German Psychotherapists Offer Free Workshops For Youth Struggling With Climate Crisis Emotional Strain

Climate alarm fatigue syndrome: Climate alarmism turning the youth into emotional basket cases…once again Germany talks itself into a new psychosis. 

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Here’s a short but interesting report on how all the climate alarmism in Germany is now taking a psychological toll, especially on the youth.

Hat-tip Die kalte Sonne.

German broadcaster RTL here has an article at its site titled: “Climate Change and Psyche: Burnout Courses for Demonstrators“. According to RTL:

One year after the start of the Fridays for Future protests in Lower Saxony, psychologists are observing that the climate crisis may be putting a heavy emotional strain on young people. Psychotherapists are therefore now offering free workshops, for example in the Hanover region. Nationwide, therapists have joined forces with “Psychologists for Future” – an environmental group of psychologists that now has 400 volunteers who want to support the climate activists.”

Die kalte Sonne comments: “If you preach climate catastrophe all day long, you will eventually believe it yourself. Then burnout is not far off. Fortunately there are now courses against it. Will the health insurance soon pay for it? Will ‘climate alarmism’ now be a recognized disease?”

10 responses to “German Psychotherapists Offer Free Workshops For Youth Struggling With Climate Crisis Emotional Strain”

  1. John F Hultquist

    I read things such as this and think of “Alice in Wonderland” (1865), Lewis Carroll – lots of the lines apply to this Klimate Krisis.

    “Contrariwise,” continued Tweedledee, “if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”

    Curiouser and & Curiouser

    Sometimes I’ve believed as many as
    6 impossible things before breakfast

    More here

  2. BoyfromTottenham

    John H – Personally I read things such as this and I think of George Orwell’s 1984 – a mythical permanent state of ‘war’ against a vague enemy, manipulation of the meaning of words – ‘war is peace’ etc., changing history, etc. On the other hand comparison of the German situation with Alice in Wonderland makes it appear quite benign to me. Which is reality?

  3. tom0mason

    The whole point of this so called ‘climate crisis’ is to keep the unfortunate youth (and over-emotional but less aware adults) stressed, emotional, and believing the irrational.
    The propaganda outlets (aka main scream media) methods are to emphasize extremes with very emotional sophistry, ignore normal variations, and strongly elude to definite conclusions that are absent from observed scientific evidence reports. These propaganda outlets deliberately aim to confuse any science reports, deliberately emphasizing negative emotions and guilt, while pushing the fake idea of humankind destroying the planet.

    All of these are the same methods that ‘brain washing’ techniques use — keep the subject emotional, stressed, and keep altering fact (or give the illusion of altered facts) to make the subject feel guilty about events they were involved in. Keep replaying these basic roles in different orders until the subject’s spirit is broken, then they are then willing to do and believe anything you wish of them. Even believe the lie that the world will be destroyed in their lifetime.

    I can not imagine that “Psychologists for Future” will help get any much needed rationality back into these innocent but abused and deluded citizens. I doubt that “Psychologists for Future” understand what reality is, and so they will only compound the damage done to these unfortunate people. I can not imagine that “Psychologists for Future” understand that humans are not in charge of how the chaotic climate changes (nature is), or that extinctions are a natural process that has always happened.

  4. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks

    Die kalte Sonne wrote:
    “Will ‘climate alarmism’ now be a recognized disease?”

    Of course it’s a recognized disease… it’s proxy for socialism, which is a brand of liberalism, liberalism is a mental illness.

    We need to bring back the sanitariums and start locking these whackos away… because the only other alternative is to cull them before they destroy society.

    Those are our only two choices, as they refuse to either be educated or educate themselves.

    They are a danger to civilized society, as they have amply demonstrated of late.

    There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when we will be forced to outlaw socialism and its perfidious offshoots as dangers to civilized society… that we didn’t do so after Communism and Marxism (other branches of socialism) killed more than 100 million in 100 years is an oversight that requires urgent rectification.

  5. Luigi

    the problem in Germany is that citizens do not have to fear for food or house. It’s the fact that the gouvernement gives money to those who do not have a job. So people get bored and seek some kind of alternative fight that replaces the fight for living.
    In countries where there’s no social guaranteed income, people need to work and do not have time for paranoiac thoughts about the climate.

    Where people struggle for food they do not bind them to trees to save them. When I was at the in I had to study and did not have time for such stupid activities. The goal was too important.

    so too many spoiled young people: I suggest to reintroduce compulsory military service even for women.

  6. Léon Driessen

    The best free ‘workshop’ would be to let them read articles and websites that get them well informed and to give them the advice to avoid government disinformation.

  7. Robert Christopher

    So, as far as the Climate Alarmists are concerned, everything is going according to plan:

    “Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist, has told world leaders: ‘I don’t want you to be hopeful, I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day and then I want you to act.'”

    The antidote is schools teaching a solid education in the Natural Sciences, avoiding anything political, and not Climate Change Science.

    It is ironic that Greta has skipped school, that probably included a few Science classes.

  8. Lasse

    Gretas homeland Sweden has the same problem.
    Youth is not feeling well.
    Media is to blame. They are covering the issue with an agenda.
    An agenda shown here:
    Journalists who are burning for the case is not healthy fore the growing people.

  9. Henning Nielsen

    “Climate alarm fatigue syndrome”, and it is wonderful; a great tool for re-directing our emotions into the correct state of permanent fear, paving the way to totalitarian climate obedience. There is no cure, no vaccine will be found, and the infection cannot be stopped. Short of a climate alarmism microchip under the skin, it is the perfect panic pandemic.

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