The Super-Spreaders Of Panic… COVID-19 Hype, Hysteria Have Reached Dimensions of Absurdity

We hear it from the panic-obsessed media and politicians all the time. Even kids too have to go to school with masks and maintain distance from one another. Large events are being called super-spreaders and so being shut down. Global travel restrictions abound.

The virus is far more dangerous than the influenza and we are living in a worldwide pandemic, they say. Moreover, all the world citizens are being told that restrictions – and vaccinations – may be mandatory. So get used to the idea. But it’s all for our own good, leaders and  media want us to believe.

All the panic, however, is based on rising “new cases”. And charts from Worldometer show that new cases are indeed on the rise in many countries and that the second wave has come!

But how dangerous is this second wave really?

Today we look at the statistic that really counts: the daily death rate. Here in Germany, where tens of thousands of anti COVID-19 restriction protesters are now being savaged by the media as ignorant everything under the sun because they dared to question the restrictions, the death rate has in reality been close to zero for some 2 months now.

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Skyrocketing new cases in France, but deaths near zero!

Lately France has seen a sharp rise in “new cases”, as the chart below shows. But the next chart shows that despite all the “new cases”, there have been virtually no change in the number of daily deaths, which are very close to zero.

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Viva bella Italia 

Next we look at the situation in Italy – the epicenter of the COVID pandemic earlier this year, which the media and leaders shamelessly used to spread mass panic worldwide.

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Also Italy has just experienced a “second wave” of the “deadly virus”, but as the above chart shows, there have been almost zero daily deaths since early July!

Experts also say that many of the new cases are not even showing any symptoms.

The story is very much the same at many locations around the world. Lots of testing, lots of false positives and so lots of panic reports – but the deaths in Europe are increasingly rare.

Time to end the public health insanity

Despite the low death numbers, the panic has taken on new, unprecedented dimensions of public health hysteria and absurdity.  Though the virus in combination with the lack of preparedness indeed had posed a risk earlier this year, the situation today is totally better now and there is no need to continue on with all the restrictions. Very few people are dying of it in Europe.

All the mass economy-killing restrictions are in fact leading to far greater death numbers, especially in poor countries. It’s time to end the insanity.

13 responses to “The Super-Spreaders Of Panic… COVID-19 Hype, Hysteria Have Reached Dimensions of Absurdity”

  1. Georg Thomas

    Western societies have lost their ability for rational self-control — hence, far worse than what we see today is to come.

    Ironically, at a time when useful information is more easily attained than ever, people opt for tribalism rather than truth. The sacralisation of politics (i.e. its practice in the form of quasi religious rites and in the spirit of ideological bigotry) trumps pluralism, democracy and other forms of mutually beneficial (political) competition.

    For decades, I have suggested “work from home” to top management. My best explanation of their stubborn resistance to my idea: instinctively, they must have felt that people are easier to control in a face-to-face environment, hence the innumerable games played in offices simply to reinforce hierarchy.

    With more freedom at home, will people rediscover skepticism? But then, remote repression and control will soon catch up.

  2. William Astley

    The dropping death rate is due to the season increase in the population’s Vit. D blood serum.

    In Canada, where Vit. D seasonal statistics are published 40 percent of Canadians are Vit. D deficient (blood serum level less than 20 ng/ml, (50 nmol/L) in the winter, as compared to only 25% in the summer.

    Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study

    Vitamin D Insufficient Patients 12.55 times more likely to die

    Vitamin D Deficient Patients 19.12 times more likely to die

    Regardless of sex or age, Vit. D deficient people are 19 times more likely to die from covid or have serious organ damage than those who are Vit. D normal.

    For Vitamin D status, cases were classified based on their serum 25(OH)D levels:
    (1) normal – serum 25(OH)D of > 30 ng/ml,

    (2) insufficient – serum 25(OH)D of 21-29 ng/ml, and

    (3) deficient – serum 25(OH)D of < 20 ng/ml. This classification was based on existing literature.

    Copied from Status Canada's web page for Vit D. Canadians: Statistics Canada

    • Just over two-thirds of Canadians (68%) had blood concentrations of vitamin D over 50 nmol/L (above 20 ng/ml)—a level that is sufficient for healthy bones for most people. About 32% of Canadians were below the cut-off.
    • Children aged 3 to 5 had the highest rates above the cut-off (89%), while the 20- to 39-year-olds had the lowest (59%).
    • A minority of Canadians (34%) took a supplement containing vitamin D, but a larger percentage of those taking supplements were above the cut-off (85%), compared with non-supplement users (59%).
    • About 40% of Canadians were below the cut-off in winter, compared with 25% in the summer.
    • On average, females had a higher concentration of vitamin D in their blood than males.

