Lockdown Based On Scientific Fraud…Viral German Documentary Demolishes COVID-19 Hype …Panic Based On “Data Falsification”

300,000 views in first 48 hours…”no basis for lock-down…”falsification of scientific data”…Soviet style psychiatry for dissenters…

On June 28, two days ago, German psychology student ‘Sebastian’ released a video that completely demolishes the hype surrounding the COVID-19 “pandemic” and how dangerously authoritarian the government is handling the matter.

It claims that the basis supposedly underpinning the lock-down was “grossly unscientific” and that the numbers were padded to create fear and panic among the public.

The video is also available here with English subtitles, thanks to Tony Heller.

Released just yesterday, the documentary has already been viewed 300,000 times and surely will become controversial and attacked viciously by self-anointed “fact-checkers”.

Watering down definition of a pandemic

In the video, Sebastian begins by noting how in 2009 the WHO removed two criteria that were part of the definition of a pandemic: there had to be high death counts in a number of countries. “Today that is no longer the case,” says Sebastian. “Why the change was made is unclear.”

Padding the corona numbers

Sebastian also explains how the media and authorities use tricks to make the numbers appear worse than they actually are, for example showing how the number of “infected persons” is very different from the number of people who “test positive”. The number of infected is much higher. And so if that number were used to calculate the death rate, then the death rate would be much lower. But the authorities hide that.

There never was an exponential growth

Next the German psychology student shows how the weekly number of cases increased in late March not because the virus was rapidly spreading, but because the testing rose dramatically. More tests = more cases. But the media and authorities made it look like the virus was spreading faster when it really wasn’t. But that trick was enough to cause the panic and allow the government to get away with enacting the economy-crushing lock down.

“Grossly unscientific”

The reality, however, is that there never was an exponential growth. Sebastian adds that there was a failure to distinguish between the number of infected and the number who are actually ill: “Not distinguishing the two is not only negligent, but grossly unscientific.”

“Falsification of scientific data”

The young German critic also sharply criticizes the methodology used to count the number of people dying from COVID-19. Every death where the patient tested positive was deemed to be a COVID-19 death, no matter what the real cause was.

“In other words, if today I was tested positive with Corona and showed no symptoms, and tomorrow I jumped out of a window, then Corona would be the official cause of death,” says Sebastian. “That’s astonishing! That’s what we call the falsification of scientific data. It’s the worst thing a scientist can do.”

And that’s how we get a “massive overstating” of the death rate, the documentary shows.  The chart below depicts how 2020 has been a rather normal year in terms of daily death in Germany. Things were dramatically worse in 2018, when the country was reeling from the flu, in the absence of media hype:

Daily death rates for 2020 in normal range. 2018 flu epidemic far worse. Chart cropped from here.

“We’re nowhere even close to 2017 and 2018,” Sebastian notes. “These numbers alone are enough to convince me that the restrictions were totally over the top.”

The German student, whose video has been seen over 300,000 times since its release two days ago, also shows how COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the regular flu, citing recent publication by Streeck et al, which found a COVID-19 death rate of maximum 0.36%. Also the figures show “COVID-19 is not significantly more contagious than influenza.”

The new Germany: Soviet-style psychiatry for dissenters

The documentary also looked at the pitfalls of the COVID 19 tests, how overrated the lock-down measures really are, and how they inflicted even more damage.

One grisly aspect of the Corona “pandemic” in Germany was a call by a leading politician, Saxony Social Minister Petra Köpping, to admit persons refusing to go into quarantine to psychiatric hospitals. One vocal dissenter was even forcibly brought by the police to a psychiatric ward, something, Sebastian says, reminds him of “a very very dark chapter of German history”.

“That, I would have never imagined possible.”

Overwhelming viewer approval

Viewers approved of the video overwhelmingly, with over 20,000 thumbs up compared to 1,450 thumbs down. For example viewer Karin Steinbach commented:

A great review of the facts and figures and social impact! Many thanks! As a scientist, I have long been horrified by the way in which we have been presented with ‘facts’ in this ‘pandemic’ and the way in which it has stirred up fears among the population – also in the media. Moreover, no scientific discussion is taking place at all.”

Other viewers are calling for special commission to investigate the whole panic.

