Absent Spring: First Day Looks Like Mid Winter From Siberia To Spain, Canada Near 100% Blanketed!

The official start of spring comes this weekend. But you wouldn’t know it looking out the window in many places.

Hat-tip: Snowfan

The CFSv2 predicts a continuous snow cover from Siberia over Eastern and Central Europe to Spain for the calendrical beginning of spring on March 20, 2021 and days beyond. It’ll be pure March winter in Europe.

Image: weather online.co.uk.

-15°C this morning in Germany

This morning Germany, for example, saw severe ground frost to below -15°C and large large parts of Europe continue to be supercooled. Central Germany’s Winterberg will see an unusual second weekend in a row of skiing in March in sunny weather with frost and plenty of snow.

Even many of the Mediterranean countries, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the Balkans will be frozen tomorrow.

Canada almost 100% blanketed

The same is true for North America, with Canada expected to be near 100% covered by snow.

Image: weather online.co.uk.

Looking like mid winter

Next we look at the entire northern hemisphere, where we see it looks more like mid-winter than spring.

Image: weather online.co.uk.

Remember it’s supposed to be spring tomorrow. Yet an astonishing share of the northern hemisphere land surface will be blanketed by snow, whose albedo will reflect much of the solar radiation back into space. The snow cover will also act to produce some very chilly readings in the nights ahead.

4 responses to “Absent Spring: First Day Looks Like Mid Winter From Siberia To Spain, Canada Near 1004 Blanketed!”

  1. drumphish

    Canada geese are flying due north at 40 mph 30 miles south of the 49th parallel, so there must be some warmer weather on the way.

    They want to go back home to the Big Village, Canada.

    They’re in Canada by now.

    It’s the ‘all clear’. lol

  2. RoHa

    Hold on there. It isn’t Spring. Autumn started on the first of March, and it has been a mostly cool* and rainy couple of weeks here in Brisbane.

    (*Comparatively. Cool for Brisbane, if not for Siberia.)

  3. tom0mason

    Meanwhile in Spain there’s more snow
    from https://www.sott.net/article/450333-Late-snowfall-hits-the-island-of-Mallorca-Spain
    “Today is first day of spring, but it’s cold, wet and very windy in Mallorca with hail and snow forecast in some parts of the island. But there is some good news. The Palma Met Office (Aemet) is forecasting almost record temperatures for next weekend so that should put a spring in your step. As you can see in the graph below temperatures will be on the rise. “

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