JMA Data: Canada Mean Temperatures Show No Signs Of Significant Warming In 25 Years!

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Falling Canada mean February temperatures

By Kirye
and Pierre Gosselin

Today we look at the data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) mean temperature for Canada. Examined are the 9 stations that have almost complete data going back to 1983.

Nine of the 9 stations show February mean temperatures have had a cooling trend since 1996: 

Data source: JMA 

Annual Canada temperatures steady since 1994

Looking at the JMA data for mean annual temperatures for Canada, we see that no significant warming has taken place at the 9 stations since 1994!

Data: JMA.

Yes, the climate is changing, but nothing unusual is happening. The changes are well within the natural range of variability and so cannot be wholly attributed to man’s activities.

In fact, using the data and results that are available, one can easily argue that the recent warming is related to ocean and solar cycles. There’s nothing to be alarmed about.

Worry about Corona and political threats, and not climate.

19 responses to “JMA Data: Canada Mean Temperatures Show No Signs Of Significant Warming In 25 Years!”

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  2. Johnbuk

    Pierre, I’ve tried to donate via Credit Card (Not Paypal – I cancelled my account IVO their nefarious activities). Despite clicking the “Card” payment I’m redirected to Paypal.

    1. John F. Hultquist

      I got the same result.
      There has to be a simpler way.

  3. Tonyb


    I wrote about the slightly downwards trend in CET since 1998 which was carried here last month

    Around a third of the world is cooling to some degree or other but it is swamped by the warming trend in some places so the average overall is up.

    That is the problem with using averages. That disguises the fact for example that some sea levels are going down


  4. Lance

    I have just over 30 years of data that I record for Environment Canada (southern Alberta), and decided to plot it also, and yes indeed, my Feb means are declining over that time at a pretty good rate too!

    if you want to contact me, you can use the e-mail link on my post and i’ll get you a link to my website with all the data you need.


    1. windlord-sun

      Hi Lance and Pierre L. Gosselin

      I’m looking for a data collaborator. I have the full GHCN and USHCN in my DBMS and am spinning out revealing graphs. But I need to go much deeper, especially with someone with weather station experience in addition to data mining. Please contact me (I don’t know how to contact you) if you want to interact.

      Email windlord-sun care of my domain name


    2. Senex

      I have the full Environment Canada published daily recording dataset for all stations up to 2008, which includes all the station metadata as well as observations. I have loaded the data from EC’s proprietary datafile format into a MySQL database and I have written a java-based GUI to export selected datasets to CSV / Excel. I have been able to compare and plot data for any number of stations. For example, the Whitehorse A station in Kirye’s example has daily temperature and precipitation records back to the 1940’s. Some stations have continuous data back to the late 1800’s, others are more recent, and some only have data for a few years – probably temporary locations.

      What’s very interesting is when I run some local comparisons, for example between two urban stations in Ottawa and a rural station 80 km to the south. Close enough to have similar climates, but the trend lines don’t necessarily point in the same directions.

      I have also extracted counts of daily record highs and lows by calendar day and year, such as “how many record warmest days for a given date occurred in each year”. Plotted, this shows whether or not record warmest / wettest /coldest etc days are becoming more frequent, a k a “The climate is becoming more extreme!!!” Hint.. no, it isn’t.

      On my list of things to do is to compare the data published in 2008 with the current data being made public on Environment Canada’s website, to see to what extent the currently published historical data is being diddled.

      I’m happy to share the data, either raw or in spreadsheet form to anyone who sends me an email.

      1. windlord-sun

        I wish I could figure out how to find a poster’s email, when they say send me an email. For instance, Lance (above) said “you can use the e-mail link on my post” and I don’t see how to do that. Is it something everyone knows how to do, and I am just too lame to figure it out? Help!

        Senex, I’d like the data you are offering in raw form. Please email to windlord-sun at my domain,

        Thank you

        1. Lance

          sent you e-mail…hope I got the correct spelling/link!!


  5. windlord-sun

    It’s not just Canada.

  6. Gerald the Mole

    I would like to contribute but all I can do is send you a sterling cheque from a major UK bank. Please let me know if you can accept this.

  7. tom0mason

    So where is all this ‘CO2 warming’ hiding because so many actual places fail to show any overall warming for the last 20 years! From this observed evidence it was certainly much warmer from mid-1970 the early 2000 Canada just as it was in Europe.

    1. windlord-sun

      Tom0mason, yes earth was warming – about 4F – from mid-70s to 2000, but now is cooling by that much. Temp is a cycle.

  8. Jeffrey Hoback

    I donated to this incredible website. Thank you for all you do!!


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