more.

    CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere and be oil in one growing season.

    Canola, corn, soybean, sunflower, safflower, can be grown and oil can be extracted from the seed, they contain carbohydrates.

    Oil and vinegar salad dressing is always really good. Olive oil to the rescue.

    Crush the seeds, you have oil, 30-50 percent natural oil in those seeds.
    Toast those sesame seeds.

    You will need light and heat to make it happen, photosynthesis, it does happen. You need CO2 and H2O, two key ingredients in the recipe.

    The sun can do it and does.

    The one and only energy source that does provide the light and heat. The big shining star just far enough away to allow life to be what it is here on the good earth is our only survival mechanism that does do all of the work.

    Purdy much the story that needs to be told.

    Over and over, again and again.

  3. Hermar

    I congratulate her for realizing how she has been fooled by the Gretajugend and getting out of it. If you live nearby, support her as good as you can. Fanatical sects hate “traitors”.

    Didn’t this happen at the congregation of the church of climatology in Spain as well? A young girl left the climatology sect and told the Youtube viewers how she was fooled and manipulated. Wattsupwiththat has reported about it.

  4. Gus

    In her 2018 interview with The Guardian[1], Madeleine Albright famously said, “First of all, I don’t think fascism is an ideology. I think it is a method, it’s a system.” Once you understand this, it is clear that the Fridays For Future movement is a fascist one, as are all other environmentalist and leftist movements of today, because such are their methods.

    [1] Andrew Rawnsley, “Madeleine Albright: ‘The things that are happening are genuinely, seriously bad’,” The Guardian,
    Sun 8 Jul 2018 05.00 EDT

  5. Mark

    Good for her…a free thinker. This cult is evil

  6. Carl Friis-Hansen

    I saw the whole interview. Sad that only about 120 million people understand the German language,it would be so great if someone made subtitles in English for this video. I would do it, but I am too slow and have never done it before.

    I will quote one of the comments on Youtube:

    “Schlaues Mädchen.
    Sie hat sich aus der Lügenmatrix befreit.”
    “Smart girl.
    She has fried herself from the lie-matrix.”

    1. Steven Fraser

      ‘Freed’ , not ‘ fried’.

  7. Luboš Motl

    Good for her, a German girl with some critical thinking skills. I can’t resist to mention that at 14, Sina looks much more mature even physically than Greta, 17. 😉 A decade ago, we would sometimes say that these days, girls develop breasts at age of 12 and sometimes earlier. For some reasons, this wisdom supported by an implicit trend went away in a part of Sweden.

  8. Enoch

    F is the 6th letter. “Friday’s For Future”. Do the math…They laugh at us while they hide in plain sight.

  9. Broadlands

    It is not the puppets. It is their puppeteers. Those who indoctrinate to create the climate frenzy with their climate models that are designed to have only one answer…Catastrophe!

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  11. Cojewa


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    […] En annan tysk flicka, Sina, berättar om sitt engagemang i Greta-rörelsen Fridays For Future. Hon var strikt övervakad av vuxna som alltid stod bredvid henne och övervakade vad hon sade till reportrar som intervjuade henne. Det var viktigt att hon höll sig till manus. Emellertid blev hon lite tveksam då hon skulle propagera för koldioxidskatt och utfasningen av det fossila. Hennes far hade fått henne att börja fundera på konsekvenserna. Det var inte bra för Sinas vidare karriär inom rörelsen. Hon blev mobbad och kallad för både ”klimatförnekare” och ”framtidsförstörare”. Hon blev liknad vid att vara nazist. Inte kul, så hon lämnade rörelsen. Hon är intervjuad på tyska i P. Gosselins inlägg här […]

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