Huge Success! German Draft Bill Provision Deeming Green Energies A Matter Of ‘Public Safety’ Gets Deleted!

A huge success has been achieved for nature and species conservation in Germany, reports the Naturschutzinitiative e.V. (NI). This means installing wind parks in nature-sensitive areas will remain extremely difficult. 

RESULT: Endangered species and biotopes will remain protected.

Red kites will now be less threatened – photo: Ingo Kühl/NI

The notorious § 1 paragraph 5 EEG 2021 (Wind energy is in the “public interest” and serves the “public safety”) will be deleted from the proposed German bill!

Not long ago I wrote about how the German government wanted to make the use of renewable energies a question of national security, and thus threatened to make the permitting of wind parks in nature sensitive areas almost free of obstacles.

The draft of a new German Renewable Energy Sources Act, stated: “The use of renewable energies for electricity generation is in the public interest and serves public security.”

But this has now been rejected.

A study commissioned by the Naturschutzinitiative e.V. (NI) commissioned expert opinion by Prof. Dr. Gellermann as well as the ad campaign by the NI “STOP THE EEG” have contributed significantly to this success.

“The wind power-related killing of European birds may currently not be permitted on the basis of § 45 para. 7 p. 1 No. 5 BNatSchG for reasons of EU law. Exceptions to the prohibition of killing can also not be based on § 45 para. 7 p. 1 No. 4 BNatSchG (‘public safety’) in favor of wind power use, because wind turbines do not meet the requirements of these Union-based provisions,” was the conclusion reached by the legal expert opinion of university lecturer and lawyer apl. Prof. Dr. Martin Gellermann on behalf of the environmental association Naturschutzinitiative e.V. (NI).

Story also at Die Welt.

2 responses to “Huge Success! German Draft Bill Provision Deeming Green Energies A Matter Of ‘Public Safety’ Gets Deleted!”

  1. oebele bruinsma


  2. tom0mason

    ‘renewable’ is replacing long lived (50 years+) reliable sources of energy with unreliable sources that would require replacement at more frequent intervals, while offering no environmental benefit.
    Replacement intervals —
    Offshore Wind every 12-15 years.
    On land Wind every 20-25 years.
    Solar every 15-20 years.
    Batteries every 8-10 years (max estimated).
    Or as the UK does, burning trees faster than replacement equivalent tree species can be grown.

    The few green jobs from ‘renewables’ will only continue to destroy natural habitats, while adding ever more to the piles of unrecyclable and often toxic waste.

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