Nasty Discourse: German Virologist Slanders Renowned Harvard, Oxford, Stanford Scientists: “Pseudo-Experts”

When the political stakes are high and science is relied on to form policy, then insults are the order of the day. It’s not exclusive to climate science. Now we are seeing it in the fields of immunology and virology.

The Michael Mann of virology: Dr. med. Carsten Drosten. Photo: Charite Hospital 

Last October, a group of leading experts authored “The Great Barrington Declaration“, where they expressed their “grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies” and advocated more “focused protection” and “herd immunity” instead of lockdowns.

Insecurities and over-sensitivities exposed

But for the virology scientists behind the draconian measures of lockdowns, curfews, cancellations, distancing, school closings, mask-wearing, etc., this was viewed as a direct attack. And, like in climate science, what got revealed were their inner insecurities and over-sensitivities.

The latest is Germany’s leading virologist and COVID-alarmist Dr. Carsten Drosten. The German-edition of RT reports:  “Pseudo-experts”: Drosten defames renowned colleagues from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford.” Drosten is a stringent proponent of strict lockdowns to combat the illness in Germany.

Mannian-Rahmstorfian type over-sensitivities come to a head

In a recent podcast on NDR German public radio, Drosten lashed out at critics and addressed the issue of what he called “science denial”, citing “climate research deniers” as an example. Drosten clarified: ‘This is this FLICC [Fake Experts, Logical Fallacies, Impossible Expectations, Cherry Picking and Conspiracy Myth] principle that we should perhaps discuss here on the basis of public arguments.'”

Drosten calls Harvard, Stanford and Oxford “pseudo-experts”

In the podcast, Drosten warned that the public (in his view) was being misled by pseudo-experts and that the government was dithering. Drosten then warned against relaxing the restrictions. In the podcast, Drosten singled out the “pseudo-experts”:

  • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
  • The Great Barrington Declaration authors

Towering arrogance

Drosten, who in the podcast overflowed with condescension and haughtiness, said the “pseudo-experts” like to “bask in the light of the TV spotlight”…”may have professorships or doctorates, but in a different subject” and that they are often “people who have been retired for a long time”.

Drosten then admonished the media not to give these people attention because they cannot be trusted.

Who are these “pseudo-experts” that the media and policymakers in no case should heed, according to Drosten? RT writes:

The scientists dubbed ‘pseudo-experts’ by Drosten are Dr Martin Kulldorff, Dr Sunetra Gupta and Dr Jay Bhattacharya.

Kulldorff, a Swedish ‘pseudo-expert’, is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and both a biostatistician and epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His expertise includes the detection and surveillance of infectious diseases and the evaluation of vaccine safety. 159 scientific papers have been (co-)authored by the supposed FLICC expert.”

The reaction to Drosten’s haughtiness came swiftly and harshly at Twitter, some characterized his comments as unhinged.

For example, Kuldroff reacted at Twitter:

As an infectious disease epidemiologist, I would welcome a public scientific discourse with
@c_drosten. Debate is better than slander.”

Marcus Franz tweeted:

Is Professor #Drosten man enough to apologize to the Oxford, Harvard and Stanford colleagues, whom he defamed as “pseudo-experts”, or will he continue his self-destruction?”

20 responses to “Nasty Discourse: German Virologist Slanders Renowned Harvard, Oxford, Stanford Scientists: “Pseudo-Experts””

  1. mwhite

    England is “in the grip of a mental health crisis” because of lockdowns, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and under-18s are “bearing the brunt”.

    Just saying.

    1. William Astley

      Smiley ‘scientists’ who just name call and refuse to ‘debate’/discuss scientific facts and who do not know or hide highly effective treatments for covid. Are evil puppets.

      Science and logic solve problems. The smiley evil puppets just spread propaganda. They have zero interest in finding a solution.

      There is an organized propaganda (gain control of the media companies, gain control of the internet control companies, massive grants to universities all over the world with strings attached, and so on) to ensure maximum economic damage from covid and to ensure maximum economic damage from CAGW.

      From China’s standpoint CAGW and covid are tactical weapons is a cold war with the US, which is an economic war.

      It is sort of like being attacked by covid and by the smiley ‘scientists’ who are not ‘scientists’ or on our side.

      There is an anti solution propaganda effort to hide solutions to the covid problem and to hide the origin of covid.

      China is the only country whose economy has recovered from the release of the designed covid. The Western countries are facing economic collapse if our only solution to covid releases, is isolation.

