NASA Surface Station Data Show East Antarctica NOT WARMING Past 4 Decades…Cooling Trend

By Kirye
and Pierre

Today we update 12 stations located at the eastern side of Antarctica, where surface temperatures are colder than those located near the peninsula:

Chart: NASA-GISS. 

Below the NASA data from the 12 stations are plotted going back almost 4 decades, to 1983. The first chart has 4 of the stations, and the second depicts the remaining 8 stations:



As the data reveal, 8 of 12 stations have a cooling or no warming trend at all. NASA’s own data show there’s nothing to be alarmed about in Antarctica.

No warming at Mirny since the 1950s

Next we look again at the NASA data for the Russian Mirny station, but going back to the 1950s:


Here as well there has been no real trend since the 1950s. Obviously the southern pole is not warming along like the rest of the globe.

9 responses to “NASA Surface Station Data Show East Antarctica NOT WARMING Past 4 Decades…Cooling Trend”

  1. Peter

    These 12 stations must be wrong or forgot the read the memo. TheGuarian told us all last year that the South Pole is warming three times as fast as the rest of the world.

  2. Kapeolani

    mistake in readings Farenheit or Celcius

  3. crystallize

    Well The Guardian’s graph is basically the same: cooling, then a subtle turning point around 2000 and then warmup.

  4. pochas94

    How are they doing up in Svalbard?

  5. Klimaudvikling i Grønland | KLIMATSANS

    […] tipsar om att något liknande händer på Antarktis. NASA konstaterar det råder en kylande trend vid sin markstation på östra […]

  6. tom0mason

    Part of the problem with identifying parts of the Antarctic is that most ordinary people fail to appreciate how truly vast that frozen desert is.
    Imagine all of the continental USA along with all of Europe can fit on the Antarctic with space left over.

    So next time the headlines say that a huge chunk of ice has calved, or broken, free from the Antarctic consider how much is left behind.

  7. Jason Radley

    No Urban Heat Island effect to muddy the waters here.

    1. Yonason
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