Climate Change Blamed For Lake Victoria Record High Levels (After Being Blamed For Low Levels)!

Science absurdity…

“Climate experts” blame climate change for Lake Victoria record high levels, after blaming climate change for the low levels in 2006. 

Today we look at one particular segment of Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s highly interesting, newly released climate change news show Klimaschau (Climate View).

Very low level in 2006

In it he examines Lake Victoria in Africa.

Some years ago, in 2006-2007, Lake Victoria in Africa reached near record low levels. The culprit of course, according to the world’s leading “experts”, was climate change due to manmade CO2 emissions. For example, Global Nature Fund Director Udo Gattenlöhner warned (translated from the German):

We are seeing the first effects of climate change on Lake Victoria and other lakes around the world. Without a rapid reduction in greenhouse gases by the industrial countries, the basis for life for millions of people is threatened.”

Austrian national daily Der Standard warned that the African lake was “drying out” in an article titled: “When a lake disappears”.

Today: “historic high level”

But then last summer, after months of rains, it was reported by EOS that Lake Victoria levels had since reached a “historic” high level:

Lake Victoria water level changes from 1950 to 2014.

In his video, the German geologist says that the cause of the high level was the positive phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole, which lead to a doubling of the rainfall in the region.

Lake Victoria in fact recorded its lowest level in the early 1920s, bac when atmospheric CO2 was at levels near 300 ppm.

Climate change also blamed for high lake level

So why has Lake Victoria reached record high levels and flooded homes and hotels? According to Lüning, the “experts”, like Dr. Ramond Omollo, are again blaming (you guessed it!) climate change.

Lüning summarizes the science behind Lake Victoria:

No matter if it’s high or low, manmade climate change will be blamed for all the water level changes in Lake Victoria. But serious scientists remind that the natural fluctuations need to be taken into account in order to avoid contradictory conclusions in the future.”

All images cropped from Klimaschau, Ausgabe 3

12 responses to “Climate Change Blamed For Lake Victoria Record High Levels (After Being Blamed For Low Levels)!”

  1. Yonason

    Africa is the wettest driest place in the world.

    While Lake Victoria surges, Victoria Falls (not related) dries up.

    As to the lake…

    “The leaps and plunges in water levels happen because of Lake Victoria’s hydrology. “Lake Victoria is unique because the lake [itself] is a large majority of its rain basin,” Reynolds explains. For most lakes, the rain that falls over a broad region flows into the lake through rivers, streams, and ground water. But Lake Victoria does not get water from a broad land region; most of its water comes from rain that falls directly over the huge lake. For this reason, the lake is very sensitive to rainfall, its water levels jumping depending on how much rain falls in a particular year.” ____________

    What lies won’t they tell?

  2. Curious George

    The time is out of joint. Happy New Year .. an exclamation or a question mark?

  3. oebele bruinsma

    My favourite global warming consequences, at least on paper ofcourse

    Happy New Year to all!

    1. Philip

      Rye That is one helluva a list, perhaps they should learn to keep their lives straight.

    2. pochas94

      We live in The Age of Lies.

  4. bonbon

    Waiting for rain is for the birds. Enviro’s pro-and-con easily loose sight of this.
    Lake Chad needs refilling immediately, millions of livelihoods are at stake.
    The way to do it is Transaqua, a major water infrastructure project on the table since the 1960’s.
    China is onboard as is Nigeria – see the

    Déclaration d’Abuja et Transaqua : la troisième révolution africaine est en marche
    The Abuja Declaration made it clear this is an urgent project.

    The template for this is of course the Great Waterways of the USA and the Yellow River in China. See NAWAPA, for the next step in the USA/Canada/Mexico .

    1. John F Hultquist

      NAWAPA is a 70 year old idea.
      In 2090 it will be 140 year old idea.

      When wind turbines have made “power to cheap to meter”
      ocean water can be purified and sent anywhere needed.
      {invoking Poe’s Law}

      1. bonbon

        Wind turbines are for the birds, er, oops…

  5. Brian G Valentine

    Tell me a location, anywhere on Earth, and I will give you a “climate problem” there.

    The best part is, I can give you a solution to the problem! The “solution” is the same, for any problem and any location.

  6. John Alexander

    Is it simply coincidence that the narrative on dry lakes is suddenly popping up.

    See Tony Heller comment on Climate change is drying up the Caspian Sea -

    Coincidence or deliberate sophistry by the climate cult.

  7. Aussie

    Climate change is blamed continually when the weather is too cold, too hot, too wet too dry.

    I would like all the alarmists to tell us very clearly. WHAT TEMPERATURE IS THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE???

    We had a Green verdant Sahara with lower Co2 and higher temperatures. A bit higher and horses grazed to the Arctic Ocean. Sounds great?

    Or is it all too hot. Maybe we should retreat back to the freezing ice ages with Europe under a mile of ice…

    There is no “correct” temperature as the Earth has had all manner of temperatures with all manner of results. I personally would observe that with warmer weather there are far less deaths, and that has got to be a good thing…

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