Public Manipulation: German ARD Television Using Red Hot Weather Charts For Showing Cool Temperatures

CORRECTION: The ARD has not changed its color scheme. The chart for 2009 shows the 3-day forecast, which according to ARD in fact has not changed.  The 2019 is the forecast chart for the day, and this 1-day chart uses a different color code for temperature. It too has not changed since 2009. The third chart, as already mentioned, is from another source: website: Hat-tip: reader Taylor Martin

German public television is splashing red on its weather forecast charts to make people think it’s hot. 

At Facebook, Akinom Dnagiew posted two fascinating side-by-side weather charts used by German ARD public television for weather forecasting:

“Do you feel manipulated.” Image: ARD

Readers will notice how in 2009 a calm, neutral chart was used for showing the day’s high temperatures, in Celsius. But then 10 years later, in 2019, the ARD was using more dramatic and aggressive color scheme to represent temperatures. Now it seems to be hot even when it’s relatively cool!

In 2009, in northeast Germany, 27°C is shown without red hot colors. Then in 2019, even a relatively cool 22°C (72°F) gets shown as red hot.

The German title of the above chart reads: “Fühlen Sie sich manipuliert?” (“Do you feel manipulated?”

Looking at the chart from 2009, one sees the temperatures figures are high, yet we don’t get a hot visual impression. In 2019, on the other hand, a viewer way up in northern Germany might even start sweating a little bit from all the hot looking red, even though the high is expected to be only 20°C (68°F).

Other examples

What follows is a forecast chart from 2014 on ZDF public television:

Here in the above video you’ll see that 25°C is designated by a light orange, and not dark red.

What follows next is a screen shot from an ARD weather forecast made in 2008:

Above we see a low key chart in plain green. No psychological color manipulations. – just the numbers.

Taming the red?

Okay, but let’s be fair. This year it seems the ARD has tamed its red colors somewhat. What follows is an image from today’s weather forecast:

Temperatures in the mid 20s are now shown as light red. Image cropped from the ARD 

13 responses to “Public Manipulation: German ARD Television Using Red Hot Weather Charts For Showing Cool Temperatures”

  1. bonbon

    Now if the hapless Weather Girls and Boys actually blush, or even go pale, would modern HD OLED or QLED widescreen surround, immersion technologies faithfully show the contrast?

    More stage makeup! Quick, the viewers are distracted by such boring things as banks imploding, complete aviation and auto firms biting the dust, jobs flying out the window.

    Meanwhile Elon Musk just did it – a successful Dragon launch and ISSdocking after 9 O’bama delay.

    There is one border open, up! Above the “weather” !

  2. pochas94

    It’s raining bullshit everywhere.

    1. Alex

      Good one. A perfect description of the present time.

  3. Aussie

    This is on par with the Australian ABCs disgraceful and unprofessional coverage of the bushfires here last summer.

    I well remember how they kept on talking about “hot” temperatures in the 20s. I remember one report where they crossed over to a reporter on the NSW South Coast at around 10.30am and she said it was “already” at 24. This is actually quite a normal mid morning temperature at the height of summer.

    We also had a very nasty development where forecasted maximums were “off the chart” in the 40s but were never reached. I well remember working in Sydney and they were saying 42, yet we only got to 32. This happened day after day.

    Seems the catastrophists are incapable of accepting the normal and have to distort and manipulate to validate their dud theories.

    1. Alex

      I visit your great country regularly to visit my close relatives living in a Penrith suburb. I have experienced Aussie summers and winters and heatwaves and cold waves and storms and rain and floods and draught. Australia is all that, and its great people who had made it great in spite of its savage climate. Dorothea Mackellar had written a most beautiful poem describing her love for Australia. This is the second stanza of that famous poem:

      I love a sunburnt country,
      A land of sweeping plains,
      Of ragged mountain ranges,
      Of droughts and flooding rains.
      I love her far horizons,
      I love her jewel-sea,
      Her beauty and her terror
      The wide brown land for me!

      Today the climate liars hide the true world climate history from our children.

      1. Henning Nielsen

        Alex; I’m not sure that kind of text can be allowed? Surely, praising disastrously extreme weather (obviously man-made), must be a crime against the climate? / sarc

  4. BoyfromTottenham

    Put this together with the unrelenting use of ‘trick’ images of power stations (or anything similar, except windmills and solar panels of course) appearing to belch huge amounts of dark ‘pollution’ into the sky whenever the MSM report mentions ‘climate’, and the population sees only the view that these promoting this propaganda want it to see. Why does no media regulator demand that these misleading images be banned? Well, for the same reason that the weather reports contain maps with emotive colouring instead of neutral colours, of course.

  5. Johannes Bauer


    but this is not correct.

    The color map is shown for the forecast of the next day, the forecast for the subsequent days is not colored.

    While from October, it shows in principle why the above is wrong news.

  6. drumphish

    On May 10th 1987 the lilacs were in full bloom. On May 20th of this year the lilacs were finally in bloom.

    The May 10th date in 1987 has been the earliest date the lilacs appeared in all of those years.

    If anything, there is a cooling trend going on in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Of course, the asparagus is going gangbusters this spring, always hunt for asparagus this time of year.

  7. Nieuws 4.6.2020 -

    […] Fact Checkers Should Not Censor Science French virus tracing app goes live amid debate over privacy German ARD Television Using Red Hot Weather Charts For Showing Cool Temperatures German Parliament in debate on basing of nuclear weapons Groups Opposing Affordable Coronavirus […]

  8. tom0mason

    The propaganda children at ARD seemed to have initially only the red crayon left in the box, later they acquired a green crayon. If you are red/green colorblind you would notice any difference.

    Meanwhile the BBC is doing much the same in reporting that May was the hottest on record. It was not! It is a lie, a fiction completely, untrue (again). Yes it was was one of the sunniest Mays with little cloud cover and little rain. However it should be noted that this is British WEATHER and not climate!

    See for more about the continual propaganda the BBC attempts to spread. If in the unlikely event that they correct themselves it will probably happen on some weekend news at midnight (or later) broadcast when few people are listening.
    Here is a graphic to explain the BBC position —

    1. tom0mason

      Here is the audio from that radio broadcast courtesy of Guido Fawkes’ site ( )

  9. Johannes Braun

    I was hoping this thread gets deleted or corrrected as it is Fake News.

    It taints the picture of notrickszone.

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