Alarmist Fantasies Exposed: UN Gets Hit For Fraudulent, Misleading Press Release On Natural Disasters

The UNDRR report’s Foreword and press release were opposite the report’s own findings, and spread panic when none was warranted.

German Die kalte Sonne site here presents its latest video on climate news. Today we look at the first part focusing on the UN’s assessment of “Human Costs of Disasters”.

It turns out the press release and the report’s Foreword were misleading and alarmist without warrant. Once again it appears it was all designed to spread panic.

UN claim: “rise in disasters”

The UNDRR report assessed climate disasters globally the last 20 years (2000 – 2019).

First we note the report’s Foreword, where the UNDRR states there’s been a “staggering rise in climate related disasters” and that industrial countries “are failing miserably on reducing greenhouse gas emissions”:

This dismal announcement was also passed on to the media via press release and instantly the media declared the end was nigh.

Reality: No rise in disasters

Yet, Die kalte Sonne then shows Figure 5 of the UNDRR report, and it shows a totally different picture: There’s been no rise in disasters from storms:

Figure 5 of UNDRR Report

Good news: Downward trend!

Next Die kalte Sonne shows a chart with the earthquakes removed, made by Roger Pielke Jr., professor at the University of Colorado. Earth quakes have nothing to do with climate and so a clearer picture of the climate and weather impacts emerges.

Image source: Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. 

Without earthquakes, the trend for “climate-related disasters” has been clearly downward, dropping around 15%. This is good news and is not even remotely close to what was spread by the lazy and uncritical mainstream press.

The downward trend completely contradicts the claims made in the report’s Foreword and the UNDRR press release. Die kalte Sonne comments:

It’s still unclear how this reporting failure by the UN came about. The error does not reflect well on the quality assurance of UN reports.”

30 responses to “Alarmist Fantasies Exposed: UN Gets Hit For Fraudulent, Misleading Press Release On Natural Disasters”

  1. Rob Honeycutt

    Funny how MunichRe sees the data very differently than Pielke.

  2. Robert Folkerts

    I would have thought a reasonable problematic outcome from burning the vast quantities of fuels of all types, say over the last two hundred years or so, would be a reduction in the quantity of oxygen available in the atmosphere. Co2 is added and oxygen is removed. All we hear about is the addition of Co2 and not the removal of oxygen. Could it be, we live in a brilliantly constructed environment where this all balances out, all by itself?

    1. Rob Honeycutt

      Falling O2 levels are also an indicator that rising CO2 levels are a function of burning fossil fuels. This has been studied.

      1. Sunface Jack

        “Falling O2 levels are also an indicator that rising CO2 levels are a function of burning fossil fuels. This has been studied.”
        Not sure how that concusion is arrived at?
        The more CO2 cauues more greening of plsnts.Plsnts use the CO2 for photosysnthesis which ceates more growth, more plants snd the by product is O2 and water vapour. So more green also = more o2, Suggest the skepticalscience fools need to reclibrate their oxygen sensors.

        There is no evidence that CO2 is a function of burning of fossil fuels either. When there were CO2 levels of over 5000ppm in the Cambrian period some 500-600 million years ago there were no vehicles or SUV’s or humans or that matter to burn fossil fuels, yet there were high levels of CO2. – pull te other one Honeycutt

        1. Rob Honeycutt

          Have you tried to read any of the research on this topic?

          Apparently not.

      2. Yonason
    2. tom0mason

      Robert Folkerts,

      It’s a carbon cycle, the exchange of CO2 for oxygen. CO2 has risen not because of man and burning fuel but that since we have come out of the LIA oceans and the defrosting tundras are venting more CO2 to the atmosphere. Humanity’s contribution to atmospheric CO2 is minor compared to nature.

      The planet is greening and the more toxic oxygen levels will eventually rise slightly, not that it will be readily seen as atmospheric oxygen, and like CO2, is controlled by its solubility in the oceans.
      Please note that nature’s timetable for change (any change) is something human’s barely understand.

      1. Robert Folkerts

        No kidding Tomo,
        a carbon cycle!!
        Guess what, that was my point.
        Such a clever system, one could almost consider it was designed that way.

  3. Lorne Newell

    Really nice comeback Pierre. Congrats to YOU.

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  5. John F Hultquist

    It is worth noting that an insurance company can justify raising rates when an authority such as the UN says more of this and that.
    If, in fact, there is less of this and that, the new rates send money to the bottom line.
    I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

    1. Rob Honeycutt

      Same applies to you as I posted above. If this were true you should be able to associate that data to claims. What you might not understand is the insurance industry is also highly regulated and can’t just make stuff up to justify claims.

      In addition, the insurance industry is highly competitive. The incentive is to get the numbers right so you can charge the lowest rates while not placing your business at risk of excessive claims.

      Do you guys just not bother to think these things through?

      1. M. Strom

        You must take into account all investments that have been made over the years, ie that the total value of what is insured has increased over time.
        Thus, there will also be a flat or slightly downward trend.

        Do not forget that P. Gosselin uses global data and you use (insurance losses) only from the U.S.

  6. Patrick healy

    Pierre and John,
    Thanks for letting a little bit of light shine through.
    An interesting thing – here in the Scottish Gulag – but presumably all over, is that an outfit called SEPA (Scottish environmental protection agency) comes out with ridiculous prognostications about sea level rises.
    This in turn allows mortgage providers to increase their insurance premiums on poor sods trying to buy a house anywhere near the seaside.
    This quango bases their figures on the corrupt UN statements rather than on the scientific evidence that Scotland is in fact rising up from the last ice age.

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