German Green Party Co-Chairperson Declares Heat Wave With Temps In 20s, Snow In Forecast!

Low pressure system “Jantra“ is about to bring an early preview of fall across Central Europe as it readies to sweep in cold, wet weather. 

Hat tip: Snowfan

The following NOAA GFS chart shows the accumulated amount of precipitation analyses for Europe from now until September 1st in millimetres of rain:

Source: WO-GFS-forecast


Moreover, up to 2 meters of fresh snow is in the works in the Alps at elevations over 1500 meters by August 30th, Snowfan reports:

Snow is forecast for Greenland, Northern Scandinavia and the Alps in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany. Source: DWD-Frontenprognose Europa

Fake heat wave

Strangely, back on Tuesday, August 18, Green Party leader Annalena Baerbock, trying to reignite the dead topic of a climate crisis, declared on the Lanz show, (18 min. 15 sec.): “We’re in a heat wave!“

But as the following chart of high temperatures for August 18 and 19 shows, there were no temperatures above 30°C in the forecast,. Most temperatures were forecast to remain in the mid to upper 20s°C. (Officially, a hot day in Germany is regarded as one that reaches 30°C and higher):

Source: WO-Analyse Tmax Deutschland

There’s been no explanation as to what’s behind Baerbock’s heat wave hallucinations.

20 responses to “German Green Party Co-Chairperson Declares Heat Wave With Temps In 20s, Snow In Forecast!”

  1. Schneefan2015

    Hi, Pierre,

    the temperatures are analysis, not forcasts.

    Thank You for Your good work.


  2. Ben Vorlich

    It’s a pity the Tour de France doesn’t get to the Alps until mid-September

    Tuesday 15 September – The Tour de France serves a race through the heart of the Alps. At 164 kilometres, stage 16 travels over four intermediate climbs from La Tour-du-Pin to a punchy finish in Villard-de-Lans.

    Wednesday 16 September – The 17th stage of the Tour de France travels to the unprecedented Col de la Loze in the mountains above Méribel.

    Snow then would have been global news, even the BBC couldn’t hide it away and ignore it.

  3. tom0mason

    Weather forecasting, my oh my.

    Forecast within a 3 day window of the present are usually quite reliable (but may not always so). If the forecast goes to 5 days or more it’s all very debatable, all very unreliable.
    And that is about all of Europe forecasting and has been for more than 20 years, and likely to continue for another 20 years — unless something really radical happens with our understanding of how the weather works.

  4. Josef Winder

    Eine für Mitteleuropa verwendete Methode der Auswertung geht auf den tschechischen Meteorologen Jan Kysely zurück, diese Tage der Hitzewelle werden Kysely-Tag genannt:[6]

    „Eine Hitzewelle wird festgestellt, sobald an mindestens drei Tagen in Folge die Maximaltemperatur 30 °C überschreitet und hält so lange an, wie die mittlere Maximaltemperatur über die gesamte Periode über 30 °C bleibt und an keinem Tag eine Maximaltemperatur von 25 °C unterschritten wird.“

    1. Yonason

      Thank you, Yosef. It’s important to know what the proper measure is.

      Danke, Josef. Es ist wichtig zu wissen, was das richtige Maß ist.

      1. Josef Winder
        1. Josef Winder

          And here the anomalies for Germany:

        2. Yonason

          That does appear a tad warm, allegedly 99.3 Fahrenheit.

          How does it compare with 2003?

          According to Wolfram Alpha, the Fritzlar AB recorded the following temps from July 27 through August 23.

          Note that their high for the 8th was 35C (95F)

          Interesting how stations very close to each other can differ by 5 or more degrees (F). Where I live in Florida, I have several temp stations within a radius of 5 miles, and they vary that much quite often.

          1. Josef Winder
          2. Josef Winder

            Here for Germany 8/2003

            For the meteogramm you must click on the year 2003 in the link above.

            Greetings from the Bregenzerwald in Austria
            “Bregenzerwald” means “The wood of Bregenz”.


  5. Josef Winder

    And here the summer 2003 in Bregenz:

    Also look in this grafic at the summers since 2015 in Austria – especially Vienna, where I lived a long time.

    1. Josef Winder
  6. Josef Winder

    Und welchen solchen Kommentaren wird man gesperrt…

  7. Josef Winder

    @ P. Gosselin

    “silva brigantina”

  8. Carbon emissions are chilling the atmosphere 90km above Antarctica, at the edge of space

    […] German Green Party Co-Chairperson Declares Heat Wave With Temps In 20s, Snow In Forecast! […]

  9. Dr Tim Ball - Historical Climatologist
    Book ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    Book “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

    1. Josef Winder

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