Sweden September Mean Temperature Shows Little Warming Since 1998. And: West On Path To Societal Suicide?

By Kirye

September mean temperature in Sweden has not been warming like alarmists said it certainly would.

Looking at data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) for the 6 stations with data going back 22 years, we see that 3 of 6 stations have seen cooling September mean temperature over the past 22 years:

Data: JMA.

Europe on the path to societal/energy suicide?

On another note FORBES reported on Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, the leading German climate science skeptic who I had reported on recently. Here’s an excerpt:

Let us move on to our second piece of evidence, this time from the other side of the “climate emergency” aisle.  Professor Fritz Vahrenholt is a giant among environmental circles in Germany. (The country is well known as the world’s leading champion for all things environmental and for pushing Europe to “net zero emissions by 2050”.) Prof. Vahrenholt holds a doctorate in chemistry and started his professional career at the Federal Environmental Agency in Berlin (responsible for the chemical industry) before joining the Hessian Ministry of the Environment. From 1984 until 1990 he served as state secretary for environment, from 1991 till 1997 as minister for energy and environment in the state of Hamburg.

One day before the publication of the Boston Review article on October 5th, Prof Vahrenholt stated baldly in a German TV interview that climate science was “politicized”, “exaggerated”, and filled with “fantasy” and “fairy tales”. He pronounced that “The [Paris] Accord is already dead. Putin says it’s nonsense. […] The Americans are out. The Chinese don’t have to do anything. It’s all concentrated on a handful of European countries. The European Commission in massively on it. And I predict that they will reach the targets only if they destroy the European industries.” He lambasted Germany as a country “in denial when it comes to the broader global debate taking place on climate science”. He went on to characterize Europe’s recent push for even stricter emissions reduction targets to madness akin to Soviet central planning that is doomed to fail spectacularly.”

Read entire FORBES article here.

10 responses to “Sweden September Mean Temperature Shows Little Warming Since 1998. And: West On Path To Societal Suicide?”

  1. John F Hultquist

    I recall a post several years ago informing that the East German communists or what may be the same, “greens” were responsible for the Kyoto Protocol. This was sort of an anti-west action because of the choice of dates and the inefficiencies of the prior East German industries.
    Since then, and culminating in the Paris Accord (or Agreement) the dastardly dogs have caught and are munching on their own tail.

    1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

      It’s actually something the euros are trying to do Europe-wide – benchmark their “CO2 reductions” against 1990… because that was the tail end of communist-era pollution-up-the-wazoo. (Lithuania’s “emissions” are now something like 10% of what they were in 1990).

      So the euros are trying to game the system. No surprise there.

    2. bonbon

      As we all know the “Trust”, of which Thatcher was a key actor, did it :

      Thatcher, who left office in 1990, lobbied George H. W. Bush to sign the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (1992), the parent document of future climate treatises. As much as she might have regretted it, the process she set into motion resulted in the ill-fated Kyoto Protocol of December 1997.

      The “Trust” operated as if there was no Wall. Witness Iran-Contra and the case of the Uwe Barschel murder in Geneva.

  2. Chris Hanley

    The liberal use of first person plural pronouns ‘we’ and ‘us’ (nosism: from Latin nos ‘we’, is the practice of using the pronoun we to refer to oneself when expressing a personal opinion) is typical in lectures or sermons like the one linked in Tilak Doshi’s article.
    I doubt that the good professor from leafy Rutgers University will be adopting an average Puerto Rican or Zimbabwean life-style any time soon.

  3. RoHa

    Has anyone told Pippi Långstrump?

  4. RickWill

    “Greenhouse gas” theory is logically flawed. There could not possibly be positive feedback for water vapour and heating. All the water would boil off. Water vapour provides very powerful negative feedback. Here is the data for peak of austral summer and peak of boreal summer in two charts:
    Increasing water vapour causes increase in rejected heat. When TPW reaches 3cm, the atmosphere over oceans goes into storm mode and the thick clouds reflect an enormous amount of insolation; up to 80% at TOA. Tropical oceans can even be cooling with the sun directly overhead. The ocean surface cannot exceed 32C. It is a physical impossibility due to the atmosphere’s ability to partition with an elevated level of free convection to inhibit mixing, which provides the conditions for cloud burst.

    1. Yonason

      Negative feedback is also my understanding.

  5. Lasse

    “Aerosol changes are probably an important climate forcing now, but who knows? We just guess and debate. In the future, as we work to restore Earth’s energy balance, aerosols will be more important. ”
    Tweet by some James Hansen ( https://twitter.com/drjamesehansen/status/1317093460529348609 )
    Is this the same person who predicted New York under water by now?
    I think he might be on to something this time.
    We are having 20% more sun hours in Sweden since 1980.

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