“Rare” May Snow & Cold Forecast Silences Climate Alarmists: “Over A Foot Of Snow” In Maine

Unusual cold and snow are expected to sweep across North America and Europe over the coming days, thus threatening crops. 

Not that mid May is approaching, global warming alarmists tell us we should already be expecting heat waves. But right now the opposite is in the forecast: snow and extreme cold! Who would have thought?

Snow for Boston and new York?

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue tweeted that both New York City and Boston might see snow on Saturday as a “rare & powerful May ‘bomb cyclone’ Nor’easter” is projected to develop off the east coast.

Over a foot of snow might fall in Maine, Maue asserts:

Maue earlier had tweeted that the snow and cold could act as a “triple whammy” because “hard freezes limit agriculture, forces people to remain indoors w/central heating & provides outdoor environment favorable for coronavirus.”

Snow to blanket parts of northern/central Germany 

Not only the Northeast has to worry about winter striking so late in the season, but also an intense cold front will be sweeping across a vast swath of northern Europe, reports German weather site daswetter.com here.

One can also call it an unusual cold snap for almost mid-May. The air in the north will warm up to only 7 to 12 degrees. […] With the polar air, the temperatures will plunge, and so will the snowfall line. When the cold air reaches the south in the night from Monday, it will snow slowly until the middle of the day. Around 400 to 600 m, up to 10 cm of fresh snow is possible in the middle of May. Even up to 300 m wet snow can fall.”

“Five to 6 nights of frost warnings” in UK

At Twitter David Birch tweeted a GIF animation showing the projected movement of the cold front, writing that Britain might see 5 or 6 nights of frost warnings next week:

6 responses to ““Rare” May Snow & Cold Forecast Silences Climate Alarmists: “Over A Foot Of Snow” In Maine”

  1. RoHa

    This snow is part of the disruption in the climate caused by man-made CO2.

    Can I have a research grant, please?

  2. RickWill

    Crop failures just as UK is going through its worst economic downturn in 300 years.

    Those who promised global warming should all be sacked. They have delivered nothing!

  3. Petit_Barde

    The end is nigh !

    “This is not just some random one-off weather event but an obvious trend toward hyper-extreme atmospheric circulations outside the normal bounds of what we typically experience in May,” said meteorologist Ryan Maue.


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  5. drumphish

    Is Mother Nature, the mother of all mothers, a great teacher or what? Mother Nature forces you to attend the School of Hard Knocks, you will learn a lesson one way or another, the hard way is what teaches you what not to do. lol

    On May 4th 1918 the record temperature was set at 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

    On May 4th 2020, it made it to 65 F. There have been three days this spring that have been in the low 70s, today is cold at 36 and snow falling to beat the band with accumulation of an inch or more and wind gusts to 25 mph.

    The rooftops are white with snow today. Call it normal weather patterns that have existed since Adam was a baby bawling like a baby. lol

    Well, maybe not accurate, but it’s close. har

    A cooler than normal spring for this year. Not beach weather.

    Predicting what the weather is going to do is mostly guess work and wild guesses at that.

    In late April of 1981, there was a blizzard that dumped 20 inches of snow in two days. Everything was at standstill for a couple of days more. It melted quickly and provided the needed moisture to have crops germinate with ease.

    Here is what winter weather will do:

    Operation Haylift

  6. Murray Henley

    This May cold weather will not keep the warmists from claiming the usual June/July heat wave is directly caused by man-made climate change. It’s a one-way street only.

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