    82% of the US ‘black’ population, 68% of the US Hispanic population, and 42% of the US general population and (roughly 30% of the US white population) is deficient in ‘Vitamin’ D which in this study is defined as a Blood serum level of active ‘Vitamin D’ of less than 20 ng/ml.
    Prevalence and correlates of vitamin D deficiency in US adults.

    1. Yonason

      Here’s some info on why Vitamin (Hormone) D3 works, what else it does, and what additional factors one needs for optimal benefit.

      The “sweet spot” is 60-80 ng/ml (= 150-200 in nmol/L). Everyone is different, so the right dose of D3 to achieve that is different for everyone.

      It’s not the fault of the “snowflake” Millennials that they can’t think straight because they aren’t healthy. This a worldwide epidemic.

      1. William Astley

        Hi Yonason 2,

        It is strange, surreal that the public do not understand the consequence of Vit. D deficiency.

        Vit D is required by our cells, to enable our cells to build chemical modules that produce lifesaving and life altering, bioactive chemicals.

        See Heany’s lecture which explains what Vit. D does in the body. As Heany notes in his lecture.

        It has been shown in a peer reviewed studies that there is a 60% reduction in all medical deaths (cancer, heart attacks, strokes, chronic syndrome ‘disease’, and so forth….

        When the patients take Vit. D 5000 UI/day which is what is required to raise a person’s Vit. D blood serum level from 20 ng/ml to 60 ng/ml.

        Every cell in our body has a copy of our DNA in it.

        Our cells need Vit. D to access their copy of our DNA to get the blue prints to build the chemical producing modules which evolution developed to protect and run the body.

        When we are Vit. D deficient, a smaller percentage of our cells, get the chemical producing modules that sit on our cells. This chemical producing modules produce their bio active chemical on command of our cells to protect the cells and organ, such as lungs, heart, throat, nerves, and so on. As well as to enable cells such as muscle cells to contract. Which explains balance and strength changes Vit D deficient vs Vit D optimum.

        This explains why Vit D deficient people regardless of sex or age, are 19 times more likely to die of covid than Vit. D normal people.

        This is a link to two of the best Vit D summaries on the internet.

        The first is by Bruce Hollis. Hollis is on a review board that approves all Vit. D research in the US.

        Results of a Prostate Cancer/Vitamin D Trial: Effectiveness Safety Recommendations by Bruce H Hollis

        The second is one of the best medical lectures I have ever scene.

        Vit. D changes our body at a cellular level. Those in the Vit. D breast cancer trials lost 20 to 40 lbs without dieting and there was a significant reduction in depression, improved balance, and so on.

        This lecture explains why that is so.

        Heaney, MD, Creighton University explores why vitamin D is important, how it works, how we get it and how much we need. Recorded on 12/09/2014

        Vitamin D Sunshine Optimal Health: Putting it all Together

        1. Yonason

          Thanks, William. I just watched the Hollis video, and it’s pretty interesting.

  3. Dr. Jan Michaels

    A new wave of what? T.B.? flu ? other diseases? Everything is stamped covid-19. Force that vaccine down the throat of everyone with it’s nasty antigens and you’ve got the perfect recipe for population reduction ( Eugenics ). Load your weapons boys, there’s gonna be war.

  4. Maurizio

    I’ve been told the falling death rates may be because of how most virii tend to behave. They very often evolve into weaker and more communicable variants as time passes, because what they need to do in order to maximize their population and survivability is to infect their hosts easily, yet leave them alive. So this is not only good news, but apparently, basic biology as well.

    We shall now see if the authorities take all this into account. Much trouble and unrest in the pipeline if they don’t, that’s for sure.

  5. richard

    “this week the CDC quietly updated the Covid number to admit that only 6% of all the 153,504 deaths recorded actually died from Covid. 9,210 deaths . The other 94% had 2 to 3 other serious illnesses and the overwhelming majority were of very advanced age; 90% in nursing homes”

    1. GH
      1. Yonason


        It’s on the CDC website, at least for now.

        Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. For data on comorbidities,”

        Your faith in the self proclaimed biased “fact checkers” appears to be seriously misplaced.

  6. richard
    1. GH

      Yep. Lockdowns and masks have really helped. It would’ve been terrible otherwise.

      1. Yonason

        Oddly, those demanding negative controls to test treatment regimens, are furious over Sweden voluntarily opting to be the negative control for lock-down policies, perhaps because Sweden has proven them to be totally wrong.

        The lock-downs were a “monumental mistake.”

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