22 responses to “Lockdown Based On Scientific Fraud…Viral German Documentary Demolishes COVID-19 Hype …Panic Based On “Data Falsification””

  1. Yonason

    Despite the spike in new cases, fatalities continue to fall, and are far fewer than when the numbers of new cases were significantly lower than now.

    from here…

    It appears that the spike is, wholly or in part, an artifact of drastically increased testing.

    What this also tells us is that there is less reason now than before to shut countries down, unless your goal is to destroy economies and advance socialism.

  2. tom0mason

    Excellent report!

    At this rate by November these experts will be scratching around to find new cases and by then very few will be dying of Wuhu flu.

  3. M E


    Medcram Dr Seheult gives a well known tool for assessing credibility of medical information generally.
    It could be useful!

  4. Pat Swords

    More of the ‘science’ now has to fit the politics already decided – we create a vacuum by not doing proper analysis and then fill it with vague opinions. The Irish approach is to actually do something somewhat professional, then ignore it on the basis that the ‘sheep’ won’t find / read / understand it. See page 10 of the good analysis below on “Evidence summary for asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19” 21 April 2020:


    It’s actually a very good analysis document, from a risk perspective you really have to be in close confines for an extended period with somebody, who is asymptomatic, before any risk arises.

  5. RickWill

    Germany closed its borders to the rest of Europe. That was smart.

    Sweden, USA, Brazil and a few other countries will eventually show the result of letting the virus rip through the population.

    Taiwan provides the gold standard in pandemic response. Closed borders early, implemented testing immediately and traced contacts through every available means. A country of 24M with 7 deaths. Sweden with its 10M has 5333 deaths and still counting.

    The death rate is around 1% when vulnerable people are treated with best medical care. If everyone was exposed in 1 year it would double the death toll in that year.

  6. Jeremy Poynton

    This too should be watched. Irish immunologist, who has been involved in the creation of vaccines, has much to say on how bad the response to COVID19 was, and how easy it should be to handle it.


    Here’s Ms. Cahill’s bio.


  7. pochas94

    So testing has created the illusion of a rapidly spreading pandemic. Next time, testing only to select proper treatment option. If hospitals are seeing higher than normal flue-like admissions, then put out a warning. Over-emphasis on testing has exacerbated the problem.

  8. A C Osborn

    He talks about Germany, what about other countries?
    In the UK we did have exponential growth of cases with absolutley no increase in testing, the only ones tested were already in hospital.
    There are many of these conspiracy theories around and Tony Heller will not show any posts giving the truth about Sweden.
    I am not saying the various governments do not love the control they have created, but ignoring how dangerous this virus is does no good whatsoever.

    ps why have Sweden just adjusted down all their covid-19 death numbers on worldometers for the last couple of weeks?

    1. Romeo R

      Sweden probably adjusted their numbers down for the same reason why places like Washington state adjusted theirs down. You know, like counting victims of drive by shootings or suicide as covid deaths. Or how Colorado state counted a drunk who died from alcohol poisoning with a blood alcohol limit of .570 as dying from covid. You know, for reasons like that.
      The UK had exponential growth for the same reasons New York did. Their elderly care homes were not protected and thousands died because of lack of care from the government.
      As for Sweden, like it or not, they too didn’t protect the infirm and they’ve admitted as much. That reason alone contributed to the high death rates early on but they’ve shored that up now and the death rate continues to drop.

      1. A C Osborn

        They gave the original data to the worldometers site, so why have they changed them,
        It couldn’t have anything to do with the bad press that they have been geting lately?

  9. bonbon

    Wonder if the video predates the meat-packer scandal at Tönnies?
    Exactly mirroring that in the large US meat-packers.
    Slave labor conditions, many Romanian and Bulgarian workers, exactly what the Virus likes. But note these meat-packer CEO’s and shareholders are immensely wealthy.
    So concentrated finance actually feeds the Virus. And now threatens our food supply. Vegans pounce on this suppurating soup to ban meat altogether.

    And now along comes the next pandemic – a new swine virus outbreak.
    Odd that China culled huge swine numbers last year and France just flew new stock into China. Something very piggy going on there – either fske news or something much worse.

  10. bonbon

    As Trump said, Bolsonario of Brazil has “gone full herd”.

    Going full herd is plain nuts.

    Dr. Ryan, WHO Health Emergencies Program chief, from Sligo Ireland, warned about “brutal arithmetic” :
    “Humans are not herds and as such the concept of herd immunity is generally reserved for calculating how many people would need to be vaccinated in a population in order to generate that same effect. So I think we need to be really careful when we use terms in this way around natural infections in humans because it can lead to a very brutal arithmetic which does not put people and live and suffering at the centre of that equation.”

