Greta, Green Movement, Let Mask Slip. Tweet Exposes Their True Face: Tyranny With No Choices

Greta Thunberg, the “sad and angry” Swedish teen climate activist, put up a survey at Twitter pertaining to Europe’s Common Agricultural policy (CAP). It unwittingly exposes how she and her movement really think:

Like a true tyrant, only one choice is provided and tolerated: her own.

That’s the fundamental characteristic of the green climate movement: “Shut up and do as we tell you. We understand the world, and you’re too stupid to do so. So we’ll make the choices for you.”

Here are other surveys one could expect from Greta:

What is the only right way for people to travel?
A. By foot
B. By bicycle
C. All of the above

What is the only right thing for people to eat?
A. Only plant-based foods
B. No animal products at all
C. All of the above

Who should be elected president of the USA?
A. Joe Biden
B. Not Trump
C. One of the above

What is the only right tax rate?
A) Government takes all
B. Workers should keep nothing
C. All the above

These are the “choices” you see under tyrannies. NO CHOICE. It’s the only way they get the result they want because they lack the arguments to convince a majority that their extreme ideas and experimentation proposals are practical.

10 responses to “Greta, Green Movement, Let Mask Slip. Tweet Exposes Their True Face: Tyranny With No Choices”

  1. Steve

    She is the saddest looking teenager on the planet

  2. Coeur de Lion

    All her statements are written by associated adults

  3. tom0mason

    Whoever writes her tweets is politically inept.
    Why do they bother? According to Greta’s deluded ideas everyone will be dead in less than 10 years when the worst of the ‘climate crisis’ kicks in.
    Hopefully she keeps this line of tweeting going and alienates more people from her ignorance and her ’cause’. 🙂

  4. John F Hultquist

    Joe ‘Earth will bake‘ Biden appears to be channeling St. Greta.
    This would be funny if it wasn’t serious.

    _ _ _ _
    Thanks Pierre

    1. bonbon

      The ventriloquist wannabee, Obama, said that in South Africa if they demand air conditioning, freezing, and warmth.

  5. Gus

    What else would you expect from a child? Especially a brainwashed one.

  6. Henning Nielsen

    Forget Greta. What are the odds she wil rage and rant in Davos in five years’ time?

    1. JR

      That’s a pitiable thought. Can a raving, ranting teenager be taught to grow out of it? She doesn’t deserve what’s been done to her. I hope, when the world is just fine in ten years, she manages to find something of a normal life.

  7. Maurizio

    Someone here said she’s well managed. Well _IS_ she really, such garbage as uttered by her above taken into account?

  8. JR

    I kind of think that’s what the Wicked Witch of the West looked like when she was a teenager.

    Eliminate airplanes, use flying monkeys.

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