      The covid isolation is destroying small businesses. Shutdowning small businesses and then paying people who are now out of work…. Is not a solution.

      Covid can be stopped by correcting the population’s Vitamin D deficiency. The Vitamin D deficiency is seasonal.

      For example in Canada, from statistics Canada’s data, 40% of Canadians are severely Vit D in the winter (blood serum level less than 20 ng/ml (50nmol/L) while in the summer only 25%, of Canadians are severely Vit. D deficient. Oddly enough the Vit. D deficient of average US person is similar to the Canada because of the large number of dark skin people who live in the US. 80% of the US blacks are severely Vit. D deficient as compared to only 30% of the white skin people.

      Regardless of sex or age, severely Vit. D deficient people (less than 20 ng/ml) have a more than ten times greater risk of dying from covid than those who have a blood serum level greater than 30 ng/ml (75 nmol/L).

  2. Yonason

    It is a shame that weasels like Drosten and Mann (and so many others) can’t be weeded out early in their careers, before they can access positions from where they can do any real damage.

    1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

      They were PUT in those positions so that they can do real damage…

      1. Yonason


  3. Chris Hanley

    So-called experts and politicians have a cosy symbiotic relationship where neither take responsibility for policy decisions that do harm, the experts are merely advising and the politicians are simply taking the advice of experts.
    Of course both will claim credit if an outcome is (rarely) beneficial.
    If so-called experts were held personally liable for their paid advice they would be more cautious.

  4. CK

    Drosten started the current PCR test scam-demic by creating a test based on a prior SARS virus (not COVID-19) and then specifying a cycle count of 45!

    The shocking truth is there’s no scientific proof that the SARS-COV-2 virus even exists! Perhaps a virus really does exist, but apparently we don’t have the capability to truly purify it (isolate it from all other viral-like particles) and sequence a fully intact genome.

    1. Scissor

      There are plenty of reports now that include details of isolating and culturing SARS-CoV-2 viruses. Here’s an example:

  5. M E Emberson

    A shame that you all have taken up this position.
    Completely unscientific propaganda. Though it gathers interest from the uninformed media.

    You could look at the site MedCram where a doctor who is an instructor and also works in a ward with sufferers from the disease . It appears that this virus causes blood vessels to form blood clots and that this prevents enough oxygen getting to the heart. ( illustrations from autopsies are shown) All death is caused by heart failure. A scientific view would try to account for the changes in blood vessels when the sufferers were exposed to the virus. Look at the pictures. You can’t just make statistical comparisons as statistics have been compiled in different ways by different medical boards. Look for MedCram Dr Roger Seheult. ( I expect you to delete this ,though. The growth of Lysenkoism in Europe since the end of the East German republic demands investigation by those closest to the origin of the theory in the former USSR I suspect that it is this which fuels much of the anti vaccine foolishness we get online) Stalin would be pleased!

    1. mwhite

      Very interesting.

      But you need to prove that the lockdowns made a difference

      You need to prove that the damage caused by the virus isn’t being added to by the damage caused by the virus.

      It needs to be shown that those counties/places that didn’t have a lockdown had a worse outcome when compared to those that did.

      1. mwhite

        That would be.

        You need to prove that the damage caused by the virus isn’t being added to by the damage caused by the lockdown

    2. dennisambler

      It’s a shame that you haven’t taken onboard the criticisms of the PCR test, which are validated by all official sources, ECDC, CDC, WHO, Public Health England and more, all of these agree that the stand alone PCR test without symptoms or clinical input is not a diagnosis of Covid-19 infection, yet all official statistics do exactly that, vastly inflating the infection rate.

      Cycle number is critical and Ct35 and above, probably even 30 and above, are not infectious, they just found bits of RNA. It is common for Ct 40 and 45 to be the standard cycle numbers. Testing for just a single gene, as some do, is also frowned upon, but it happens and results are presented just as positive or negative, with lots of false positives.

      You do not mention the age of the patients mentioned or their co-morbidity status. It is widely accepted that it is the elderly and infirm who are most at risk. Whilst there are indeed many criticisms of vaccines, it is the rushed development of vaccines that worries people. We are now seeing some side effects from all vaccines which would have been part of their regulatory submission if testing had gone on longer and may have delayed the emergency licences.

      To accuse highly qualified scientists of Lysenkoism for wishing to see rigorous science is a little rich.

  6. Gerald the Mole

    I often wonder if people like this were put on half salary during periods of lock-down they would have a different view.

