Closing Ranks Of Climate Science And Youth “Like A Big Bang”, Says Gleeful Climate Prof. John Schellnhuber

In Berlin’s green movement, schools and officials aim to utilize youth to pave the way to a new world. 

One lesson Germany loves to keep flunking: The risks of mass youth indoctrination.

Berlin daily, left-of-center Tagesspiegel here admiringly looks at the Fridays for Future movement in Berlin, a city where it is particularly strong and well-networked – and its schools serving as indoctrination farms.

Danger signals

Already some are sounding the alarms. For example in a newly released book, former FFF activist Clemens Traub comments how the FFF movement is made up mostly of privileged urban youth, most of them sporting the latest hip fashion and flashing the latest iPhone while fancying themselves as the rescuers of the planet and beholders of the truth.

Traub writes:

Within its ivory tower, the movement does not even realize that its criticism affects the lifestyle of many socially weaker people who, for financial reasons, do not always have free choice. They are branded as climate sinners because they don’t shop in organic food stores, but at discounters.

The consequence: We are all sitting on a powder keg full of social explosives.”

Using old, dangerous playbooks

In the Tagesspiegel article, one interesting part was a comment on the importance of tapping the youth for the climate movement by former Potsdam Institute Director, Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber:

The closing of ranks of science and youth in the fight for a new society that is sustainable in its management and living is like a big bang. We need these heroes and heroines who are not even of age”.

Using the youth indoctrination playbook of earlier German regimes, this is how leading scientists like Schellnhuber aim to bring about The Great Transformation – a radical (experimental) overhaul of the global society to one that is supposedly green.

Schools: Berlin’s climate indoctrination farms

The Tagesspiegel itself writes:

These minors are well organized in their own schools – that is their basis. But something has changed fundamentally. Whereas ten years ago, the climate and environment clubs in the schools themselves were not taken seriously by students and particularly frequented, today they are the smallest units from which mobilization and organization for the big demonstrations are done.

Luis von Randow says: ‘When people leave school, new ones always join them.’ Lilith Rein adds: ‘It will not stop, that’s for sure.'”

History’s lessons

Unwittingly, Randow and Rein are right if we use history as a guide. Earlier attempts at German youth indoctrination by schools and state confirm this:

Schools are tasked with producing good, socialist citizens.”

Obedience over independent thought

Or this one here, an example of how extreme youth indoctrination can become:

‘I begin with the young,’ said Adolph Hitler. ‘With them, I can make a new world.’ […] ‘…mold young people into passionate believers…’ […] ‘…unquestioning obedience over independent thought…'”

As talented a scientist Schellnhuber is, he obviously learned very VERY little about the lessons of history.

7 responses to “Closing Ranks Of Climate Science And Youth “Like A Big Bang”, Says Gleeful Climate Prof. John Schellnhuber”

  1. bonbon

    Don’t misunderestimate Dr. John Schellnhuber, who earned his CBE, Commander of the British Empire, in 2004 at the Berlin Embassy, dubbed there by Her Majesty personally.

    He has in fact learned the lessons of history and was duly awarded. Unfortunately, as some other willing servants of the Empire learned too late, he might just be all used up (to paraphrase Edgar Poe).

    1. M E

      The awards are chosen by politicians and do not imply scientific merit.Nothing to do with Empire! Find out who was Prime Minister at that date.
      Britain is a great deal more complicated than many who live in other countries think 🙂

      1. bonbon

        Commander of the British Empire, is not an academic title.
        Brexit is complex, sure.

        Dr. John went on to write the Roman Catholic Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si, widely quoted by US Congress chief Pelosi et al.

        So we have the Monarch of a Theocracy, head of the Anglican Church, dubbing Dr. John, who writes policy for the Roman Church.

        King Henry VIII must be spinning in the grave!

  2. dennisambler

    I question whether Schellnhuber really is a talented scientist. He is a theoretical physicist who had published nothing about climate until 1997, but his output was still mainly particle physics and related topics. He also had an interest in the availability of habitable planets, and how many Gaaia’s there might be in the Milky Way. It wasn’t until 2002 onwards that he started to put his name to collaborative advocacy and policy papers.

    Tom Wigley never thought much of him: Climategate e-mails – 28 May 2002
    Commenting on Schellnhuber’s role at the UK Tyndall Centre, he said
    “You know I have no respect for this guy. My position is fully justifiable; one just has to look at his background and training, and his publication and citation records. Quite clearly, he has contributed nothing of value to the science.

    The UK gave him an OBE,

    1. bonbon

      It’s a CBE, awarded for Dr. John’s outspoken views on population. He would allow 1 billion max on his planet. Obviously that goes down well with Prince Philip, Royal Consort, who vows to return as a deadly virus (corona after all means crown), to do “something about population”. This statement is freely available.

      This Malthusian (an Anglican Church pastor) view overrides any science accross all establishment institutions, and is the reason for the craziness today – population reduction, otherwise known as Eugenics, with a be-knighted smirk of course.

      1. dennisambler
  3. pochas94

    If you want to get a youth to do something, tell them not to do it.

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