Next Doomsday “Crisis”: GLOBAL WATER SHORTAGE…Meat Lockdown Needed, Potsdam Scientist Suggests

The COVID crisis worked wonderfully for the cheerleaders and addicts of lockdowns. It showed that it was indeed possible to panic the pubic enough to get them to accept restrictions and lockdowns.


But everyone knows that the days are numbered for the COVID crisis, and so another crisis will be needed if the wonderful lockdowns and restrictions are to continue. But the “climate crisis” is just so old and much of public just isn’t buying it. Another crisis is needed to fan the flames of panic and to keep liberty at bay.

What could it be?

One crisis now circulating is the “global water crisis”. That, in combination with the global warming crisis, of course is leading to mass crop failures, thirst and later mass starvation in hundreds of millions, unless we act (lockdown) now.

In a brand new interview, yet another balding European doomsday scientist is warning we are now in the midst of a global water crisis – and of course time is running out and fundamental changes need to be enacted rapidly, among them a meat lockdown.

In a new interview, Potsdam Climate Institute (PIK) researcher, Prof. Dr. Dieter Gerten says the “increasing water shortage” is due to population growth and of course “climate change”.

Signs of course are forest fires in California and Oregon caused by severe drought. And using just three years of below normal rainfall as scientific evidence, even Germany is allegedly drying out, Gerten suggests.

Warmer means drier?

Gerten warns that even with a global warming of just 2 degrees, water shortages in some regions would worsen significantly. Never mind what experts like the NOAA claim – omething Gerten avoids mentioning.

For Europe, Gerten is predicting much wetter winters, and extremely drier summers, and warns this will have dire consequences for agriculture.

Water as a human right

As a solution, Gerten cited Peter Gleick in suggesting a new integrated eco-system management and water ethic that views water as a human right.

To limit evaporation from agricultural land, Gerten suggests covering croplands with straw to hold in the moisture. Another solution is rainwater harvesting in ponds for use during dry periods. “Field studies show that crop yields can be doubled, or even quadrupled, simply by using water better, ” Gerten explains.

Why do PIK scientists know this, and farmers don’t?

“Not long ago, we calculated globally that if such measures were implemented on all existing agricultural land, then we would find massive production increases everywhere that is colored green (17:42) […] yields would increase without having to use one drop of water more.”

Gerten warns that climate change is going to make food far more difficult, especially in the red-colored regions (20:50) due to more heat and drought.

Veggie diet can save 40% water

Later Gerten suggests that the water crisis could be in large part averted by humans adopting a vegetarian diet, which according to one study (Vanham et al 2016) requires some 40% less water for food production.

That’s the aim: to turn everyone into vegetarians. The meat lockdown is in the pipeline.

18 responses to “Next Doomsday “Crisis”: GLOBAL WATER SHORTAGE…Meat Lockdown Needed, Potsdam Scientist Suggests”

  1. bonbon

    Looks like PKI is fully onboard with Prince Charles’ Great Reset, which really means a Rest of the human population, as PKI founder Dr. John Schellnhuber, CBE, often openly proclaimed. Now the Prince has been rather clear at Davos. Could be Dr. Gerten is fawning for a CBE, Commander of the British Empire, which of course the woke say does not even exist.
    Meanwhile Richard Moore of MI6 is busy fomenting war in Ukraine which would indeed be another Reset option.

    Reverend Parson Malthus, of the Church of England, indeed knows no limits to Reset.

    Much better to read ¨There are No Limits to Growth¨.

  2. Petit_Barde

    Clearly there is no shortage of clowns at the PIK (as in most of the corrupted institutions like the NASA GISS, NOAA, IPCC, the UN, WMO, etc.).

    But unlike those in horror films, these one are really very dangerous psychopaths.

  3. Reziac

    Meanwhile, the veganazis complain about how much water is required by crops like corn and soybeans, never mind row crops and fruit trees….

  4. Dodgy Geezer

    There can NEVER be a water shortage. Water is infinitely recyclable. The shortage is in water company asset investment.

    1. Yonason

      LOL – The ultimate “renewable” resource. Good point, D.G.

  5. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

    I don’t know what educational and experience background this Gerten guy has, but he clearly does not understand basic physics and basic chemistry – let alone climate history.

    As many people have pointed out over the years, warmer does not *correlate* (back to that shortly) with drier – historically, warmer correlates with wetter, and colder correlates with drier.

    And like the historical relationship between temperature and CO2, the clowns have the correlation backwards. In this case, it is the *moisture* situation that causes the *temperature* situation. Wetter causes warmer, and drier causes colder.

    See my comments in the NASA thread about the heat capacity (specific heat) of water and water vapor. Basically, to get air cold, you first have to get it dry. If the air is moist, you can’t make it cold (i.e., you can’t get air to be colder than its dewpoint). If you make it dry, then it can get cold.

    “Trust Science!!”

    1. Lit

      “In this case, it is the *moisture* situation that causes the *temperature* situation. Wetter causes warmer, and drier causes colder.”

      Actually no. Warmer causes wetter, because more heat=more evaporation. It´s a self-regulating cooling system since heating of water breaks the bonds of the liquid and the heat is carried away internally in the molecules. This process cools both the surface where water evaporates and the air the water molecules rises into, just like how a swamp cooler works. The heat is then carried away to colder altitude where it´s dumped away from the hot areas, when condensing happens. At the same time it blocks heat from entering the system when clouds form. As the rain then falls it cools the surface even more with cold droplets on warm ground and water surfaces.

