Guys, Be Very Worried!…German Urologists: Global Warming “Could Adversely Impact Male Fertility”, “Reduce Sperm Quality”

German scientists claim that global warming could lead to higher male infertility as higher temperatures might reduce sperm quality – but conclude further studies are needed. 

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Testicular problems due to climate change: Urologists worry about sperm quality in a hotter atmosphere

By A.R. Göhring
(Translated, edited by P. Gosselin)

Because of the already unbelievably and noticeably hotter atmosphere, us men could soon all become impotent, suggests a statement by Professor Joachim Steffens, head physician of the Clinic for Urology and Pediatric Urology (DGU) at the St. Antonius Hospital in Eschweiler, Germany.

The German Society for Urology also fears something similar.

The testicles of most male mammals are located in the scrotum outside of the torso because the sperm stem cells cannot withstand 37°C (elephants are an exception). If men wear overly tight underpants for too long, the stem cells can be damaged. The result can be a tumor or inability to procreate.

If the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere rises by 2-3°C close to the ground, this phenomenon could perhaps also occur without pverly tight underpants. This is what Professor Steffens in the introduction and the DGU seriously claims.

What more can one say to this? Is it satire? Should one really give a scientific answer to this? The answer is provided unanimously by  commentators of Facebook groups Facts Against Climate Hysteria and Climate Truth:

In Africa and the Middle East, where it is usually at least 2-3°C hotter than in Europe, the number of children has been rising unabated for 40 years. Shouldn’t the problem of damage caused by heat have long since become apparent there?”

Yes, of course. But the German RP reports:

So far, however, there are no scientific data on this.

So why all the urgency? Very simple:

Steffens sees an urgent need: ‘There is still no systematic research on the effects of global warming on diseases of the urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. He encourages interdisciplinary research networks to learn more about the urological consequences of climate change.'”

Do you get it? He wants public funding! Then they will “research” and and the result will be – presto! – heat is bad for testicles.

You don’t need climate research for that; but it does well when it comes to research proposals, which this year must contain the signal words “gender”, “rightwing” or “climate”. Anyone who doesn’t play the game loses money and influence.

19 responses to “Guys, Be Very Worried!…German Urologists: Global Warming “Could Adversely Impact Male Fertility”, “Reduce Sperm Quality””

  1. dm

    Prof. Steffens’ notion flunks multiple common sense tests.

    1) Those concerned about climate change should embrace–rather than warn about–reduced fertility because it ameliorates what they perceive to be THE MAJOR THREAT to the environment–TOO MANY PEOPLE.
    2) For several thousand years, warmer N. Hemisphere temperatures have repeatedly coincided with the flourishing phases of the great N. African and European civilizations. Those phases include population growth.
    3) IF fertility is reduced by temperatures above a certain threshold, the effect on population is reduced–perhaps overwhelmed–by the FACT comfortably warm temperatures appear to favor population growth. Comfortably warm temperatures, for example, coincide with better crop yields and fewer / less severe outbreaks of killer diseases.

    Scotty, rather than beam me up, pls remove those lacking common sense.

  2. Gus

    Aren’t men of Africa, where temperatures are generally much higher than, e.g., in Europe or North America, renowned for their virility? And is the meagre warming of 0.8 degree Celsius since 1880, entirely within the known bounds of the natural centennial climate variability, going to make much difference? A typical yearly temperature variation between winter and summer in the American Midwest is within about 50 degree Celsius!

    1. Doonhamer

      Obvious isn’t it. Otherwise those cold,long, dark, Northern winter nights would be causing a population explosion.
      It is a self regulating system.

  3. Josh C

    Is Professor Steffens taking the piss?

  4. JMS Martins

    Thus, I suppose that the scarcity of population in India is the outcome of its very hot climate.

  5. mwhite

    Glad I don’t live in the tropics.

  6. drumphish

    I demand that only women can conduct sperm fertility research!

    The possibilities are endless!

    Just move to a higher elevation, problem solved, simple stuff.

  7. John F Hultquist

    There is RCP8.5, and this must be a RCP80.5 scenario.
    Uff da!

  8. Billy

    I was under the impression that the way forward was for men to have their genitals removed and become women. I think this is taught in Canadian schools.

    1. Cees

      Yes, they call that French immersion. All French speaking canadians are woman.

  9. Kevin a

    The average African male has 2 wives and 6 kids, is it warm in Africa?

  10. Thomas Robbins

    So those poor migrant workers who work in the very hot sun all day never have kids? Of all the supercillious trash!

  11. patrick healy

    An interesting article I read years ago was that the lowering of sperm counts in and around London was due to the female birth control pill.
    This was due to the amount of female urine which was being refined, distilled and
    recycled into the drinking water in London. This was turning the local males into eunuchs’ which probably accounts for the number of cross dressers in London.
    So it has bugger all to do with global warming.

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