“Drought-Stricken” Germany Sees 2nd Rainiest February On Record…Doom And Gloom Cancelled Again

The last two summers in Germany (2018 and 2019) were unusually dry and warm, and already alarmists began to screaming that this was just a preview of what’s in store for Europe’s crispy burnt future.

The following 2 charts show the ground moisture for Germany last September. The left image depicts the ground moisture at the depth of 25 cm, and the image on the right for a depth of 1.8 meters:

German indeed was unusually dry last September. Source: The drought monitor; Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ)

February 2020 second wettest since records began

But the precipitation pendulum has swung to the other side. The German DWD national weather service now reports that February 2020 was the second wettest since records began. Only 1946 was wetter. Last month some parts of Germany saw rainfall that was double of what is normal.

In some regions it was even the wettest February, e.g. in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein. The reason was a series of lows from the Atlantic moving directly over Germany.

Ground in many areas now over-saturated

Now the ground is well soaked down to the middle and deeper layers. In some parts of  Lower Bavaria and parts of eastern Germany, however, there is still dryness in some places at a depth of just under 2 metres. Yet, the situation is expected to ease there as well.

Currently much of Germany is over-saturated for the 0-60 cm ground depth:

Source: DWD German national weather service:

More precipitation ahead

Moreover the 14-day forecast for Germany sees more precipitation ahead, which will further saturate the ground. Last year at this time, in the wake of the dry 2018 summer, the ground was much drier. So this year ground moisture levels will be in much better shape as summer approaches.

So, all the doom and gloom scenarios of severe drought and crop failures being the future of Germany have suddenly been washed away. Alarmists will have to go elsewhere to chase climate ambulances.

6 responses to ““Drought-Stricken” Germany Sees 2nd Rainiest February On Record…Doom And Gloom Cancelled Again”

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  2. Robert Folkerts

    Where I live in New Zealand, we had plenty of rain last winter. But since mid December, virtually nothing. A big drought now with the end not yet in sight. Animals existing on dead grass and some silage.
    My point is, a wet winter is no guarantee soil moisture will remain adequate through the hotter part of the year, especially in rolling hill country.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    Folks in the USA will (mostly) be familiar with the radio program called A Prairie Home Companion. One segment was titled News from Lake Wobegon.
    The closing words of the monologue were “Well, that’s the news from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”

    Those needing water for crops and other uses would like the water-year to always be above average.
    Good luck with that.

    Only 1946 was wetter. My mother and father bought their first auto in 1949 – a black Chevrolet. So we don’t accept blame for climate change. Or the weather.

  4. David Appell

    “California Had Its Driest February on Record. Here’s How Bad It Was,” New York Times, March 3, 2020


  5. Patrick Healy

    Well parts of England had huge amounts if rain in February. Many unfortunate people had their homes flooded.
    Apparently it, like the German drought, was caused by global warming.
    Damn clever those carbon Dioxide molecules, they cause everything.

  6. ahlam st

    We in North Africa in Algeria are not raining much, especially in the central and southern states almost non-existent this year there was a small percentage of precipitation and today it is starting to rain we hope it will continue to fall

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