US Leads In Preventing Spread Of COVID-19 …Europe, Other Continents Faring Far Worse!

Lately we’ve been hearing lots from desperate politicians suggesting that the US response to the spread of the COVID-19 virus has not been adequate.

Far worse in Europe

Here in Europe we’ve been hearing a lot about new cases arising on a daily basis, and when I compare the number of U.S.cases (February 29, 2020) to those reported here and in other countries, it’s hard to understand what all the commotion in the US is about. Things are far worse in Europe.

So far the US has reported 66 cases among a population of over 330 million. That translates to about 0.2 cases per million, despite the huge volume of travel between the US and Asia. In France and Germany the rate is 5 times higher (though they are doing a pretty good job fighting the spread). In Italy it’s 75 times greater!

Early travel restriction from China paying precious dividends

What follows is a table showing the top 20 countries reporting COVID-19 cases. They are listed according to the number of cases per one million inhabitants. The list starts with the countries with the lowest rates:

The U.S. and the U.K. lead the pack. The high success rate likely is in large part due to President Trump’s early decision to restrict air travel from China – a move for which he was loudly criticized not long ago. Now that decision has turned to to have been wise and has paid off.

South Korea, Bahrain and Singapore have a real problem along with China, where the virus is said to have originated.

Of course lots of factors are at play, and so the statistics above should be viewed merely as indicators. One local outbreak can change the stats fast.

The next challenge for the U.S. remains containing the pockets of infections that have been arising, some in not very well run places – like California. In these places it would be a wise idea to rapidly cancel public events, close schools and force workplaces to implement strict hygiene practices. I would even consider restricting interstate air travel from California for awhile under they get their house in order.

There’s no reason to panic as the death rate from COVID-19 is nothing like Ebola, SARS, or H5N1.

For those with a greater interest in pandemics, etc, I highly recommend the following book:

The Great Influenza


13 responses to “US Leads In Preventing Spread Of COVID-19 …Europe, Other Continents Faring Far Worse!”

  1. esalil

    Where are all the Scandinavian countries? They should be in top ten.

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  3. John F. Hultquist

    it’s hard to understand what all the commotion in the US is about.

    In the USA the more serious disease is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). While this is mostly a mental disorder it can progress to a deterioration in health. This has been and continues to be an evil not curable or containable.
    The Nation awaits a miracle.

    1. Patrick Healy

      Absolutely spot on Mr Hultquist – as usual.

  4. Joel Heinrich

    easy enough, no testing, no cases…

    1. Lasse

      Just heard Japan has a 3 days fever to qualify for a test and South Korea test 10 000 a day.

  5. Georg Thomas

    I don’t mean to take the matter likely. However, I wonder what if “ordinary” waves of flu would be recorded in the daily press like the outbreak of the coronavirus.

    I understand, in 2017/18 more than 25,000 Germans succumbed to the flu.

    It appears, at this point, that Corona is an ordinary flu in terms of mortality, mostly dangerous to the weak and elderly — like any other flu, the difference being a higher rate of contagion.

  6. RickWill

    The numbers in Iran are grossly under reported. The virus is spreading exponentially in Iran. Both NZ and Australia have cases from individuals arriving from Iran. Australia now stopped flights with passengers from Iran.

    China has sent a medical team to Tehran; reported in Wall Street Journal:

    A team of Chinese experts arrived in Tehran Saturday to help combat the deadliest outbreak of the coronavirus outside China, as the number of confirmed cases in Iran jumped more than 50% overnight and Iranian authorities complained of a shortage of supplies needed to contain the rapidly spreading illness.

  7. pochas94

    I’d say the challenge for the US is to have a Covid-19 vaccine ready for the next flu season.

  8. drumphish

    Hey, what happened to all of the ‘CO2 is gonna kill us all’ hype, carbon dioxide is gonna destroy the world and it is over.

    Where’s that? lol

    Now it is all coronavirus. Big deal. So what? Who Cares?

    Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere must be contained.

    Well, coronavirus can do it, everybody on earth quarantined will result in a massive reduction in carbon emissions.

    Nobody goes to work, no cars on the road, oil is abundant, supplies exist, no coal being burned, cleaner air for you.

    Go get your daily needs supplied by retail outlets, you will need them now, not after, they won’t be there then. Soap will be in short supply, stock up.

    Meltdown ensues, could be. It is a certainty.

    Coronavirus is the wolf at your door.

    Seems like if you can be re-infected, it is deja vu all over again.

    Doesn’t COVID-19 mutate as it goes from host to host, coast to coast, the virulence may actually increase? Probably does.

    A crypto-virus if there ever was one.

    It ain’t no hoax, folks.

    Stay alive, humans.

  9. dennisambler

    Australia have a ban on Chinese students flying directly from China, so some clever Chinese entrepreneurs are offering 2 week holidays in Thailand, from where they then fly to Australia, with no ban on Thailand flights.

  10. M E

    I wonder if I may recommend a Youtube video series by a doctor who specialises in lung diseases and also teaches medical personnel online. He sums up the medical publications and the reports of sufferers in various countries with statistics .
    There are lessons on viruses for non medical people and advice on preparations. Masks are not necessary as virus can enter through the weave, MedCram on youtube is where I access it Dr Seheult.the lung specialist

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