Tyranny In The Fast Lane: Berlin Bans Anti-Corona Restrictions Demonstration, Basic Rights Under Siege

The city of Berlin has taken another step towards shutting down the fundamental rights of German citizens.

Earlier today the city’s socialist-green administration announced it was cancelling this coming Saturday’s planned anti-Corona restrictions demonstration, where tens of thousands were expected to turn out and protest.

Rights not “temporarily restricted”

In a press release, Michael Ballweg, founder of the initiative QUERDENKEN-711, wrote he was “shocked over the ban of the demonstration” –  which was to go under the banner “Assembly for Freedom”.

“My fear in April 2020, in the context of the pandemic, basic rights were not just temporarily restricted, has now been confirmed,” Ballweg said.

Mass police deployment instead

Meanwhile the Berlin authorities have promised to deploy a “massive police presence” to deter demonstrators from showing up  in violation of the ban.

Berlin state interior minister Andreas Geisel said, “This is not a decision against the freedom of assembly, it is a decision for protection against infection.”

“Such behavior is unacceptable,” Geisel said in the statement, with regards to the earlier mass gathering of August 1st. “I am not prepared to accept a second time when Berlin is misused as a stage for corona-virus deniers, Reichsbuerger and right-wing extremists,” he said.

Constitutional rights being denied

But organizer Michael Ballweg accused Geisel of acting because of “the mindset of the participants.”and not for public health reasons.

Dissidents claim that the measures used by the government to combat the spread of the virus directly violate Articles 1, 2 and 5 of Germany’s Basic Law, which, among others, define the fundamental individual rights guaranteed to German citizens. Critics accuse the authorities of stripping away fundamental rights under the guise of public health.

Risk the ban will backfire

On August 1st, tens of thousands turned out to protest the loss of freedom due to COVID-19 restrictions. The number of protesters took German politicians by surprise, and now appear to be getting wary of growing wave of protests sweeping the country. The ban however, may wind up only exacerbating the discontent instead of subduing it. Die Welt journalist Ulf Poschardt tweeted:

Anyone celebrating the (possibly correct) ban of a demonstration has not really understood democracy, and shouldn’t be surprised at the poisoned atmosphere in the country.”

Free speech under attack worldwide

Lately there have been disturbing signs of rising speech tyranny not only in Germany, but across the western democracies.

Three recent examples emerged in the North America. Earliers this week Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called President Trump and GOP lawmakers”enemies of the state“.

University speech control

Another example: The University of Colorado said campus statements on “sensitive topics” like race, climate change must be run past through University President Mark Kennedy’s office first. But thankfully on Monday that idea was slammed by a CU regent and the chair of the systemwide Faculty Council as “a move to control speech”.

“Climate denial a crime”

Canadian PhD reporter Gerald Cutney said “not agreeing with our scientific theory is a crime” and: “We will never debate those that disagree with our theory because they are criminals”.


When free speech and opinion become “criminal” or worthy of bans, then it’s high time to get loud and send out a message that infringing this fundamental right and others is not going to be accepted.

13 responses to “Tyranny In The Fast Lane: Berlin Bans Anti-Corona Restrictions Demonstration, Basic Rights Under Siege”

  1. Robert Folkerts

    Just say it is a BLM demonstration to begin with, or a refugees rights protest!
    Then the “authorities” will likely even help with traffic control etc.
    Hard to imagine anyone could stop many thousands of determined people in any case!

  2. M E

    It would be a good idea to research the way people are infected in crowds.
    Free speech is one thing, right of assembly when it will cause overload of the hospital system is another.
    even causing a few deaths and now it appears that men in their forties and fifties are among those who die.

    Do you all want this on your consciences?

    So long as the ban is temporary it may well be a good idea.
    The best idea will be to encourage the idea that a temporary ban is in the best interests of all and make sure politicians keep to their promises.
    In New Zealand many people have been infected by a new version of the corona virus in Auckland. and the levels of lockdown increased for a stated period.


    New versions of the virus may be occurring in several countries. see MedCram.com (free talks with clear explanations by a qualified doctor who is also treating patients)

    I remember WWII and also the beginning of the Cold War and take a longer view than many commenters.

  3. Robert Folkerts

    M E,
    Where do you learn the tiny outbreak in NZ is a “new version” of the virus.
    Approx 100 people found to have the virus. Government imposes lock down on approx 2,000,000 for some weeks over this!
    NZ govt was rather arrogant to claim earlier they had defeated the virus. Now with every subsequent outbreak they are shown to have been unable to dictate terms to a virus.
    The lock downs here will likely be a regular feature now of a futile attempt by some people to achieve what is likely,impossible. Be sure though, many lively hoods will perish in the attempt by politicians to “save” us all. They are a callous bunch of b……s, in my estimation!

  4. RickWill

    In Victoria, Australia, the State Premier is planning to amend the law that limits the State of Emergency to 6 months. He wants it automatically extended for another 12 months.

    The present restrictions limit outings to 1 hour per day between 5am and 8pm within 5km of your residence. People must shop alone. People walking outside their premises can have no more than the people who reside with them and must wear masks when off their premises.

    The State had effectively controlled the virus in May but putting ‘diversity’ ahead of competence in selecting security guards to control hotel quarantine of returning travellers resulted in infecting new Australians of moslem flavour. Large (nominally unlawful) Eid al-Fitr family gatherings in May resulted in rapid spread of the virus through the moslem community in Melbourne. That started the second wave that has caused 4 times more deaths than the first wave.

    There are two reasons to be outside your premises after the 8pm curfew. The first is if you are a designated ‘essential’ worker like hospital staff or primary producer. The second is if you are a drug addict in need of a fix at the designated ‘safe’ injecting room. Beware the WOKE.

  5. Chris Hanley

    If ‘climate denial’ were to be made a crime they would have to define exactly what it is, for instance would expressing the view that human GHG emissions were possibly responsible for only 40% of the increase in the global average temperature since 1950 be indictable?
    Maybe a misdemeanour, what about only 30% and so on.

    Gerald Kutley has a nerve, google says he is the Managing Director of Sixth Element Sustainable Management, ‘a renewable energy technologies consultancy, specializing in commercializing innovation, and evaluating the business preparedness and commercial potential of technology developers and their projects. We provide executive management services for inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and public sector agencies in new technology and early-stage ventures’.

    1. Cees

      Google has a lot of qualifications for what we call a troll.

  6. Peer

    We are all supposedly “Homo Sapiens”, the “Thinking Man”, but I have always had my doubts about some people.

    Over the past months I have come to realise that the group to which this does not apply is much, much larger than I could ever have imagined.

  7. richard
  8. richard
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