Berlin Court Overturns COVID-19 Demonstration Ban, Rules Protesters Allowed To Demonstrate Tomorrow

UPDATE, Aug. 28, 10:30: Higher Administrative Court gives the green light for today’s mass anti-Corona resterictions demonstration in Berlin, NZZ reports here. Thousands of police officers waiting to arrest anyone violating Corona rules!

A Berlin court has overturned a COVID-19 demonstration ban. But whether the planned demonstration against COVID-19 takes place tomorrow is still questionable as the case moves to the next legal stage.

Legal battle on whether German protesters have the right to demonstrate in Berlin tomorrow. Image: cropped here.

Earlier this week we reported here how Berlin authorities decided to ban Saturday’s planned mass demonstration against the country’s liberty-robbing COVID-19 restrictions. The authorities cited demonstrators possibly breaking the law and rightwing activists showing up as reasons for the ban.

But the last few days have seen loud cries of protest against the ban, and public pressure mounted on the authorities to repeal it. Protesters called the decision by the Berlin authorities for the the ban further confirmation of how citizens’ rights are being unlawfully restricted.

Today the media just reported that the Berlin Administrative Court has “overturned the police’s order banning a planned demonstration against the Corona policy.”

“The event on Saturday could take place under certain conditions, a court spokesman said on Friday. The decision is not yet legally binding,” the German DPA press agency reports.

The mainstream media and policymakers have been insulting the demonstrators, referring to them as “Corona deniers”, “vaccination opponents”, “conspiracy theorists” and “right-wing extremists”. The reality, however, is that most are ordinary citizens who are concerned about their fundamental rights.

The Berlin police plans to deploy 3000 officers to police the demonstrators. But it still remains uncertain if the demonstration will take place. Tichy’s Einblick here reports, “The Berlin Senate government has already announced that it will have this decision reviewed by a higher court, i.e. the Higher Administrative Court. This could take until tomorrow.”

However, demonstration organizer Michael Ballweg told Tichys Einblick he is prepared to appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe if the higher court rules to keep the ban in place.

6 responses to “Berlin Court Overturns COVID-19 Demonstration Ban, Rules Protesters Allowed To Demonstrate Tomorrow”

  1. John F Hultquist

    Maybe next weekend then?

  2. Pat Swords

    One has to hand it to Der Spiegel and its objectivity once again tonight. There is a picture headline of 1,500 demonstrators assembled in front of the Brandenburger Tor.

    Obvious our eyes are all dimming with age and we forgot the basic counting skills we learnt at school. My first reaction was more than 30 across, 50 deep and a hell of a lot behind. But hey such guessestimating is old fashioned, when one just has to ‘appeal to authority’, the classic fallacy and very fashionable these days, since the ‘authorities’ automatically provide the right political answers, in this case the Berlin Police. No wonder nobody is taking ‘authorities’ seriously any more.

    1. Yonason

      I can’t open the picture due to my ad blocker. But, out of curiosity, was this the rally they were talking about?

      1. Pat Swords
  3. tom0manson

    The people of Germany are waking-up to reality — those who are voted into office are just representatives (of the people) and NOT leaders (of the people).

    1. Yonason

      They mustn’t have gotten the memo. (Politicians almost never seem to get it.)

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