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Climate Scientists Do The Most Flying, “Damage” To The Climate…Fly 9 Times A Year!

A survey appearing in the Journal Global Environmental Change shows climate scientists fly more often than other researchers. On average, climate researchers travel by plane more often each year than other scientists, the large, international survey and experimental study of academic travel found. Especially professors, fly more than other researchers. The paper’s abstract follows: Aviation […]

New Study Effectively Eliminates Confidence In Human Attribution For Modern Global Warming

New Study Effectively Eliminates Confidence In Human Attribution For Modern Global Warming

The forcing uncertainties and lack of observational measurements in the top-to-bottom global ocean preclude an assessment that modern warmth is due to anthropogenic activities. Key points from a new paper (Gebbie, 2021): • 93% of the changes to the Earth’s energy budget, manifested as warming of the Earth system, are expressed in the global ocean. […]

Added Poverty From Corona Lockdowns Killing 15,000 Children Per Day, German Dentist Claims

Lockdowns lead to major collateral damage.  Dr. Ulrich Keck called in on a German ARD public television talk show to express his views on the new lockdown that has just been imposed across Germany. According to the German dentist (65), the lockdowns are causing more harm than the disease itself due to the added massive […]

Get Out And Vote... And Remember Who It Is That's Always Trying To Get You To Give Up Your Soul

Get Out And Vote… And Remember Who It Is That’s Always Trying To Get You To Give Up Your Soul

I don’t think there’s much focus on climate change today, so you’ll pardon me for not posting about it. Remember that the devil is always trying to get your soul by tempting you with free stuff. The devil tries to tempt you with free stuff and bullshit promises – like a wonderful climate and saving […]

Model Failure: 'All Model Runs Warmed Faster Than Observations' ... CO2 Sensitivity Estimates 'Unrealistically High'

Model Failure: ‘All Model Runs Warmed Faster Than Observations’ … CO2 Sensitivity Estimates ‘Unrealistically High’

Scientists continue to document severe discrepancies between climate modeling and observations in newly published scientific papers. 1. Models run too hot and yield “unrealistically high” estimates of the climate’s sensitivity to CO2 forcing. McKitrick and Christy, 2020 “All model runs warmed faster than observations in the lower troposphere and midtroposphere, in the tropics, and globally. […]

Economic Hardship Coming To Germany As Country Locks Down, January CO2 Tax Looms

Starting tomorrow another Corona lockdown goes into effect in Germany By A.R. Göhring (Text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) The government factions and the Greens decided on a significant increase in CO2 price – from 10 euros per ton up to 25 euros. Not only heating and filling the gas tank will become even more expensive […]

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