    Making rules based on veterinary practice reflect the bestial view of such ideologues.

  11. Ein statistischer Blick auf den Sommer 2020 in Mitteleuropa – wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung

    […] Update 1.7.2020: Die Zerstörung des Corona-Hypes – Jetzt reicht’s: Video in deutscher Sprache […]

  12. Henning Nielsen

    Well, if you look at the Nordic countries, which are very similar in their societies, there is a glaring contrast between lockdown Finland, Denmark and Norway, and non-lockdown Sweden. Finland has 328 deaths (5 mill pop), Denmark 606 (5 mill) Norway 251 (5 mill) and Sweden 5370 (10 mill). Life or death matters. I’m not interested in speculations about political purposes, I want our old people to survive. There is no way of getting around the tragic failure of Sweden in this respect, which they also now admit,and Swedes are not free to travel to many countries without a quarantine, whereas most of lock-down Europe is opened. Also, their open society did not prevent a serious dip in the economy in Q2, very different from what was expected. So they lose both ways.

    1. Petit_Barde

      The general lockdown (i.e. of all the healthy people) has nothing to do with the deaths in the nursing home where most of the deaths happened.

      The excess mortality in Sweden is explained by the fact that they did not have flu during 3 years, in fact, they were in negative excess mortality during at meast 2 years, thus most ederly had 3 years live bonus and the mean deaths age from coronavirus is 86 years.

      Each flu kill an average for 2000 people in Sweden. So 2020 is an adjustement due to 2 seasons without flu.

      As WHO’s representatives declared, the Sweden is a model of what’s to be done.

      BTW, Sweden T2 GDP : +0.4%.

      Meanwhile, the mean GDP variation of the countries which applied strict lockdown is -10%.

      Do not believe that a general lockdown (of all the population) had no impact on excess mortality :
      – in the US, the excess mortality alone due to people committing suicide as a result of the lockdown is estimated to be 75000.
      Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford Medecine, from 30:18 on :

      It’s not even needed to count the excess morality due to serious deseases (strokes, heart attcks, murder, domestic violence, etc.) not treated during the lockdown to understand that a general lockdown has been a complete economical and sanitary failure (and with respect to the sanitary consequences, the worst is to come, with hundreds of thousands of no detected cancers and not treated serious diseases which will sharply shorten the life expentancy).

      Moreover, reading the WHO’s scientific survey (2019) of the actions which can be applied to mitigate an infectious respiratory disease :
      – a general lockdown (i.e. of healthy people) is so ineffective and dangerous that it’s not even mentioned in the general conclusions and recommended actions of the study.

      Even during the middle age great plague, officials where not so dumb to isolate the healthy. They instead isolated the infected which is a sensible action.

      Conversely, instead of isolating the SARS-COV2 infected, some of our officials made the choice to put back them in the nursing homes while they mandated isolation of all the healthy.

      Ah … I forgot to mention :
      – facemasks are useless (see the conclusions of the same survey above with 10 randomized controlled trials on this subject).


  13. drumphish

    Phoenicians wore masks in 1918

    “The influenza citizens’ committee … deputized a special police force and also called upon all ‘patriotic citizens’ to enforce anti-influenza ordinances, including requiring every person in public to wear a mask, arresting anyone who spit or coughed without covering his mouth, dictating that businesses … give twelve hundred cubic feet of air space to each customer, and halting all traffic into the city and allowing only those with ‘actual business here’ to enter,” Mr. Barry wrote. “Soon the Republican described ‘a city of masked faces, a city as grotesque as a masked carnival.’”

    The human population in 1918 was 1.6 billion, between 50-100 million people died from the Spanish flu. Other estimates are between 20-50 million. The Covid-19 total deaths is far from that number, so far.

    There was good reason for the people of Phoenix to wear a mask, the Spanish flu was killing millions. The ‘social distancing’ was 1200 cubic feet.

  14. Yonason

    Interesting. The cube root of 1200 is about 10.6, which is about 1,5x our current rule of 6 ft. That would be 216 cubic feet for today.

    Amusing that they were worried about people above or below you, as well. But then, people used to be more detail oriented than they are today.

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  16. salah bela

    Prevention is better than death
    This virus is a great challenge for humanity

  17. Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – July 19, 2020 | Real Liberty Media

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