2012: German Gov Was Warned Of Pandemic…Yet Instead Poured Tens Of Billions Into “Climate Protection”

The German government, led by Angela Merkel, had been warned more than 7 years ago of the very real potential for a pandemic and that the country’s health care system was not prepared to deal with such a crisis.

Yet, instead of preparing for the probable scenario, the government poured tens of billions of euros into fighting the imaginary “climate crisis”. Now, as Germany reels from the current COVID-19 pandemic, critical voices are asking why the government never bothered to take action to implement preventive measures.

A printed federal government document titled “Report on Risk Analysis in Civil Protection 2012” looked at two potential hazards the country could face: 1) Flooding rivers fed by mountain run off, and 2) potential SARS-like pandemic.

Described 1 to 1 today’s situation – in 2012!

The 88-page government report, beginning on page 55, explicitly assesses the potential pandemic risks and warns of catastrophic consequences that could unfold. It describes almost 1 to 1 what is happening today. Particularly macabre is that the corona virus is explicitly named and that the outbreak would start in “February” and that the first two cases would appear in North Rhine Westphalia and Southern Germany!

Moreover it describes the major economic changes  and the possible encroachment of fundamental rights that would occur. The event is also seen unfolding in February in Asia and spreading to Germany just weeks later (see 2.4).

Widespread damage

The report also assesses the damage extent (Schadensausmaß) a pandemic would have in the four categories comprising man, environment, economy and immaterial. Except for environment, most were rated with “E” for extensive.

Extent of damage rated “E” means:

The costs to the private sector caused by the event are considerable, supra-regional scope, and a large proportion of the companies concerned cannot from their own resources. Long-term losses of turnover for the affected industries are or companies to be expected. A large number of companies go into insolvency, many more companies are threatened with insolvency; in some sectors, nationwide effects are (supplier companies). The entire national economy suffers from the event into a recession, economic stimulus packages are necessary.”


Maintaining public security and order is endangered across regions to nationwide.”

Eight years later, we see that the authors of the pandemic scenario could not have been more accurate. Yet, the German government never took the risk analysis seriously and stood by as its health care system eroded further. Instead the German government unilaterally poured hundreds of billions to combat global climate, among other things.

“Incompetence, gross negligence”

In a recent interview, economist and book author Dr. Markus Krall brings up the 2013 government report (15:00), saying that the government should have invested in the country’s health care system long ago and that the government’s failure to take action to prepare for this risk shows how “incompetently” we are being governed.

Krall adds that the government could have, for example, procured 100,000 respirators for a mere 50 million euros in preparation for a pandemic. “We spent billions, many billions…hundreds of billions by the handful, for other things”.

“I don’t want to say what I think about it, but every person can decide for himself what it means in terms of gross negligence in policymaking’s obligation with respect to the duties it was responsible for.”

Krall accuses the German government of moving too slowly due to its open border ideology. “Our German chancellor wanted, no matter what, to stick to her open borders, and she still does.”

Krall notes, “I have absolutely no understanding over how this government sets its priorities. That just cannot be accepted. It’s irresponsible.”

13 responses to “2012: German Gov Was Warned Of Pandemic…Yet Instead Poured Tens Of Billions Into “Climate Protection””

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  2. bonbon

    The CIA, for once did some real investigations and published in 2000 :

    Read this and remember for all “Atlanticists” this is required reading.
    It is all there – including, but not only, acute pulmonary syndromes now.

    So all the 1973 forecasts of the real intent of repealing Bretton-Woods by Nixon were confirmed by the CIA itself.

    Once one knows this, the remedy is clear – restore a Bretton-Woods, with China now, and restore Glass-Steagall immediately.

    Note how no quarantine was imposed on derivative trading – the contagion from this will leave Corona in the dust.

    It is not just “Climate” or poor Greta – this goes right to the very centers of financial power.

    So it is time for a 4-Power assault on the post Bretton-Woods imploding financial system, with vast increases in health care. President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act, a necessary step in this direction. He has vast Executive Powers to restore Glass-Steagall, all Constitutional, and issue National Credit as FDR did with the Reconstruction Finance Corp., which all Germans know as the Marshall Plan and the Kredit Anstalt fuer Wiederaufbau – The KfW for Reconstruction after WWII.

  3. BoyfromTottenham

    How does Merkel continue, despite her obvious policy disasters for over a decade, to have so much sway over the rest of the German government? Are they all closet Easties or just too weak to stand up to her?

    1. Robert Christopher

      Why didn’t this report get to other EU Chief Medical Officers?

  4. John F. Hultquist

    Thanks Pierre.

    I wonder how many other nations will find similar reports gathering dust in the offices of the leaders.

    {from Washington State}
    Ten years ago a regional hospital and cardiac surgery responded to my wife’s illness. Her spirit and their expertise saved her life.
    Then government policies encouraged/forced companies to combine and that hospital was acquired by a larger group.
    After losing $40 M., the facility was closed in February.
    10 or 12 (?) ICU beds and staff are gone.

    Doctors, nurses, tech support are amazing.
    The overall system is broken.

    Note that in Washington State, while the coronavirus was on the horizon, the Governor began a campaign for President of the United States (POTUS) with just one campaign issue, namely “saving the world from climate change.”

    1. Robert Christopher

      ‘saving the world from climate change’ was last year’s virus.

      It has been prevalent in our local ‘Sustainability’ group for many years.

      I have been self-isolating from it for several years.

      It’s why I have had time to post here! 🙂

  5. Aussie

    Political leaders throughout Europe and beyond have been transfixed by “climate change” and to the exclusion of proper management of key Health and Industry areas pandered to science deniers in the Climate Change movement.

    This crisis will be catastrophically expensive and the lesson here needs to be that we only react based on science not on emotions. Too many leaders have been far too slow in reacting to corona virus, yet far too quick to waste astronomical sums on wind power and solar panels subsidies.

    We need a change of guard in Government. Back to people who appreciate our businesses and economy, and care about those working in their country and their living standards, and cease pandering to fashionable causes which have little basis in reality, and have left us weakened and distracted.

    1. Josh


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  8. ahlam st

    Unfortunately, climate change may have been a cause or a factor in addition to what man has provided to nature, after thousands of people have gone missing despite years of warnings of such a disaster. I’m really sorry, but who died and was buried that way😭😭😭

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