      As you can see, nothing in the water circulation show that water vapor warms,
      it´s cooling from start to finish. The idea of water vapor warming the surface is unphysical, it´s the sun that warms the surface which is cooled by water in many ways like a giant planetary self-regulating cooling system. And then we haven´t even mentioned the oceanic circulation yet, where heat drives warm water towards polar areas. The warmer the water, the stronger the currents. Which is why the gulf stream was strong and deep in early 1900s when there was very little ice in the arctic. Melting ice in the arctic isn´t from a warming atmosphere, it´s the gulf current that drives it. The gulf current doesn´t get weaker from less ice in the arctic, like the doomsday cult proposes. The arctic gets less ice when the gulf current gets stronger.

      1. Yonason

        Nice comment.

        As I have posted before, water vapor gives negative feedback, not positive.

        As you write, it’s a self regulating system.

        I didn’t know what a “swamp cooler” was until a friend in Tucson AZ who installs them told me about them. Of course I knew the principle, but had no idea that evaporative cooling could be so effective.

        1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

          Careful, this isn’t a controlled lab experiment – where you can turn a knob (like, say, turn on a heater) and watch what happens.

          The Earth system isn’t like that, and the climate history shows that. I *am* glad that at least we’re all on the same page that the “global warming causes desertification!” screech is nonsense.

          If you look historically at how the Earth system behaves, the biggest problem with getting “cooler” is that you have to make it possible for the colder regions of the Earth to generate seriously cold air. “Warm” periods are when the Earth can’t generate cold air; “cold” periods are when it can. The climate varies more in the polar regions under these swings than it does in the tropics.

          Water vapor acts as a temperature moderator in both directions – but it is its moderation-away of the ability to make cold air that is really important.

          1. Yonason

            “The climate varies more in the polar regions under these swings than it does in the tropics.” – T.I.S. PhD

            I think that’s a key point.

            “Water vapor acts as a temperature moderator in both directions” – T.I.S. PhD

            Which, as the video I linked to correctly asserts, is how negative feedback works, which is another key point.

            The data, while not under our control to occur, ARE under our control as to how to record, which is sort of the next best thing.

            I may not be able to make a duck in the lab, but I know from observation how ducks behave, and if, by comparison, something acts like a duck, it just might be one.

            And, yes to the rest of what you write, as well.

          2. Yonason

            A not added in proof….

            I’ve posted before on the connection between temperature and drought. Will Happer demonstrates (using data he cannot control, but can interpret) that a cooler world is a drier world.

  6. Chris Hanley

    “Water as a human right”.
    There is a universal human right to water but no explicit human right to cheap reliable electricity, although ‘… women should have adequate living conditions, including access to electricity and water …’:
    Of course the right to water implies a right to clean unpolluted water: “… More than 2.1 billion people drink contaminated water. More than half the global population – about 4.5 billion people – lack access to proper sanitation services …” (IEA).
    And of course electricity is needed for water treatment, pumping as in irrigation (also diesel), and in desalination (a lot).

  7. Robert Folkerts

    Seems to me, some people must think that when one uses water, it is gone, never to be seen again. Pretty much the same amount my beef cattle drink reappears fairly quickly. Steel making ” consumes vast quantities of water”, and so on.
    I think concrete making converts some water in the chemical reaction, but most water uses simply recycle water.

  8. drumphish

    If a person eats two pieces of chicken each week, 8 pieces per month, one chicken, times 12 is 12 chickens per person per year. 7.8 billion times 12 is a lot of chickens, 93,600,000,000 chickens need to be butchered to feed 7.8 billion people 12 chickens each in a year’s time. It is an outrage, save the chickens. Let cattle graze and chew their cuds, let goats eat everything, pigs too, sheep can nibble the ground to dirt, let them all live. Eat bugs, let the chickens live to compete for those bugs.

    Until I get hungry, then one of those critters will be supper, ground chuck, maybe some chicken wings, don’t have to go hungry on this earth.

    Bugs bug me. lol

    Newsflash: animals die, everyone of them, you are a fool if you don’t have enough brains to try some Chicken Kiev.

    Water is always an issue in rural settings. Cattle need fifteen gallons per head per day. Adds up fast with 300 head in the pasture. The creek will supply some of it. Well digging is what you do.

    With a few more advances you will have a good-sized dam for water and electricity both. A win win right there.

    Without electricity, it is tough to pump water from the well. A windmill over a well with a pump jack can pump water when the wind blows. If no wind blows, you can pump by hand.

    Buy electricity and pump water from the well using electricity. A good electric water pump will run 2000 USD with all of the hardware to get the water up to the hydrant.

    The creek has more water in it than in 2008. It isn’t drought conditions until the creeks go dry, river water is low.

    It has snowed about five inches total in the last week or so. Low temps at night are 18 degrees F. Snowfall totals for last winter are less than two feet, drier than normal for the region.

    Cooler than normal for April. It was 36 below zero for overnight lows in January for a few days.

    Must be the grand solar minimum.

    Land subsidence in California

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  10. Senex

    I guess we have already passed Peak Hydrogen then

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