  7. tom0mason

    Changing the world is the primary focus of so many people — certainly it appears to be the aim of Dr. Carsten Drosten, Michael Mann and so many other ‘scientists’. They appear to believe that they have to save the world but have so little understanding as to what is the nature of this world and its interlinking processes — they don’t know how or what it is for or from.
    They appear to believe humanity is apart from nature and not a part of it, that we inhabitants of the world are caught as a prisoner in this beautiful garden — in a garden that should change. They seek to save everyone from what they perceive as its claustrophobic steel bars but only succeed in stopping us enjoying the aroma of the flowers and the songs of the birds, while they building more walls around us. They can not and will not acknowledge that the mass of the human population is not some homogeneous whole but are many, many individuals. And as individuals, people will do what they perceive is best for themselves and their group of friends and relations. They seek the type of linear ‘perfection’ that nature abhors.
    Dr. Carsten Drosten appears to wish to enslave us in a tick-tock world of consensus rules, of conformity, of ugly toil and labor. Remodel the human world so that we can not free ourselves from their desperate and destructive controlling future. A future of a controlled life and a timetabled demise. Too much time, money, and energy has been invested on reordering the human world’s future that now little or no natural chaos can be tolerated within it. And so they have set mankind on a task to eliminate much of the natural chaos (virtually or in reality) and the natural order it provides.
    These doctors and ‘scientists’ do not realize that intrinsic to chaos is order. That the chaos of this world is only the superficially detailed foreground upon the self-sustaining ordered background. From chaos and repetition, comes simple order, (just like fractals) and from many simple but interlinking ordered parameters, complexity arises.
    Only when we trust nature and all it’s complexity and chaos can we then reach a better level of peaceful knowledge and understanding. When we all humbly admit that we do not understand it all. Admit that it is only our egoism that spurs us on to understand more, then we can gain some more useful knowledge, and understand that the knowledge we gain is only ever incomplete. As Dr. Jacob Bronowski said …

    Science is a very human form of knowledge. We are always at the brink of the known; we always feel forward for what is to be hoped. Every judgment in science stands on the edge of error and is personal. Science is a tribute to what we can know although we are fallible. In the end, the words were said by Oliver Cromwell: “I beseech you in the bowels of Christ: Think it possible you may be mistaken.”

    Maybe Dr. Carsten Drosten, Michael Mann and so many other ‘scientists’ should read ‘The Science and Practice of Humility: The Path to Ultimate Freedom’ by Jason Gregory.

    1. dennisambler


  8. mwhite
  9. Luigi

    Dear Mr Gosselin,
    dear readers,
    believing in a real severe pandemic is a very difficult task for anyone who watches around himself instead of listening only to the public propaganda.
    In my family I have had 5 COVID cases. All were characterised by typical light to average flu symptoms. 2 of them without symptoms. And one of the two was an 84 year old aunt. None of the people with covid has risked to die or had severe problems.
    The husbands of 2 of them could not get infected despite the respective wives were ill.
    On the contrary the only person my family who got vaccinated has risked her life and needed very serious medical treatments starting from 1 week after having taken the vaccine (Biontech).

    Let’s go to the deaths:

    Here the official statistic of covid casualties in Italy (updated on 30 March 2021):

    Total number of casualties 106789
    Average age of victims is 81 years.
    66.8% of the victims suffered form 3 or more severe diseases already before being infected with covid.

    The number of victims age below 50 is 1188
    The number of victims below 40 is 282. 164 of these 282 already suffered form severe diseases before getting infected with covid.

    The pandemic is only the means for any sort of political goal.

    Being there casualties only among very old and very ill people, there is no need to force the whole population to get vaccinated.

    Let’s take the measures in Germany:

    if you want to buy food you can go to a supermarket wearing just an FFP2 mask.
    But if you want to buy clothes then you need to have a fresh negative test and wear the FFP2 mask. So apparently a crowded supermarket is less dangerous than an empty clothes shop.

    So it is clear that the measures are created to prevent any sort of normal life as we used to know it before the year 2020.
    I do not want to through now any strange theory, but clearly this measures are only part of a “theatrical play”.

    Drosten is a puppet and nothing more.

    The debate is also just part of the play.

    Politicians want lockdowns and they want it in the whole world. They want people not to travel between countries, not to use cars (burn fuel), not to go to work, not to buy clothes, not to use cash money.

    What is the purpose, I actually can’t guess it. But it is evident that it is not our health.

    This can end only when all people go on the street to protest. until people behave as sheep, politics will go on with this theatral play.

    1. dennisambler

      Your assessment is very accurate and reflects what is happening everywhere.

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