Is “All-Time Antarctic 20.75C Record High Temperature” Just A Sensational Hoax? Station Data Show Only 16C

In Germany there have been rumors that the alleged Antarctic Seymour Island “all-time Antarctic record high” of 20.75°C set on February 9th is a hoax – originating by the AFP news agency and then spread by The Guardian.

The alleged 20.75°C was supposedly logged by Brazilian scientists and was supposedly almost a full degree higher than the previous record of 19.8C, taken on Signy Island in January 1982, The Guardian blared with much alarm, citing its own rush job chart.

Currently the WMO is seeking to obtain the actual temperature data for Seymour Island, part of a chain of islands off the Antarctic peninsula.

WMO cites media as source!

The WMO website itself is citing the media as its source, writing: “Media reports say that researchers logged a temperature of 20.75°C. Mr Cerveny cautioned that it is premature to say that Antarctica has exceeded 20°C for the first time.”

Thermometer data show only 16°C!

According to German Facebook site Klima.Wissen here and its readers, the “all-time record high reading” of 20.75°C appears to have its origins from the AFP news agency. It was then picked up by the always climate sensational The Guardian. But now the whole story is beginning to appear as just big sensational hoax.

First, here shows that the high temperature on February 9th at the Seymour Island station (Base Murambio) was merely 16°C!


There was much ado over the record set at the Antarctic station Esperanza, which was reported to have reached 18.4° on February 7. Here confirms it, as does the Argentine National Meteorological Service:

So what’s going on at the Seymour Island station? 16°C is not even close to the claimed 20.75°C record reading screamed out bloody-murder by the media across the globe. Maybe the Seymour station operators breathed on an unofficial thermometer outside, snapped a photo, and sent it out to the media. Who knows.

The chart The Guardian published is totally different from the one at the official

Looking at the Accuweather February temperatures, so far we see a high of only 7°C 0n February 9, 2020!

Depicted in tabular form:

We’ll keep an open mind, though, and see what comes out officially. But it would be awfully embarrassing if the record never really happened. Right now the media and alarmists can only hope that the WMO will play along with the hoax and just say it happened so that the global alarmist media complex can save its face.

But the thermometer is sure telling us a very different story.

Will take some time to confirm the reading

“We first need to analyse the very important station metadata, e.g., location, type of equipment, measurement practices, calibration of the instruments, etc.) from the researchers involved.  Once we have those data, we can begin a formal evaluation as to the observation’s validity.  Unfortunately, accomplishing those tasks does not happen quickly (particularly with remote polar weather stations) so it will likely be some time before we at the WMO Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes can even give a tentative evaluation of this observation,” WMO’s Weather and Climate Extremes rapporteur, Randall Cerveny said.


14 responses to “Is “All-Time Antarctic 20.75C Record High Temperature” Just A Sensational Hoax? Station Data Show Only 16C”

  1. RedFalcon

    Top excuses:

    “My bad guys, it was fahrenheit, not celsius”

    “Hey, what happened to the sun shade?”

    “Dude, that’s not a rectal thermometer”

  2. Robert Kernodle

    More excuses:

    “My dog ate the thermometer, and then regurgitated it.”

    “I only had the thermometer in my pants pocket for a couple minutes.”

    “The measuring station is located a good two feet from that roasting campfire, so it couldn’t have been that.”

  3. Mick J

    Came across this site when also looking for a direct record for the area.
    six hourly samples with midday high at 15C and 6pm high at 14C

  4. Val

    The region has been much warmer in the deep past, when there was no ice there at all, so ….

  5. John F. Hultquist

    . . . it will likely be some time before we at the WMO Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes can even give a tentative evaluation of this observation,

    Translation: Don’t call us, we’ll call you.


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  7. chaamjamal
  8. Eze

    Hahahaha you can’t use accuweather temperatures as a source 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
    Please use Ogimet or something similar

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  10. LeedsChris

    Meantime the media don’t report the all-time record low temperature for Greenland recorded at the Summit Camp weather station on 2nd January 2020. The temperature fell to -64.9.

  11. drumphish

    They’re giving everybody a run for the money.

    Too much, just hilarious. Warmunists don’t do it for the money, they do it for a ******** of money. Lying works too, not good, but it works.

    The months of February and the latter part of January were not the severe cold temps that have been there like in years before, seen it all, time marches on.

    March can have temperatures in below zero conditions, not unusual.

    Timeanddate dot com is worth the visit.

    One overnight low temperature last week was -17 degrees Fahrenheit, it is normal winter weather, been that way for a long time.

    The overnight low is going to be -13 degrees F for this day.

    It is not swimsuit weather.

    Where’s the climate change? Where is the global warming?

    There it was, gone.

    In the real world doesn’t exist, we’re in Oz, the wizard has it all under control.

    Can’t really avoid warming way down under in Antarctica when the sun shines night and day.

  12. ScienceABC123

    Did I read that right? The WMO is getting their data from The Guardian?!?!?

  13. Nicholas McGinley

    As fro that Esparanza record, I went and checked on those numbers after hearing this report, and found no such temperatures at all.
    I was posting about what I had found on various blogs and on FB and such, and at one point a few hours later I was writing a post on WUWT about what I had found, and when I went back to the same site to get a link to the data, I found in a few hours it had changed completely!
    Here is a link to my tweet from that day on this mysterious alteration:

    It is impossible to trust anything claimed by the climate alarmist mafia.
    Whenever anyone checks on anything, all sorts of discrepancies show up.

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